It's not business as usual at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Waiting time, as well as termination of empties, has been a big topic in LA/Long Beach lately and we wanted to shed a little more light on the issues that drivers are experiencing.
Not only are there long lines due to large vessels arriving, but there are also extra sanitation precautions and blank sailings because of COVID-19.
This picture should give you some insight to the kinds of lines that are out there and the level of difficulty of making an appointment just to return an empty.
Remember that in Cali you can't just take an empty back any time you like. Now, it seems like empty receiving is closed.

It's a wild world out there, but our crew and warehouse is doing an exceptional job getting things moved. Whether it is drayage, trans-loading, or trucking the Port X team is getting it done!
If you need terminal updates, want to talk solutions, or even need short-term storage, certainly let us know at
We have trucks!
Extra long wait times at LA/LGB
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