Dignity Day A Grand Success 

Dignity Day was a grand success, as the pictures here and on Facebook show.  But it just was a launching pad for the remaining weeks of the campaign.  

Your help passing Prop I is urgently needed: We are a tiny people-powered campaign, competing for the attention of voters facing over forty other ballot measures. We cannot pass Prop I without you. 

Prop I creates a solid foundation upon which to grow s ervices for seniors, veterans, adults with disabilities, and those aging with HIV.  And it gives us all a way to say these services matter and we matter.  So we need to win, and we need to win BIG! 

Please commit your self and your organization to taking one or more of these steps below:

Get 5,000 signs across the City: We need everyone to help us get signs up - just 1 or 101 to participants and to your neighborhood.  
  • "Adopt a street" to get signs in businesses where you shop. 
  • Post a sign in your home, office or place of worship. 
  • If you have a vehicle, put a sign in your car window or on your wheelchair - then you have a moving billboard for Prop I! 
Meals on Wheels is helping us coordinate distribution - they can drop off materials (email amccumber@mowsf.org
with what you need) or you can pick-up at 1375 Fairfax Avenue.  

Phone bank: You can call voters at Prop I headquarters at 11 Grove St on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5-8pm, or you can make calls from your own office on your own schedule. 
Contact Wade for materials and training: 415-368-4943

Talk to Voters at Farmers' Markets or Events: Choose a farmers' market near you to distribute material and talk to voters. This can also be done outside your local grocery store. Or join existing outreach efforts at events.  To coordinate or for
training (if needed), contact Gwynn: 925-323-9047 or gwynnofnell@gmail.com.   

Wear a button: Wear a Yes on I pin at work or at play. When people ask, tell them how need services for the future depend on Proposition I passing. (We also have stickers!)  

And if all this sounds like too much right now, just send money!  In the finally weeks of the campaign, being able to print material and participate in slate cards is critical.  

P.S.  Dignity Dog is available to attend larger events and pose  for social media exposure.  To schedule, contact marie@sfcommunityliving.org

Join our Plan to Win for Seniors and People with Disabilities!

Register for regular updates from our website at  www .SFDignityFund.org

"Like" us on Facebook and become a Social  Media Ambassador - simply share our posts with your friends and add your own about why Prop I is important. 

Volunteer to help us contact other voters. Phone banking starting this week.

Help us protect and expand services for seniors and people with disabilities. 

Please forward this email to your friends!
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Send donations to Treasurer,  393 7th Ave., #301, SF, CA 94118
Campaign HQ: 11 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 562-8351
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