September 4, 2018
Digital Literacy Lab at Central Library
We've got a lot of great workshops planned for you all. Make sure you check out the TCCL Online Event Guide to see our full list of events and programs.

-Katlin Seagraves, Digital Literacy Associate
Saving Stuff: Digital Preservation for the Family Historian
Join us for a series of workshops on saving your family history.

Each Wednesday at 2:00pm we will host a different class in spaces throughout Central Library.

This series is funded by the Library Trust.
Tech Talk: Machine Learning
Want to better understand how computers can learn to think through evaluating data?

Join us at noon on Friday, September 14 for Tech Talk: Machine Learning with Luke Crouch, a privacy engineer at Mozilla.
Saving Stuff: DIY Personal Digital Archives
Organizing your digital photos and documents can be confusing. What should you name your files? Folders - friend or foe?

Join us this Wednesday, September 5 at 2:00 p.m. as we explore best practices for organizing and storing your digital assets.
Tech Tip: Google Tracking is Sticky
Trying to lose the Google trackers? Turning off your location history on Google was thought to do the trick. It turns out there's one more step you should take. Check out the MIT Technology Report article on Google tracking.
Tech Talk: Cryptocurrency, archived
Did you miss the August Tech Talk on cryptocurrency? Luke Crouch of Mozilla gave a very similar talk on Monday, August 20 at Tulsa Web Devs.

From bitcoins to dogecoins, the world of cryptocurrency can be a little mysterious. Let us help you untangle the confusing web with a lunchtime talk on all things cryptocurrency.