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Volume 2 Issue 8
November 2016
Global leadership in transforming human performance & effectiveness in health care
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This has been another extraordinary month of collaboration and teamwork. Working closely with the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit team, the architects and engineers on an updated design of the Global Center to support a federal grant submission was certainly one of the highlights. The goal was to integrate iEXCEL and the assets of the Global Center with the proposed National Center for Health Security and Biopreparedness so that we can work seamlessly together. This includes sharing spaces, equipment, technology and simulation expertise. The intended result was that the “sum of the parts will be greater than the whole."

The recent news that this application was successful is tremendously exciting, and we congratulate Chris Kratochvil, MD, and team on this great achievement.

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iEXCEL Expo 2016
The 2nd Annual iEXCEL Expo, held on October 6, showcased the technology inventory available in the iEXCEL Visualization Hub. Expo attendees were able to experience the newest visualization technologies, try out the latest simulation products, and engage with industry collaborators who were present for demonstrations and to discuss applications within health care education and training.
Featured technologies, exhibits and industry representatives:
  • Viz Hub Technology: 3D CADWall, iWall, iBench, iMirror and HoloLens –
    CLICK HERE for the Viz Hub detailed technology descriptions
  • CAE Healthcare: Lucina and VIMEDIX
  • Gaumard: Surgical Chloe, Pedi Hal
  • Laerdal: SimMan 3G
  • KGS: Trauma FX
  • EON Reality: Thyroid Biopsy Simulator
  • The Chamberlain Group: realistic heart model
  • RDG Planning & Design and The Clark Enersen Partners: 3D renderings of the Global Center presented via a head-mounted display
  • AVI-SPL: provided support and answered questions regarding technology and technology integration
  • Karl Storz Endoscopy: provided support and presented information regarding the latest in its product line
We remain grateful for UNeMed's support of iEXCEL and for including the iEXCEL Expo during Innovation Week. Thank you to ALL staff, faculty and student volunteers whose presence truly enhanced this great event.

The iEXCEL Expo aims to engage and familiarize faculty, staff, students and community supporters with iEXCEL by providing opportunities to experience the expanding simulation technology market well before the Global Center opens in 2018.  

Building on momentum created by the Expo, iEXCEL invited select industry representatives as well as the Omaha Chamber of Commerce to participate in the first-ever iEXCEL Industry Roundtable. This year’s theme was:  The  Application of Visualization & Simulation into Health Care . The panel of global industry leaders presented and stimulated discussion on topics such as:
  • Applying lessons learned from high-risk industries (such as aviation) to address quality and safety in health care
  • The incredible market potential for healthcare-related simulation and virtual/augmented reality
  • The increasingly mobile, technologically interactive and integrated collaborative needs of organizations 
  • Using enhanced visualization to improve operating room activities and outcomes

iEXCEL Program Updates
Meet Bill Glass, MS, Director, Visualization & Technology
After a national search, William G. Glass has joined UNMC as iEXCEL’s Director, Visualization & Technology.
Bill is an accomplished 3D medical modeler/multimedia artist who offers knowledge and experience in multidisciplinary team management. Bill develops highly visual clinical education materials and has, for example, worked with prototyping materials for HoloLens and other augmented reality applications. 
With a strong bioinformatics background and analytic skills, Bill also brings experience in directing artistic and technical teams in the creation of digital assets that support simulation, education, print and marketing objectives. He has served as the 3D content and graphics asset manager for one of the leading medical simulation companies, and has delivered over 35 successful products to market.
You can view Bill's portfolio at
Bill received his BFA in Studio and Fine Arts from Auburn University, and his MS degree from the Medical College of Georgia, graduating Cum Laude. 

Office: ECI 4017 and the iEXCEL Visualization Hub (MSC 1012)
Phone: 402-552-6085
Military Collaborations
WPAFB Officials Visit UNMC 
On October 18/19, Chancellor Gold, iEXCEL and NSRI had the pleasure of hosting senior military officials from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s 711th Human Performance Wing and the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine to explore opportunities for iEXCEL/military collaboration in the areas of training and research.
Our guests toured the CAST Lab, the Michael F. Sorrell Clinical Simulation Lab, the Mind & Brain Health Labs, the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit and the iEXCEL Visualization Hub, in addition to participating in discussions with key UNMC staff and faculty on potential areas of interest. Our gratitude goes out to all who were involved in this visit.
Very evident shared ambitions in the arena of improving human performance served to further enhance the collaborative framework between the institutions. An Educational Partnership Agreement (EPA) is being created as a result of the visit. This will provide the formal structure for training and research opportunities with WPAFB.
Events & Outreach
IEEE Conference 2017: Advances in M&S in the Health Sciences
iEXCEL is part of the organizing committee for the Advances in Modeling & Simulation in the Health Sciences for the 16th Annual IEEE International Conference on Electro Information Technology (eit2017) . This conference will be held May 14-17, 2017 in Lincoln, NE and is sponsored by IEEE Region 4 with UNL and UNMC.

The track covers modeling, simulation and data analysis related to the health sciences. This includes theory, methodology, tools, application and security.

Submission of full papers are due November 15, 2016. For information regarding the topics and instructions for submitting papers, please see Call for Papers - Advances in M&S Health Sciences.

In Closing...

As always, thank you for your continued interest, support and engagement with iEXCEL. 

Sincere Regards – Pam Boyers, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor, iEXCEL

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