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Volume 4 Issue 4
October 2018
NM&SC 2018 National Meeting
iEXCEL and NSRI co-hosted the National Modeling & Simulation Coalition (NM&SC) 2018 National Meeting at UNMC on September 25-26, 2018. The conference attracted a national audience to engage with keynote speakers and expert panelists on "Improving Human Performance and Effectiveness."  View the NM&SC Program for details.
A special note of appreciation is extended to the nationally-known speakers and panelists, attendees, industry sponsors ( Karl Storz Endoscopy , CAE Healthcare , AVI-SPL , MultiTaction , EON Reality and Rave Computer ) as well as media sponsors ( Halldale Group and Healthy Simulation ).

NM&SC media and presentations are available on the iEXCEL website.

“[We] believe the 21st century is the ‘Simulation Century.' There is a confluence of interest in learning and transformational technologies that is moving very fast. The science of learning is coming to a new age, and people are really looking to digitize their life and take advantage of all these new trends and fantastic capabilities. MS&V is key to people’s worlds and will have a great effect on people’s lives in the future," RADM James A. Robb, USN, President, National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA).
Ben Stobbe, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Clinical Simulation, iEXCEL, delivers a meaningful presentation on the importance of Medical Mission Essential Competencies.
About NM&SC:  
NM&SC is a cross-disciplinary organization of stakeholders in the modeling and simulation industry. To learn more about the organization, visit .

Simulation in Motion-Nebraska (SIM-NE) has officially joined iEXCEL, helping extend statewide outreach efforts by offering cutting-edge simulation training in mobile education units to pre-hospital and hospital professionals across Nebraska.

SIM-NE uses some of the most technologically advanced simulation training available to provide standardized, high-quality training to rural EMS agencies and critical access hospital emergency rooms across Nebraska.
About SIM-NE:
  • More than 200 training events have been held throughout the state
  • Training has been delivered by the program in 81 of the 93 counties in Nebraska
  • 7,000 people have either trained in or toured one of the trucks
  • The trucks have driven over 35,000 miles to provide training to some of the most rural parts of Nebraska
  • More than 3,750 nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, emergency medical technicians and responders, paramedics and various other emergency care providers have received training

Interprofessional Outdoor Simulation Day
iEXCEL and the UNMC Emergency Department partnered with SIM-NE and Gretna Fire and Rescue to host an emergency medicine training event for medical residents and students, and Nebraska Medicine nurses.

Patient actors and human patient simulators were used to educate students in topics ranging from wilderness medicine, injuries resulting from a lightning strike and management of burns from a bonfire accident. The training culminated in a rollover car crash. Gretna Fire and Rescue responded to "victims" who had been ejected from the vehicle and others who were still trapped inside. Some “victims” had minor injuries, while others were treated in the SIM-NE truck, which has a simulated emergency room and ambulance.

"Emergency medicine is a team sport. Understanding the roles of everyone involved in the patient's care makes us appreciate the difficulty of each step of the patient process. Practicing these events is critical to our residents' education, as there is a good possibility that they one day may be medical directors of EMS units." Chad Branecki, MD, assistant professor, UNMC Department of Emergency Medicine and associate program director of the UNMC emergency medicine residency program

EON Reality VR Innovation Academy Update
Students of the EON Reality Virtual Reality Innovation Academy (VRIA) have successfully completed 16 weeks of concentrated training and have entered into the project-based learning phase. They are currently experiencing a project management workshop - a two-week seminar course on project development as well as working to hone their professional and communication skills.  

Recruitment for the graduating class of 2020 has begun. VRIA's cohort #2 will run from September 30, 2019 through July 26, 2020 and will be the first cohort in the Davis Global Center. The first open house will be held January 15, 2019.  Learn more.

Left: VRIA students i mmersed in a simulated operating room setting, learning about surgical instruments to enhance their project
iEXCEL iWall Innovative Application
The interactive digital iWall in the iEXCEL Visualization Hub continues to be an innovative and interactive technology that fosters collaborative learning. Karen Gould, PhD, associate professor of the UNMC Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy, summarized her recent experience:

"For part of my fall journal clubs, I engage students in small group discussions using activities related to the research papers the students had read. In class, three groups of 5-7 students worked at the iWall to complete the activities, including providing written answers to questions after group discussion, revising figures and diagraming/creating concept maps. 

When all groups had completed their work, we reviewed and discussed the entire iWall as a single group. These sessions provided a unique learning environment and an opportunity to engage students in the process of critical analysis and critical thinking in a very active format."
Introducing Jennifer Tworek, Administrative Associate II for iEXCEL
Jennifer joined iEXCEL as Administrative Associate II after work experience at the Omaha Public Power District for 10 years in administration, customer service and analysis. Born and raised in Omaha, Jennifer is currently completing her Bachelor of Science in Sustainability Management at Bellevue University. A warm welcome is extended to Jennifer as she joins the iEXCEL team.
Featured Publications
Funding for this position provided through the generosity of a benefactor to iEXCEL through the University of Nebraska Foundation.

3D Generalists execute designs in a fast-paced, rapidly-changing environment. Artistically and technically, 3D Generalists participate in creative briefs and complement the custom visualization design process to deliver high-quality products.

To learn more or apply, Click Here.
The Advanced Simulation Specialist I assists in the creation of innovative solutions and serves as a liaison for faculty and staff for incorporating simulation into health profession training and education. The position provides technical and hands-on support for simulation session preparation and delivery.

To learn more or apply, Click Here.

In Closing...

As always, thank you for your continued interest, support and engagement with iEXCEL. 

Sincere Regards – Pam Boyers, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor, iEXCEL

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