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JANUARY 29, 2019
Lawmakers Pitch New Crypto Tax Payments Bill in New Hampshire

"A pair of New Hampshire lawmakers filed a bill this month that, if approved, would let state-level agencies accept cryptocurrencies as payment, including the state’s tax office.

Representatives Dennis Acton and Michael Yakubovich introduced House Bill 470 on Jan. 3, which seeks to require New Hampshire’s state agencies accept cryptocurrencies for taxes and other fees through a third-party entity.

If passed, the bill would..."

Nasdaq Leads $20M Investment in Blockchain Startup Symbiont

"Nasdaq today made its largest investment in enterprise blockchain, leading a $20 million Series B in Symbiont, a startup working to bring new kinds of assets that are custodied by blockchain to mainstream adoption.

The investment, which also includes Citi, Galaxy Digital, and Raptor Group, marks the latest escalation in an arms race among traditional exchanges looking to capitalize on the technology that was once thought of as an existential threat."

RealBlocks Raises $3.1M Seed to Tokenize Real Estate on Ethereum

"RealBlocks, a platform leveraging the Ethereum blockchain to tokenize equity in real estate, closed a $3.1 million seed round. The round was led by Science, Inc., a fund with stakes in digital businesses—such as Dollar Shave Club, and was joined by Anthony Pompliano’s Morgan Creek Capital and several other venture capital funds.

On Jan. 25th, RealBlocks raised a $3.1 million seed round led by Science, Inc., followed by Morgan Creek Capital, ..."

A Crypto Thesis: Open Financial Systems
A must read for anyone following or participating in the digital asset space. Joey Krug, Co-CIO of Pantera Capital, discusses the tenants and ramifications of a new financial infrastructure.

Tokenized Securities & Digital Assets Trading is the New Trend

"As the Earnings seasons kicked off in the U.S, Stocks were looking poised to wipe off the losses accumulated prior to Christmas last year. The U.S equities ended the 4-week winning streak on Friday on U.S-China trade talk optimism. Cryptos on the other hand rebounded from the earlier weekly lows creating higher lows at the time of writing. In Forex, USD rebounded strongly mostly due…"

Should There be a Blockchain for Security Tokens?

"As the hype for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is weakening, the attention is now shifted toward the Security Token (ST) industry. The ST industry is currently at its nascent stage, in which many startups are trying to revolutionize the traditional financial ecosystem. The transition from traditional assets to tokenized assets involves a set of requirements on both technological and compliance... "

2018 Crypto Retrospective
  • Bitcoin dominance rises over 50% in flight to safety, peaks at 57% in December
  • Bitcoin & ethereum transaction fees drop over 90% in 2018
  • 88% of ICO funds were raised in the first half of 2018 as regulatory uncertainty continues to depress ICO market
  • Despite market conditions, blockchain M&A transaction activity projected to rise over 300% y/y
  • While Ethereum has 18x more dApps than EOS, EOS dApps have 3x more daily users
  • Key trends in 2019 include stablecoins, security tokens and institutional crypto

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