All Saints Digital DOVE
January 5, 2020
Prayers & Appreciations for this Week
We give thanks to you for the generous ministry and the passion of Joan Dalrymple and Diane Hayes. Whose love and care for the formation of our children is a true blessing to our congregation and to the larger community.

We give thanks to those celebrating a birthday, especially, Bill Burgoyne, Buck Kirtland, Finley Haas, Whitney Tigani, Martha Chapman, Brenda Wright, Herb Siewert, Harper Hope, Bruce Belleman, Elizabeth Dunkum, Kathryn Morgan, and Mary Jane Piercy

We give thanks to those celebrating an anniversary.

We pray for all healthcare workers and first responders, especially Erin Anderson, Merv Baldecchi, Sarah Gaffney, Cameron Hogg, Leah Loomis, Ken Lucas, Beth McGuire, Lauren Nadler, and Ashley Lucas Wilson

We lift in prayer those who are Sick or Distressed especially, Ted Bishop, Phyllis Dudding, Bob Hiedemann, GW Michael, Mary Mulvaney, Nancy, Karen Norsworthy, The Partridge Family, Cliff Pierce, and Herb Siewert

We remember all those who have died.

If you have an addition to our prayer list, please email us.
The Rev. Penny Nash's Sermon from Sunday, January 3
A Note from The Rev. Penny Nash
Dear Saints, Thank you for the warm welcome as I begin my ministry among you! I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can under the circumstances we are under, so you may see me popping into Zoom calls and we’ll be setting up some of our own small “get to know you” Zoom events in the coming weeks. In the meantime, feel free to call or email or text me, 404-313-3412. My virtual door is open! Blessings! Penny
Christian Formation for Children wishes all our families a Happy and Blessed New Year!

We are excited to announce several offerings for children and their parents. Epiphany begins tomorrow, January 6th, which is a “fixed date” on our Christian calendar. Building Faith, a ministry of Virginia Theological Seminary, offers a suggestion for the Day of Epiphany called, Chalking the Door, and a short liturgy to go along with it.
Sunday School “In a Bag”
We are working on the next set of Sunday School lessons “in a bag” for children ages 3-fifth grade. Let’s take another look at Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and Daniel, people in the Old Testament, with Bible stories, age-appropriate crafts, and videos about their great deeds to learn why their lives are important to us now in the 21st century. Pick up will be Saturday, January 16th at 2 pm in the preschool portico OR by other arrangements. Please let us know if you want a bag for your family no later than Wednesday, Jan. 13th, by emailing
If you received a bag in the fall, please let us know if you want another one.
We hope to reach out to lots of families for this first group of lessons of 2021.
You’ve probably heard of Simon Cowell’s shows – “Britain’s Got Talent” or “America’s Got Talent”, right? Well, get ready for it – introducing “All Saints’ Got Talent”! We’ll assemble this “show” for broadcast the evening of Mardi Gras, Tuesday, February 16 at 7:00 PM. We won’t be broadcast nationally – but we’ll have fun sharing it over our usual Facebook & YouTube channels. 
Since we can’t be together for our usual Cabaret this year, we’ll showcase the wealth of talent we have within All Saints! Anything is game – singing, dancing, juggling, underwater basket weaving!   Here are some ideas:
  • Are you the next Idina Menzel who wants to share your favorite selection from “Frozen”?
  • Dying to do a fun family skit or dance?
  • All of you Van Gough’s out there, send some pictures of your work – we’ll create a slideshow that features all your work. 
  • It can be a video of a recital from days of old (no ideas, mom!), or it can be something brand new straight from your living room. 
  • No matter if you are 5 years old or 500 years old, we want to see your talent!  
All submissions are due to Scott Hayes by Friday, February 12 at You can share via email, text, Dropbox, USB drive – whatever works! If you need assistance, please let Scott know. 
Canned Food Donations Needed!
Our partners at Welborne Church are in desperate need of canned food donations. They need:
-Peanut Butter
-Canned fruits
-Canned Soups (hearty and tomato)
- Canned Milk
- Canned Chicken
- Boxed Macaroni and Cheese
-Jelly (no glass)
**Please no glass containers or produce.

All donations should be left in the green shed outside of the playground. The shed is checked regularly. If you would like to donate to All Saints' own feeding ministry, Feeding the Saints, please mail a check to the church with "Feeding the Saints" in the memo line. Thank you for your generosity!
Pledge Envelopes
If you requested pledge envelopes, please email Natallia and let her know if you are able to pick them up or if you need them to be mailed. Pickup will most likely be weekday mornings. Thank you!
Stewardship 2021
Take a Risk with What God Gives You

Thank you to the 90 households that have pledged their support to All Saints for 2021. We count on pledges like yours to support our many ministries and our day-to-day operating expenses. When you make a pledge to All Saints, it helps us plan how to use our resources. A pledge acknowledges that everything we have comes from God. It allows you to share your blessings while furthering God’s mission of love and compassion in the world. Pledging gives you an opportunity to put your faith in action and your pledge is important, no matter the amount. If you have any questions, contact the church office.

To make your 2021 pledge online, please click here.
Volunteers Urgently Needed for the Following Positions in Your Community:

Blood Transportation Specialist: Deliver life-saving blood products from collection sites to processing lab and/or to hospital. Preferred commitment: 2-4 shifts (4 hour shifts) per month

Blood Donor Ambassador: Help Save lives in your community by supporting blood collection at a local blood drive. Preferred commitment: 1 shift (4-5 hour shifts) per month

To learn more, visit or contact:
Charles White, American Red Cross of Virginia or (804) 382-8055
All Saints has partnered with CARITAS for many years to host women and children during their recovery journey. They have now opened their own facility in south Richmond! CARITAS has been serving the Richmond community for more than 30 years, growing and expanding to address unmet needs with compassion, innovation, and expertise. We have a history of success providing the tools for self-sufficiency and dignity to men and women in crisis. The CARITAS Center opened in December 2020, the CARITAS Center brings all the solutions for breaking the cycles of homelessness and substance use under one roof. We can’t wait to watch CARITAS transform a south Richmond neighborhood and positively impact thousands of lives.

Click HERE to read about how CARITAS transformed a former Philip Morris factory into a recovery center.