June 7, 2014
Grand Rapids, MI
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Dr Chet--Listen Here Dihydrogen Monoxide Warning

I’ve saved this riding-to-the-rescue example for last because it illustrates the problem more than any other example I could find. Read it carefully because it’s one of the most serious challenges we could face if we’re not careful.

What I’m talking about is a chemical called dihydrogen monoxide or DHMO. Thankfully, a website has put together a list of all the potential issues with this chemical (1):

  • When accidentally inhaled, it can cause in death
  • Prolonged exposure to solid dihydrogen monoxide causes severe tissue damage
  • Heated to form a gas, it can cause severe burns
  • Excessive ingestion produces a number of unpleasant, though not typically life-threatening, side-effects
  • It’s found in biopsies of pre-cancerous tumors and lesions
  • Dihydrogen monoxide is even a major component of acid rain

I’m sure those of you who remember chemistry figured it out already. Dihydrogen monoxide is more commonly known as water�two hydrogens plus one oxygen.

H2OHere’s the thing: every one of the things on the above list is absolutely true. Drowning, ice, steam, and even the biopsy example are stating true facts about water. But that doesn’t mean it’s actually hazardous to our health�because another fact is that we would be dead if we didn’t drink water on a regular basis.

Is the website just a sophisticated joke? Good grief, I hope so!

The Bottom Line

The Internet is full of people who want your attention. Just as the evening news doesn’t lead with positive stories, neither do the headlines of wannabe gurus; they can get your attention only if they convince you that whatever they’re talking about is hazardous to you or your children. Whether you give them your attention is up to you, but if you do, check out whether what they’re saying is real or just more dihydrogen monoxide under the bridge.

�What are you prepared to do today?

Dr. Chet

Reference: www.dhmo.org
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