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Volume 3 Issue 3
July 2017
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iEXCEL Program Updates
UNMC Education Council Retreat
As the Davis Global Center fast becomes reality, faculty engagement (interprofessional collaboration, experiential learning and a competency–based approach to simulation) in the programmatic development of iEXCEL is of the highest priority. In June, iEXCEL leadership and staff attended a UNMC Education Council Retreat to provide updates related to the design and construction of the Davis Global Center and engage in open dialogue about future operational infrastructure and curriculum redesign.  

The retreat also included presentations on how to access iEXCEL services. An interactive infographic illustrating the pathways and contacts to the current offerings of the Visualization Hub and the Sorrell Clinical Simulation Lab is under development. Click here for a glimpse of this tool. If you'd like to see the interactive version, please stop by the VizHub. This tool can currently be found on the iWall while we further develop its functionality. In addition, the Council was familiarized with the available simulation and visualization technology as well as staff roles and responsibilities. 

Technology Advancements 
InfoComm 2017
InfoComm is the largest annual trade association / conference representing the professional audiovisual and information communications industries worldwide. 
The iEXCEL team attended InfoComm 2017 in June to review and assess the latest in cutting edge visualization technologies and software. The team worked with the Global Center’s AV/IT integrator to ensure that capabilities, quality, relevance and levels of technology truly fulfill the iEXCEL vision for the Davis Global Center.
InfoComm features over 1,000 exhibitors, thousands of products and over 40,000 attendees from 110 countries. This conference provides the opportunity to view the latest Audiovisual / Multimedia technology under one roof. 
Military Relations
Education Partnership Agreement with WPAFB
On July 6th 2017, the Education Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), 711th Human Performance Wing was signed. This agreement supports collaboration between WPAFB, AFRL and UNMC. Students and faculty will be able to benefit from the United States Air Force expertise and engage in new research opportunities.

The first project under the EPA is a 3-day workshop on Mission Essential Competencies (MECs) related to biopreparedness to be held August 16 – 18th 2017.
Angel Thunder 17 (AT17)
This Live Virtual Constructive Exercise (LVCE) for US troops and nine International partner nations with the focus on personnel recovery included 650 participants and was supported by iEXCEL staff (Ben Stobbe and Ray Layne) under the formal EPA with Wright Patterson Air Force Base - Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton Ohio. The iEXCEL team was engaged in AT17 planning and the execution of this large-scale military training exercise.  
Top photo courtesy Staff Sgt. Corey Hook,
1st Combat Camera Squadron 

Bottom photo courtesy Airman 1st Class Haley Phillips, 1st Combat Camera Squadron
The role of the iEXCEL team was to create military-specific medical care scenarios including extrication, mass casualty, transfer-of-care and extended medical care during flight transport. The use of human patient simulators - during daytime and nighttime exercises - provided training of realistic medical care scenarios, triage challenges and life-saving procedures.

The overall goal was to prepare teams to effectively manage medical, communication and leadership skills required under high stress situations. The scenarios were designed to provide training that familiarizes the participants with the stresses they will face (medical, tactical, environmental) and ensure proficiency in Medical MECs & hand over of care.

Engagement of Faculty, Students and Staff
in Technology Selection
Technology demonstrations and evaluation sessions are currently planned for August. Future sessions are under development. The goal is two-fold: to involve faculty, staff and students in the selection of the best simulation technologies for the Davis Global Center, and to compare, contrast and assess the capabilities of various simulation technologies – including quality, user friendliness and curriculum relevance.  Please be sure to attend one of the open house format sessions! Your input is critical.

iEXCEL Activities at a Glance
Grant Submittals

In collaboration with IVIR, Inc. (Sarasota, FL), the iEXCEL team recently submitted applications for two grants focused on training support for military personnel. If received, both grants would engage iEXCEL in measuring and assessing human performance research. 

    iEXCEL Executive Committee

    The inaugural meeting of the newly formed iEXCEL Executive Committee will be held in August. This Committee will meet monthly and provide essential oversight for the Davis Global Center and the iEXCEL program. 

      Returning iEXCEL Intern

      iEXCEL welcomed Max DiBaise to his second iEXCEL Summer Internship Program. Max is a senior studying biomedical engineering with an emphasis in electrical systems and programming at the University of Arizona.

      "I chose to return to iEXCEL because I could not think of a better place to work. The Multitaction iWall, zSpaces, HoloLens, 3D CADWall, and more - these devices are state-of-the-art technology that allow an aspiring engineer/programmer like myself to develop and hone skills while having a lot of fun along the way," said Max when asked about interning again for the program.

        In Closing...

        As always, thank you for your continued interest, support and engagement with iEXCEL. 

        Sincere Regards – Pam Boyers, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor, iEXCEL

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        Global Center Underway
        Please be sure to ‘peek in’ on the construction progress via the webcam by clicking here.  The Global center webcam provides a ‘camera view’ or ‘live video’.