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June 2017
Volume 7 Issue 6

Digital Doubles that Rule the Apocalypse
  Digital Doubles  from Raw to Ready-to-Rig for the Entertainment Industry

3D Bodies, Props, & Buildings Since 2010 

TNG Visual Effects and its subsidiary,  TNG Visual Effects Canada Inc., combine to make a  network of  3D scanning services on-the-ready for any North American entertainment industry project. We specialize in the creation of photo-realistic 3D digital assets. Many characters, vehicles, cars, sets ,   props , animals, sculptures, and buildings have been added to our scope of work since our inception in 2010. 

3D Scanning Session
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Our teams know how to work with producers, directors, coordinators, A-list talent, and other agencies.  We are seasoned, fast and efficient, and our work is always guaranteed. Our strength is our ability to travel at a moment's notice. Call us for your next   3D scanning project , we are here to make you look good!

TNG: We're Here to Make You Look Good 


Nick Tesi, Founder 

Memorial day is now a memory as we march toward summer. Our busy meter is going up with all types of opportunities. We are looking at adding new technology to make it better, faster and more mobile. I look forward to updating you as we implement it. Enjoy the summer if you can, we will be here between the fun

Our Promise to Our Valued Customers


At TNG Visual Effects we constantly strive to innovate and develop new, improved approaches to 3D scanning. Our crack-team of technology experts, scan-techs, and 3D artists constantly push the bar higher day by day.

As always, we will continue to provide Expert 3D scanning services to our customers. Our job is to make you look good, guaranteed.
2017 TNG Original 3D Characters

Did you know that all of our featured newsletter characters are TNG Originals

We build high-resolution original 3D characters from 3D scans every month to feature in our newsletter.  These models are suitable for film, tv, vr and games, and are available for purchase. Contact us at  877-879-2937 for details, and visit our portfolio of originals at

The Tesi T-2000.

Angie the TNG Tempest, fighting out of L. A.

Betty from the TNG Diner serving up digi-doubles.

Katie the TNG Sweet Heart (and her sour sister).

3D Photogrammetry Services

Photogrammetry is emerging as our go-to technique, using high resolution photography to build a highly accurate 3D model. Photogrammetry can be used for environments and subjects of all sizes.

 Captivated by photogrammetry.

3D Structured Light Scanning Services

At TNG Visual Effects we use Artec hand-held scanners to do structured light scanning of heads, bodies and  props.

Head scans, always in demand at TNG VFX.

LiDAR 3D Scanning Services

At TNG we use Faro for the large subjects.

Lidar scan data and 3D model with texture.

We Lidar scanned a real, life-sized locomotive.

3D Scans for E-Commerce & Props

E-commerce sites routinely use 3D scans of their SKUs, and everyday objects are often 3D scanned for to use as props in film and tv projects.

Photogrammetry 3D scan of a shoe.

3D scans can be made of everyday objects for props or e-commerce.

Clothing 3D scans are made for characters, or for e-commerce sites.

Textured 3D model and scan data of a handbag.

Digital Faces: Ready for a Close-Up
Your character  is ready for action. He or she looks photo-realistic and ready to take on the world. But how do you bring your character to life? The favored way to get this done these days is with motion capture. Which mo-cap system to use takes some research; either Optical based system or Inertial based system. Both of these systems (plus some other hybrids) have their advantages and disadvantages. Once you see samples you will get a better idea of which is best suited to match your project, and the result you need.

A bad barbecue can cause mayhem. 

Once you get the character's body
all set up, you move on to the most important part - the face. The head, being 3D scanned, is normally done with a neutral expression. If you are doing facial performance you should add a number of expressions. This will give you key frames for the actual facial look of your character, thus making them more realistic.


We are always striving to keep our services new and fresh, to keep step with current developments. New services for new times, to get more in less time.

Photogrammetry, modeled and textured.

The Second Wave of VR

Virtual Reality, the immersive, cutting-edge technology has begun its second wave of games and experiences. In 2016, with the VR headsets just coming out, the cellphone VR (often made of cardboard) was the main platform everyone got to try. It teased the potential of VR, but didn't convert the masses to become a VR gamer. It's not enough to have the technology to allow for VR, we also need the content, game mechanics, and level design that will convince people to spend time in VR. However, presently, the total cost of any of the VR headsets is blocking out too much of the community of people who are interested, but can't afford or are unwilling to invest the necessary money for VR.

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift is $600, and the HTC Vive is $800 - both require a very powerful computer, which can be $2,000. So you can see the buy-in for PC gaming VR is about $3,000. The alternative is the PSVR, which is currently dominating the market. It's buy-in is $500 for the headset, camera, and controllers; and $400 for a PS4 Pro, making for a $1,000 total. All of these prices sound high, and are most certainly a deterrent holding the technology back. For comparison, the non-VR gaming console Nintendo Switch is $450.

Farpoint by Impulse Gear is a new VR game for the PSVR. This is the first game to utilize the new VR gun accessory called the PS Aim controller. This is a breakthrough in VR gaming. It feels like you're playing laser tag or paintball. In real life, you're standing up, and holding the gun, and in VR when you look through the scope, you line up your shots. The accuracy is incredible. On the gun controller are joysticks for movement along with all the other buttons of a controller, allowing for more nuanced game mechanics than just pulling a trigger. Crouching in real life, lets you crouch in VR, and can save your life when there are bullets whizzing by and drones shooting rockets. The VR helmet has a microphone built in, and thus anyone you play with, you can start speaking to immediately.

VR: Building its market in 2017.

We are excited to see what E3 2017 has in store for VR. To make for a believable world, the assets must be accurate and real looking, and to achieve that we recommend 3D scanning for the environments, characters, vehicles, and props.

Lidar and 3D Spaces in Virtual Reality 

Lidar 3D scanning seems to keep popping up all over our territories; it's a trusted and much needed technology, typically used for large objects or and environments. All the manufactures of Lidar scanning tout its speed, quality, and distance. It is used widely in VFX, also in a number of other industries that are driving growth.

Lidar scanned car and building with a 3D girl.

At TNG VFX we recently have been called upon to use Lidar for virtual reality projects more than ever, especially for the creation of 3D rooms and environments for 3D characters will inhabit and interact with the 3D space.

Lidar interior scan with flat lighting.

We also use photogrammetry and photos to project maps for a nice photo-realistc look. As VR gets better in software algorithms and processors the resolution and restrictions on how many items that can be put in a scene without deprecating the interactions or the experience.  Lidar will also be used in AR as well as VR to add new items to the experiences.

Lidar interior scan, lit.

"...The projects were delivered with such precision of timing and quality that there is no doubt in my mind that experience and attention to detail are key assets for Nick Tesi and his group. You guys rock!" 
--Andrea Montambeault, Head of Advertising / Rodeo Visual Effects

"...Nick is dependable and will go the extra mile to make sure that we get what we need. I would recommend him and his company to any project needing 3D scanning."
Al Lopez, President / Stargate Studios

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