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Volume 6 Issue 1
Spring 2020
Students participate in a patient care simulation at the Davis Global Center, March 2020
Spring 2020 Program Updates
Over the course of the last ten weeks, the iEXCEL teams have been moving from temporary sites into the Davis Global Center. Once the facility was proclaimed “dust free,” advanced technologies began installation. We were delighted to start educational activities on March 1. For two weeks, we were able to see the Davis Global Center spring to life with students and faculty engaging in multiple simulation and small group visualization activities. During this time, we also hosted many visitors and functions. It was wonderful to witness the initial impact of this world-class center.

To respond to the spread of COVID-19, a decision was made to defer holding the Dedication Ceremonies originally planned for April, as well as reschedule all visitor activities. Due to the need for social distancing, we have temporarily ceased offering “hands-on” training in the Davis Global Center and Michael F. Sorrell Simulation Center.
However, we all Keep Working and continue to support the iEXCEL mission to offer innovative curriculum development and research. With iEXCEL staff working remotely, we are shifting our focus from conducting simulations in small groups – to help Keep Teaching through offering you curriculum development activities, including:
  • Conducting remote standardized patient interviews via Zoom

  • Creating training videos - with COVID-19 a priority, but not exclusive

  • Supporting interprofessional and experiential curriculum design - including simulated cases and assessment tools

  • Adding and/or revising of existing simulation case scenarios

  • Creating pre-briefing and debriefing guidelines

  • Developing visualization content and placing iEXCEL assets on CANVAS 

  • Working remotely with faculty to create visualization assets

  • Developing FAQ’s for adoption of simulation and visualization technology

  • Educating emergency responders via Facebook Live sessions
Over the coming weeks, we will continue to stay connected virtually, and ask that you reach out so that students can Keep Learning by using the extraordinary assets and experience of the iEXCEL staff in the simulation centers.


Pamela Boyers, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor of Simulation, iEXCEL
Connect with iEXCEL:

Visualization Projects : Chris Allmon at [email protected] or (402) 559-0966

Surgical Simulation : Jenni Bouckhuyt at [email protected] or (402) 552-2083

Clinical Simulation : Sam Rogers at s [email protected] or (402) 559-0766

Standardized Patients : Sarah Kriss at [email protected] or (403) 559-8542
Access to the Davis Global Center
iEXCEL is receiving many inquiries regarding scheduling future simulation activities. Due to challenges presented with the need for social distancing, we are currently not scheduling group “hands-on” training sessions. 
In the meantime, please be aware that the iEXCEL team is eager to work with you, for example, to refine current simulation scenarios, create new future scenarios and competency assessment capabilities in readiness for the time simulation activities resume. 
For further questions, please email us at  [email protected]   or by phone (402) 559-2442.
As always, thank you for your continued interest, support and engagement with iEXCEL. 
Sincere Regards – Pam Boyers, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor, iEXCEL
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