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October 2014 E-Newsletter
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Dignity of Life
A Report from the Eleventh Annual
Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue

On Saturday, September 27, a capacity crowd gathered at our Cambridge meeting hall for a dialogue on human dignity and its place in our efforts toward the resolution of conflict and the realization of human rights, locally and globally. In addition, viewers worldwide joined us via our first-ever video livestream.

During his remarks, Seton Hall's Andrea Bartoli described dignity as "an invitation to our shared humanity" and declared that "victims speak more strongly now than even two generations ago." Charlie Clements of Harvard Kennedy School reflected on his experience as a medical doctor in war-torn El Salvador and a human rights activist here in the United States. And Mari Fitzduff of Brandeis University (shown above) discussed her experiences as a mediator in global hotspots such as Northern Ireland and Israel-Palestine, while also sharing what neuroscience tells us about group conflict.


Living As Learning  

The newest offering from Dialogue Path Press is now available!


Living As Learning: John Dewey in the 21st Century features eminent Dewey scholars Jim Garrison and Larry Hickman in dialogue with Center founder Daisaku Ikeda. In addition to discussing the relevance of Dewey's robust philosophy for our time, the authors explore many powerful resonances between pragmatism and humanistic Buddhism. We think readers will agree with Mr. Ikeda's assessment that "Dewey's philosophy is a treasure house of the wisdom and vitality the twenty-first century requires." 


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