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Digestive Health Monthly - September 2017

September is a busy time of year for many. Children are heading back to school, the weather shifts and temperatures cool, and people gradually look towards the upcoming Holiday season.  

For us at IFFGD, September saw a flurry of activity. We announced our 2018 Research Recognition Awards and call for applications; we sponsored our second IFFGD Tweet Chat to gather input from the community about what it means to be an advocate for digestive health; and we joined patients, family members and friends, healthcare professionals, and others across the US in educating our House Congressional Representatives about the impact of functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders (FGIMDs) on all those affected during IFFGD's National Advocacy Day

Thank you for joining us as we review our activities over the past month and look ahead.   
National Advocacy Day
Advocates ask their Reps to cosponsor HR 1187

On September 12th, IFFGD sponsored its 8th Annual National Advocacy Day. On this day, digestive health advocates across the US took a stand for the needs of the digestive health community by reaching out to their House Congressional Representatives to cosponsor HR 1187, The Functional Gastrointestinal & Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act.

Learn more about how you can help make this bill a reality.
September is 
Pain Awareness Month

Pain is a symptom experienced by many individuals affected by a FGIMD. In irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), 3 out of 4 people report continuous or frequent abdominal pain, with pain being the primary factor that makes their IBS severe. 

Understanding what causes pain in FGIMDs like IBS can help you determine how best to manage your pain long-term. Learn more about pain and how it can be managed.
Meet Carrie
Digestive health advocate talks about her mission to spread awareness for her son

Seven-year-old Weston has had GI issues, including multiple FGIMD diagnoses, since he was born. His daily struggles with these conditions had a major impact on his family and prompted his mom, Carrie, to start a campaign through social media to raise awareness. This year, she took that campaign to state legislators, getting an official proclamation from the office of the Governor of Michigan  recognizing August as FGIMD Awareness Month.

Read Carrie's story of raising awareness for Weston and all other children affected by a FGIMD. 
2018 IFFGD Research Awards
IFFGD is seeking applications for 2018 Research Recognition Awards

IFFGD is seeking applications and nominations for our 2018 Research Recognition Awards.

Established in 2003, the Awards recognize and support investigators from around the world engaged in research aimed at advancing the understanding and treatment of FGIMDs in adults and children.

Find additional details about the Awards and help support IFFGD's Awards and Grants with a tax-deductible donation.  
Looking Ahead to WGO/ACG 2017

Next month IFFGD will be at the World Congress of Gastroenterology meeting at ACG 2017 in Orlando, FL along with clinicians, researchers, industry representatives, and others from around the world to catch up on the latest in digestive health research and patient care. If you are attending, be sure to visit us at booth #322.

Find a list of other medical meetings in the field of gastroenterology.
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