Hello friends - 

I have some difficult news to share. I am facing yet another challenge - and I am asking for your prayers. This past week I learned that I have an aggressive uterine cancer. It is unclear at this time if this location is primary or secondary, only that it is quite serious. I am just beginning to meet with specialists to discuss options. 

This information is being shared for three reasons:

1 -- so that folks have accurate information rather than grapevine tidbits.  I know that as information begins to spread, there may be misinformation mixed in. Accurate information will be shared when available on Mattie's FB page most frequently, and via this e-Peace Update when relevant. 

2 -- to encourage you to continue to support Mattie's Foundation. We are now in the "peak week" of Mattie's 25th birthday campaign -- with his actual birthday being this Friday (July 17). It if very difficult for me to know that I will not be fully available to do the final push for this crucial, annual fundraiser.

3 -- to apologize in advance for any delays in you receiving a tax statement or response to any emails or donations during the coming weeks.

I promise that anyone who supports Mattie's Foundation and our 25th birthday campaign WILL be recognized and celebrated, and you will receive a tax letter. But as I begin a challenging journey on Monday morning, there will inevitably be delays.
Your support will keep Mattie's Foundation running, and his peace mission and legacy growing. 
I am grateful.  

Regarding my health, I will share relevant updates when available. And please -- I truly welcome all prayers and positive energy, from all people of all denominations. I will read every email message and FB message that comes through, though I will not be able to respond in a timely way. 

Please know that I am continuing to celebrate life, and seek peace, and I hope that you are doing the same.

With appreciation,
Jeni ("Mattie's mom" & "Mama Peace").

During the next few weeks as I move through this journey,
I encourage you to take time to really explore Mattie's website...
About Mattie, About the Foundation, About our free Activities and more.
Please, stay involved. 
Peace matters, and so do you.
Peace is possible... choose peace!