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March 2016
Volume 2 Issue 3
Global leadership in transforming human performance & effectiveness in health care
Welcome to Digital Pulse!

Dear Colleagues - we are delighted to share with you that  iEXCEL is moving rapidly into the design and construction of the Global Center for Advanced Interprofessional Learning. Referred to as the "Global Center", the facility will be the home for iEXCEL.

With Ron Schaefer, Director, Planning and Construction-UNMCwe are also pleased to be able to share the results of the formal selection process for the architects and the technology integrators. At the time of writing this edition of Digital Pulse, the technology integrator is already conducting stakeholder interviews related to the desired functionality of the technology within the new building.

We need your expertise and input to the design and functionality of The Global Center! So very soon, some of you will receive an invitation to serve on one of four design groups: Surgical Simulation; Advanced Clinical Simulation; 3D/VIR Simulation; and Technology Development and Transfer.  For functionality, these groups will be representative but small, and to ensure integration of the faculty and students, will relate to the iEXCEL work groups.

Our gratitude to those of you who attended the MultiTaction iWall training sessions and special thanks to those early adopters who are stepping forward to see how this incredible visualization technology can enhance the learning experience.

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Architect and Technology Integrator Selection for the Global Center for Advanced Interprofessional Learning!
The Global Center Architect team approved by the Board of Regents is:

The Clark Enersen Partners and
RDG Planning & Design

The Global Center Technology Integrator selected is:


We look forward to collaborative relationships with The Clark Enersen Partners, RDG Planning & Design and
AVI-SPL as we take this exciting journey toward the realization of iEXCEL.

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A digital copy of the current edition of Defence Global is provided for your perusal and reference.  Please note the following:

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  • Case study (pages 50-52): entitled Training for Readiness: Learning Together

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Community Outreach

iEXCEL was honored to be invited to the January 28th BioNebraska meeting where we had the opportunity to share the iEXCEL story to nearly 75 BioNebraska members!


The PKI IEEE Student Organization held their February meeting in the Michael F. Sorrell Center. The goal of the organization is to serve students who have an interest in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering and to connect with others who share their interests.  

The joint presentation by iEXCEL and UNeMed allowed the students to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship - as well as experience the MultiTaction iWall and the   simulation technology at the Sorrell Clinical Simulation Lab. Approximately 25 engineering students attended the February 4th meeting and they reported that it was a big hit!
PKI IEEE Feb 4 2016
PKI IEEE students interacting with the MultiTaction iWall...
PKI IEEE Feb 4 2016
...and lots of interest in the back of the system too! 

Additional Outreach:

  • The UNMC Makers 3D Printing Club
  • The NE Medical Guild
  • Nebraska LEAD Program Conference
  • UN Foundation Board of Directors
  • Explore UNMC with UNL
In Closing...
Thank you again for your engagement in iEXCEL as it evolves. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or ideas. Faculty and student input will be the essential ingredient for the success of iEXCEL.

Sincere Regards – Pam Boyers, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor, iEXCEL

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