New Report Highlights Continued Difficulty
In Realizing Needed Energy Infrastructure in NJ
New Jersey is facing a looming crisis and may not be able to supply families and local businesses with enough energy. And, while many were encouraged about the recent Supreme Court decision that has allowed the urgently needed Penn East Pipeline to move forward in this state, celebration may be premature.

A recent Bank of America report illustrates the uncertainty that still remains about the pipeline and the need for a new path forward. The report underscores that the regulatory process ahead could create even more challenges now than when the application originally was filed – not the least of which is the new political make-up of the commission overseeing that process.

Fueling Our Future Report
Looks At Energy Efficiency Efforts
Fueling Our Future is out with a new publication that explores how local natural gas utilities are lowering emissions while delivering reliable, low-cost energy to over 2.1 million customers in 56 counties across three states.

The report looks at energy in our region from numerous perspectives including jobs created, efforts to expand efficiency, steps taken to curb emissions, infrastructure work done enhance safety, attempts to conserve more energy, and capital investments made that energize the overall economy.

Transparency Watch - Over 533 Days Now
It has now been over 533 days without the BPU providing any additional information about the financial impact of the Trenton Energy Tax.
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