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Volume 2 Issue 5
June 22, 2016
Global leadership in transforming human performance & effectiveness in health care
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Dear Colleagues & Friends of iEXCEL,

iEXCEL is truly feeling the momentum! In this issue, we will give you updates on the development of the Global Center and the activities happening in the newly established iEXCEL Visualization Hub (MSC 1012). We also want to introduce you to our new staff member and the three student interns who have joined the iEXCEL team to help support faculty and students in their use of the Hub.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

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Progress: The Global Center

Global Center Design:  Thanks to all of the assistance and input from members of the design groups, final touches are being made to the overall interior and exterior design for the Global Center. 

Timeline The Global Center project remains on track with the initial timeline.The architect team presented the design to the Design Review Board on June 21, and the final design and budget will go to the Board of Regents in July.  

Fundraising:  Fundraising remains on track. Philanthropy continues to work with the iEXCEL team to engage potential donors by communicating the mission and importance of the Global Center to secure the final funds needed for the project. We appreciate their hard work and effort. 
The iEXCEL Visualization Hub (MSC 1012)
Student Interns
Assisting faculty and staff to develop interactive  and creative teaching platforms 
From left to right: Max DiBaise, Collin Peterson, Drew Peterson
The iEXCEL Visualization Hub (MSC 1012)  


BLUESCAPE Software Demo Day
Thursday, June 23, 2016 in the iEXCEL Visualization Hub (MSC 1012)
Collaboration Software for the MultiTaction iWall
Morning Sessions: 8:30-9:30 am & 9:30-10:30 am
Afternoon Sessions: 2:00-3:00 pm & 3:00-4:00 pm

Technology Advancements & News
MultiTaction iWall
Enhancing the Learning Experience
Last month we provided an update on our early adopter faculty, staff and students who are creatively incorporating the iWall into their curriculum and / or events.  We'd like to continue to update you as the adoption of the iWall continues and feature the innovative ways that the technology is supporting learning and training.

Nebraska Medicine Emergency Department Nursing Staff
Uses iWall for  Interactive Course

Nebraska Medicine Emergency Department's nursing staff completed training on the new trauma charting that has been built into the Epic system. Susie Needham and Amy Meade worked with the iEXCEL team to design an interactive course utilizing the MultiTaction iWall. This interactive training course helped identify items on the Epic trauma charting that needed adjusting in realtime prior to going live. Staff feedback was positive regarding the incorporation of this technology allowing for a unique training opportunity.


MultiTaction iWall Continues to Encourage Successful Collaboration

The MultiTaction iWall not only draws groups for education, i.e., Nebraska Medicine for Epic Chart Training (see above for more information) but also attracts groups like the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) who visited during the State Science Meet to excite future learners and show the possibilities in health science careers.

Additionally, we have had many visitors to the iEXCEL Visualization Hub for tours and demonstrations of the iWall, and the excitement continues to grow internally and externally. 

Snapshot of Recent Guests:
  • State group of Admissions and Recruitment Professionals
  • USAF Surgeon General, Mark Ediger, M.D.
  • Pediatric Infectious Disease Department Collaborator (eHealth Africa)


Annual iEXCEL Expo To Be Held the Week of October 3-7, 2016

Held during UNeMed's Innovation Week, iEXCEL is thrilled to be able to hold our Annual iEXCEL Expo during this exciting week of events.  Planning has already begun!  We will keep you posted on the latest happenings surrounding our iEXCEL Expo as we plan for other events in conjunction with the Expo such as:
  • A joint meeting with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce designed to bring knowledge of the 3D / VIR world to the Omaha business community.

Since the start of 2016

25 Speaking Engagements
36  Educational/Training Sessions using the iWall
40  Demonstrations/Tours


Defence Global:

May 2016 Edition

We are happy to share a recently authored and published "Case Study" entitled "National Strategic Research Institute at the University of Nebraska: Leadership in CWMD by delivering relevant, mission essential research and development solutions to the warfighter, DoD and other national security agencies." Please see the directions below to access the May 2016 Edition of Defence Global.                                                      
UNMC is featured as follows:
  • Front Cover: UNMC logo
  • Table of contents (page 5):    
    NSRI logo
  • Case study and video (pages 58-59)

Just as a reminder, Defence Global is a quarterly, tri-service publication providing articles and information analysis from respected journalists and writers worldwide to attract a sophisticated and broad audience. It provides an essential link between the defense manufacturers and suppliers, academia, government and military sectors globally.

A digital copy of the current edition is provided. To access the digital copy, please click the image above and enter the following credentials (in lower case).

Email: barclaymedia
Password: bravo912

We hope you enjoy the issue!

Let's get Social!

We are busy building our social media presence. iEXCEL has created a Twitter account to be able to update a wide range of followers with the latest news.

Please follow us on Twitter!  Our handle is @UNMC_iEXCEL.

Global Outreach:

In May, Dr. Boyers spoke in Manchester, England at the EON Reality-UK Headquarters / Virtual Reality Academy about simulation in health care. The conference was entitled, "The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Sport and Health Care." She had the opportunity to network with an international group of professionals, including those who work in the UK National Health Service advancing the adoption of simulation to improve patient safety.

iEXCEL Staff Update & News
Welcome: Shaunna Briles
Shaunna joined the iEXCEL team in January 2016 to provide administrative support, and as of June, is officially iEXCEL’s Program Associate. She will be supporting the efforts of iEXCEL in the areas of administration, coordination, marketing, event management and scheduling of the iEXCEL’s growing Visualization Hub. She provides high-level support to the iEXCEL leadership team. 
Before joining UNMC, Shaunna worked at ConAgra Foods for almost 12 years, holding the titles of Sales and Marketing Specialist and Administrative Assistant.

Shaunna received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska Omaha, specializing in Journalism, PR/Advertising and her Associate of Science from Iowa Western Community College.
Contact Shaunna:
iEXCEL Program Associate
Office: Eppley Cancer Institute 4016 
Office phone: 402-559-2424

In Closing...

As always, thank you for your continued interest, support and engagement with iEXCEL. 

Sincere Regards – Pam Boyers, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor, iEXCEL

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