We are thrilled to have so many of our students participating in our Digital Recital!

Step 1

Download Music/Video with Beeps

All Early Childhood Choreography Videos with beeps for filming are now accessible at lomastro.teachable.com . Recital I, II, III music/video will be posted by Friday.

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Step 2

Film Your Dancer

Click here to read the instructions for filming your dancer.


  • Dancers under 8: could apply blush and lipgloss, but not required.
  • Dancers age 9-18: light makeup is recommended, similar to daytime makeup. Not heavy stage makeup.
  • No makeup for boys.


  • A bun is recommended for all Ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary. See bun tutorial.
  • A ponytail is recommended for Hip-Hop.


  • Pink tights for ballet.
  • Tan tights for all other subjects.

Step 3

Upload the video

The link to upload upload each of your child's videos is (or will be) in the Digital Recital Information section at lomastro.teachable.com

  • Early Childhood videos must be uploaded no later than Thursday, May 14.
  • Recital I, II, III videos must be uploaded no later than Thursday, May 21.

Step 4

Plan Your Watch Party

The specific time of the live-stream will be set soon. The production company is in charge of the live-stream logistics. So stay tuned!

  • Early Childhood Recital will be May 23
  • Recital I, II, III will be May 30-31

Digital Recital T-Shirt Order

T-shirts will feature a special design on the front and a cast list on the back. T-shirts are a fun keepsake for the dancers and children enjoy wearing t-shirts after as a memento of their special performance. Digital Recital T-shirts can be ordered online (see below).

  • Orders will be mailed directly to you.
  • Order Deadline is Sunday May 10th, 2020 (11:59pm EDT)

Visit the Online Shop

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