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Rev. Fr. Joseph A. Meagher
Pastor, St. Antoninus Catholic Church 
337 St. Orange Ave, Newark. NJ, 07103

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is my pleasure to announce our 2023 Thanksgiving Harvest celebration: Sunday, November 12, beginning with Holy Mass at 10am.
This joyful harvest celebration is our primary fundraiser each year for vital infrastructure repairs and improvements, particularly on our beautiful but aging church. Here, God is worshipped “in Spirit & in Truth,” and we are formed in our faith and cared for in our needs, as we strive each day to bring God’s love to those around us beginning with our families.
Although we are a poor inner-city parish, we have been blessed through our Harvest fundraising over the years, which has allowed us to replace roofs, upgrade our church electrical supply, and install HVAC in our lower church.

This past year has had its challenges, yet the generosity of God’s people, near & far, has allowed us to continue the mission God has given us, and to prepare for generations yet to come.
Please join us at our Thanksgiving Harvest on Sunday, November 12, beginning with Holy Mass at 10am, followed by a multicultural lunch and Harvest Bazaar.
Please consider making a sacrificial thanksgiving offering unto the Lord on behalf of St Antoninus Church.
Thank you ahead of time for your support. May the Lord outdo you in generosity, as He always does!
In Jesus thru Mary & St Joseph,