Social Media and Website Support

This program is supported by companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook and currently funded by the government to main street businesses with digital marketing and e-commerce free of charge.
Services include:

  • On-boarding Guidance, where the Squad walks you through an on-boarding survey, which uses appreciative inquiry methods to best understand your business aims and how digital technology can assist you in meeting these goals;
  • One-on-one Advisory Assistance, where they identify your priorities, what sort of digital tools you would like to utilize and help you secure any relevant deals or discounts for these platforms;
  • Activation and Implementation Services, where the Squad will provide resources like articles, links, how-to guides, and webinars, which can help you learn more about any of the digital tools you are interested in, and also help activate and implement free and easy-to-use technologies that you would like to use, for example:

  • building a basic website or 
  • activating social media account;

  • And finally, Hands-on Support to help you develop your Digital Transformation Plan needed to apply for the Digital Transformation Grant, and help you implement this plan if the plan is approved for the Grant. Eligible businesses can apply for a grant for up to $2,500.

You can learn more and discover how you can transform your business by booking a free consultation through the Digital Main Street Page on

If you have any questions, or are interested in taking advantage of the program again, please let the Digital Service Squad know. You can book your consultation now at