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January 2016
Volume 2 Issue 1
Global leadership in transforming human performance & effectiveness in health care
Welcome to Digital Pulse!
As we enter 2016, the iEXCEL team is working with the University of Nebraska Leadership to select an architecture firm and a technology integrator firm for the new Global Center for Advanced Interprofessional Learning facility. The Global Center will be situated on the south east corner of Emile and 42nd streets and is the future home base for iEXCEL.  

With the guidance of the iEXCEL Strategic Advisory Group, we are  establishing five iEXCEL work groups and starting the iEXCEL 'Journey into Visualization'. Please be sure to contact us if you need further information about the iEXCEL project. The iEXCEL team is also glad to visit colleges, departments or committees to describe iEXCEL in detail.

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Journey into Visualization!
A large curved MultiTaction iWall is now installed in Room 1012 in the Michael F. Sorrell Center.

Training took place this week with nearly 90 attendees and seven repeat sessions over the three-day period. A recorded session will be available for review, and we will disseminate how to view the recording shortly.

Once you have gone through the iWall training and would like to utilize it to enhance your curriculum and / or research, please contact the Sorrell Simulation Lab to hold time on the iWall. A team member will then be in contact with you to discuss your plans for incorporating this interactive and experiential technology into your curriculum - and to also secure your time on the iWall.
Above: MultiTaction iWall
training taking place.
Left: MultiTaction iWall taken during Installation
New Simulation Equipment Available in the Sorrell Simulation Lab
Human Worn Partial Task Surgical Simulation Cut Suit:

The Cut Suit is the most realistic way to simulate the look, feel and smell of severe traumatic events on a live human while allowing first responders and physicians to safely perform real procedures - from the point of injury, to treatment en route and transition of care to surgical intervention.
Tactical Combat Casualty Care / Emergency Medical Services (TCCC / EMS) Cut Suit:

The main goals of the TCCC / EMS Cut Suit are to practice treating a variety of  casualties and complete the mission.  The TCCC Cut Suit is specifically suited to accomplish these goals in training. 
Note: The Sorrell staff has been certified to use / repair the Cut Suit technology described above.  
Please contact the Sorrell Simulation Lab if you would like to incorporate this extraordinarily realistic new simulation technology into your sessions.  

IMSH - Society for Simulation in Healthcare 
2016 Conference Highlights
iEXCEL and Sorrell staff members attended the IMSH 2016 Society for Simulation in Healthcare conference. Highlights from the conference included immersive and hands-on workshops, simulation sessions with peer-tested ideas, as well as the opportunity to view the newest simulation technology on the market and technologies under development. Attendees were able to network and collaborate with other institutions and facilities currently working to advance health care education and skills development through the incorporation of simulation modalities.

A poster entitled Integration of Live, Virtual, and Constructive Simulation for Military Medical Training was co-presented by Ben Stobbe, MBA, RN, and Aerial Camden, PhD, WPAFB, Air Force Research Labs / 711th Human Performance Wing.  The presentation highlighted the mission essential competency training components that were developed and supported during Angel Thunder 2015, a two-week exercise for military Special Forces - particularly ParaRescue.
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