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Differentiated Instruction, Professional Development, and Teacher Efficacy

By: Felicia A. Dixon, Nina Yssel, John M. McConnell, and Travis Hardin


Teachers often struggle to provide all students access to specific learning activities that work best for them-and what works best for some students will not work for others.


Differentiating instruction makes sense because it offers different paths to understanding content, process, and products, considering what is appropriate given a child's profile of strengths, interests, and styles. This study focused on teacher efficacy as a way to explain teacher willingness to differentiate instruction.



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How to Help Students Improve Their Note-Taking Skills

By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD


Students love it when teachers provide class notes-the more complete the set, the better. Students want the teacher's notes online because it's convenient, they're readable, well organized, and relieve the student of having to expend much effort during class. A lot of students need the teacher's notes because they aren't very good note-takers themselves. They practice stenography rather than note-taking, trying to get down the teacher's words exactly. That way, even if they don't understand, they can memorize what the teacher said and find it on the test. But that's not learning.


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New Quick Key Mobile 'Pro' App Extends Digital Grading Opportunities

By: Kassondra Granata


Quick Key Mobile has released a Pro version of its mobile app and Web dashboard in order to help teachers improve student performance "without teaching to the test."

According to a press release, the unlimited mobile assessment software helps make "tedious and time-consuming hand-grading and data analysis a thing of the past."




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