Difference between a resolution and a decision

by Lise Bourbeau
At the beginning of a New Year, we are strongly encouraged to make resolutions. Did you notice however, that those good resolutions don't last long? In fact, very few of us can say we held on to our resolutions all year long. Why? Because our resolutions are often based on fear instead of on self-love.
Do you want to know more about yourself and discover why some relationships are easier than others? This is a workshop of self-discovery. It will introduce you to the five emotional wounds, unconscious for the most part, that you have been harbouring since childhood. When these wounds are activated, you protect yourself by creating masks to not suffer. These masks result in behaviors and attitudes that prevent you from being yourself and deeply affect your relationships.
When we have any kind of problem - health, money, confidence, discipline, couple, relationships, work - it's always because we have forgotten our divine essence. This is exactly what I had forgotten until the end of 2010 when I was working towards a professional career as a hockey player. Don't be afraid of the words "divine essence", I am talking about the creative energy that lives in each of us. We are like little walking gods who have the power to create our life the way we want it, but we have forgotten this.
With the simple and concrete tools taught in our workshops, I am now equipped to help people reconnect with this inner god. If you need a helping hand, I'm here.
I am a member of the RITMA association, a group of practitioners and therapists. I am also a trainer for the ESSAE institute in France which provides our school's teachings to business professionals. I live in Sutton, in the Eastern Township region of Quebec.

Could there be a better time than now to give yourself the opportunity to discover who you really are? When you identify your REAL needs, when you learn to listen to your mental, emotional and physical bodies, you'll start to realize that you are lovable and you'll know how to love yourself unconditionnaly!

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge in the last 9 months, the day I registered for phase 1 of the program. Wow, what a distance I've come! I see all the positive changes in my life. My journey was not without pitfalls. Sometimes it was difficult, it stirred up old, unresolved things inside and brought me into uncomfortable areas.
Despite this, I have only good words for this school and the teaching style. I have always felt welcomed by my peers and especially by teachers and assistants. That's the strength of this school. In addition, meeting one weekend a month in an environment where you can be yourself, without judgment, listening and sharing is priceless. I felt empathy, compassion and love from each and every one and that is the key to evolve. Being a teacher in life, I very much appreciate the variety of methods used to help us realize who we are. Through the readings, workshops, individual or team exercises, after-class practices and individual meetings, I find the program complete and effective. The Listen to Your Body school has proven itself for many years and I am proud to have completed my phase 1.
I would like to thank the whole team who work hard to make this school a success!
A good laugh
Programmers are always grumpy on January 1st - they turn on their monitor and the screen has the same number of pixels even though they keep hearing about the New Year’s Resolution.
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