Construction of the Arlen Specter US Squash Center progresses with the installation of a new bank of five singles courts and the wooden walls of both hardball doubles courts over the course of recent weeks in Philadelphia.
The new bank of courts (above) will comprise five of the eighteen total singles courts at the Specter Center. A new block of three singles courts that can be converted into two international softball doubles courts will soon follow adjacent from the new bank of five courts. Glass back panels, netting, and court lining is now complete on all thirteen currently constructed constructed singles courts.
The wooden wall panels for two hardball doubles courts are nearing completion. Both doubles courts will feature first-of-its-kind coloration with blue front and side walls and dark floor panels. The courts will employ a white hardball to optimize visibility for players, spectators and live streaming.

Soo Venkatesan shares reflections five months into her role as Chairman of US Squash: "Nine months into a global pandemic, it feels we are '2-0 down,' but squash players as a tribe are tenacious – especially in five-game comebacks."

US Squash continues its commitment to the development of highest-impact initiatives, with community input and thoughtful consideration to interdependent priorities and limited resources. The totality of this work will set the future course for squash in the decade to come, impacting across all of US Squash’s core pillars of access, community, excellence and sportsmanship.

US Squash Community Affiliate Portland Community Squash was recently featured by Maine's NBC News Center. The news segment highlights the important roles a squash community can serve during a pandemic.

US Squash has continued to monitor the current state of the pandemic, and the organization’s highest priority remains the protection of the health and well-being of our participants, their families and communities. To this end, US Squash is suspending the scheduling of any planned dates for U.S. Championships for the 2020-2021 season at this time.

US Squash recently provided a junior squash community update on nationals, junior ratings and rankings, an upcoming junior squash virtual forum and college squash showcases. The full information provided in this newsletter are available on the US Squash website.

Practice your officiating skills with the #CallOfTheWeek series. Watch the clip and vote for your call on Twitter or on the Call of the Week page. The correct decision will be released tomorrow!  

This month Outside The Glass features Ong Beng Hee, who burst upon the squash scene when he swept through the 1998 World Juniors held at Princeton.

Lucky is the biography of one of the top amateurs of the twentieth century. U.S. Squash Hall of Famer Anil Nayar and his wife Jean Nayar have put together a fascinating story of a great champion and symbol of diversity in the game. James Zug reviews the new book which is available now.