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December 2015
Volume 1 Issue 2
Global leadership in transforming human performance & effectiveness in health care
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Breaking News! First Step into Visualization
In early 2016, UNMC will be home to a large, curved MultiTaction iWall. This new advanced visualization touch technology will be housed in the Sorrell Center room 1012. The technology will be available to all students and faculty by providing open hours to ensure easy access.

The MultiTaction iWall is an experiential tool that enables new ways of thinking, provides a safe place to innovate and:
  • engages students and faculty in an    experiential manner
  • helps users visualize big data
  • presents content in an innovative and intuitive way
  • improves research project timelines and brainstorming
  • transforms the way we work, collaborate, communicate, explore, and create - contributing to professional productivity 
The system can detect hands, objects, and IR pens that interact with or are placed on the system. 2D bar codes or optical markers are used for recognizing individual users and accessing personalized content.
Currently the schedule for installation is as follows:
Installation: January 12 -15
Commissioning: January 19 - 20

Training will take place Jan. 25 - 29.  
Additional details will be provided as we work with MultiTaction to firm up the training agenda and schedule. Multiple repeat training sessions will be offered, and the sessions will be recorded for later viewing. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please send an email to

For more information about the technology, watch the video above and/or visit:

What Exactly is iEXCEL?
The iEXCEL project is a  highly interprofessional endeavor that will ultimately be shaped by the faculty, students, staff and clinicians at UNMC and Nebraska Medicine.

iEXCEL is designed to transform the education of health care professionals by offering safe, simulated health care settings and opportunities for experiential learning to foster the achievement of skills and competencies, such as interprofessional communication and teamwork, that are vital in providing the best care to patients. 

With its wide range of simulation technology, from human patient simulators to 3D and Virtual Immersive Reality (VIR), iEXCEL will offer many opportunities for research in all health care related disciplines  including the basic sciences, education and social sciences as well as R&D opportunities to work side-by-side with industry partners. 

For a more comprehensive summary, please read our handout  "What is iEXCEL".

Showcasing iEXCEL Capabilities
iEXCEL responded to a call for technology experiments by The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and was selected to participate. Earlier this month, iEXCEL, the Sorrell Simulation team, UNMC Emergency Medicine physicians, along with NSRI, provided a demonstration of our capabilities with Live Virtual Constructive Exercises (LVCEs). 

This demonstration highlighted our past experience with the USAF Pararescue teams. The team demonstrated how we can provide knowledge and support to the design and planning of simulated scenarios surrounding combat casualty care and the medical care of the wounded warfighter.

This exercise received a great deal of interest from Special Ops Command, and it was an honor to have been chosen and to have participated. We thank all those who took part in the exercise as well as those who provided practical as well as moral support!  Thanks also to our industry partners  CAE Healthcare and Strategic Operations (Cut Suit) for supporting our efforts.   

Additional pictures will be posted shortly to the iEXCEL website. Please feel free to check them out! 
iEXCEL Student Ambassador Group Forming
Due to discussions with student leadership, an iEXCEL Student Ambassador Program has been proposed.

This group would work closely with iEXCEL leadership and faculty helping to move the project from “Vision to Reality.”  This includes championing the rapid adoption of simulation technologies to advance experiential learning opportunities, hosting visitors and special events, and more importantly, keeping in close contact with the student body as iEXCEL develops.

With student engagement, iEXCEL will emerge as a truly collaborative entity that continues to evolve as a resource. If you have an interest in being part of the iEXCEL Student Ambassador Program or would like to nominate a student, please contact iEXCEL by emailing:

EON Reality's Interactive Mirror - iEXCEL Expo 2015
The iEXCEL team wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday season with friends and families. It is a time to refresh and look forward to an exciting 2016 as iEXCEL continues to develop. 

Sincere Regards – Pam Boyers, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor Interprofessional Education and Experiential Learning, iEXCEL

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