Dear Friends,

We hope that you all had a good week and were able to enjoy the Passover and Easter holidays, especially during these unusual times. Many people were able to gather with their family and friends online to have virtual celebrations. While not nearly the same as being physically together, it still allows people to come together to share encouragement, hope and love around the world.

Now more than ever, we must strive to find positivity and motivation in each day while we all wrestle with the current pandemic in our own ways, and still work together to maintain the guidelines to help mitigate the situation.

Last week we saw temperatures near 60 degrees, the pink super moon and true signs of spring; Robins, Mallards, Canadian Geese and Wild Turkeys all a bustle, Yellow-Shafted Flickers returning, the ice shifting and melting across the lake, maple tree buds turning pink, daffodils and day lilies pushing forward… and then on Sunday Mother Nature decided she was not quite finished with winter and blanketed us in a pristine layer of white. It was a beautiful day watching the snow flocking all the trees and creating magical enchanting vistas. 

Please enjoy our images below, so you may experience our virtual wonderland!