November 22, 2021

Dear Hastings Families, 

We are writing with a time-sensitive request for you to complete two separate surveys on student digital access. The first is required by the New York State Education Department (NYSED). The second is solely for our school district. While the surveys are similar, and both must be completed promptly, it proved impossible to combine them into a single survey and generate the necessary reports required by NYSED or our district.

NYSED Required Survey on Student Digital Equity

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has issued a required action for school districts in order to understand students’ digital access during the pandemic. To explain the purpose of this required action, a recent memo from the NYSED Office of Information and Reporting Services outlined the following:

“Identifying student digital equity, also referred to as student digital resources within the eScholar data model template, is essential for understanding, investigating, and promoting educational equity. Student home access to the Internet has become fundamental for schools across the nation as they plan strategies for continuous learning. To better serve students, families, and educators, it is imperative for the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to have access to data as reported by BOCES, public school districts and charter schools, and maintain an accurate and complete picture of the state of digital equity for each individual student, grades Kindergarten through 12, to provide confidence in understanding the true levels of a student’s access to the Internet as well as the devices they use.”  

We are asking all families to complete NYSED’s brief, nine-question survey through our eSchoolData Parent Portal by November 30th. To take the survey, please log into the eSchoolData Parent Portal. Once you log in, click on your child’s ID number. You will see a blue link for the “Digital Access Survey” below your child’s photo. Click on that link. Please complete the nine questions and click “Save.” The survey should be completed for each of your children. 

Attached here is a preview of the survey questions you will find in the portal. Attached here is a guidance document that may be helpful to you in completing the survey.

Hastings-on-Hudson Remote Ready Survey

Concurrently, we are asking any Hastings family whose child does not have access to a device that they can use for the entire school day to please complete a six-question survey accessed on this Google Form by November 30th. Although the possibility of needing to shift to remote instruction this year is unlikely, we are committed to ensuring that all children have access to a device they can use for the entire school day. 

We appreciate your support with these two important surveys. Again, please know that every attempt was made to combine them into a single survey.

Best regards,

Melissa Szymanski, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction