Dear Friends,

As we move in to another week of working together as one to help fight against the current pandemic, we hope this letter finds you well, healthy and safe. We certainly understand how trying, to varying degrees, these times continue to be for us all, and want to keep passing along messages that offer support, love, hope, and inspiration.

As spring continues to push through we are gearing up to prepare the resort for the upcoming season. While we always pride ourselves on providing a restful and rewarding slice of paradise, this year we will be taking further measures to ensure an extra clean, calm and relaxing environment. While we do not know exactly what the next several weeks hold, we do know that we will be here and ready to welcome you back to the Northwoods when the time is right for us all.

This past week the currents of White Sand Lake continued to awaken and further stretch their arms after the long winter nap, as the ‘rivers and streams’ began breaking through the final layers of ice. Witnessing the waters beginning to ebb and flow, the Robins, Juncos and Nuthatches getting fatter and scurrying about, and spotting the new buds of perennials emerging from the warming ground, offers a wonderful sense of renewal. Exactly what we all could use each and everyday and especially right now.

Please enjoy our images below, so you may experience our virtual paradise just on the edge of spring awakening.

Thank you for being a part of our family.

With love,
Sue, Denny, Steph, Todd, Scott and James