Dear Friends,

We trust and hope that you all had a good week and were able to find your ‘moments’ to carry you through and keep you inspired. We will share some of what we have been up to, but before we recount what is happening in our neck of the Northwoods, we would like to take a minute and give extra thanks to all of the first responders who are truly finding themselves on the front lines of fighting this pandemic. Around the world everyone has endured weeks and months of various stay-at-home orders, and while this is certainly challenging for all of us at times and we are eager to have the directives lifted, there are so many of our friends and family members that get up each and every day to keep fighting the good fight in ways that many of us cannot begin to imagine. Their hard work will continue long after the world begins to re-open bit by bit. These heroes are trying to help and heal those that have fallen sick, those that have lost a loved one, those that are confused and scared. There are scientists around the globe searching for medicines to help in the immediate and ultimately find a cure. It takes a special person with a special calling to do this work, and each and every one of them deserves our endless gratitude and support. Please pause and send some positive energy out in to the world to these special souls, now and always. We also need to acknowledge the women and men that are working hard each day to keep our essential services going, such as our grocery and hardware stores, our gas stations, our take-out restaurants, our post offices, our police stations and firehouses, and so much more. These individuals are also the frontline responders and deserve our eternal thanks. Thank you for keeping all of these wonderful people in your thoughts as well.

While we may feel stuck in place these days, nature is still full steam ahead. The ice has completely gone out and the very last snow bank on our peninsula has just about vanished. The maple syrup production has come to an end, the loons have returned to fill the night air with their soothing yet haunting calls, and the Arbutus began blooming exactly on May 1, living up to its common name of Mayflower. The foraging of this beautifully delicate flora has a long history in the family dating back more than 100 years to when Gustav would gather the stems from the peninsula each spring to deliver a bouquet to Olga. This wonderful tradition has been carried on through the five generations and continues to this day.

The evening temperatures are still dipping down to rather chilly numbers, but the days are getting warmer and here at the resort we remain busy preparing for the upcoming season, as we have no doubt there will be a time and need to get away again. Many people are dreaming of a summertime respite and while there may be uncertainty of what that looks like exactly and planning a trip may not be as easy as it once was, when you are ready we will be here to help.

We will once again walk among the tall pines, watch the sunsets illuminate the sky, tell stories and roast s’mores around the fire, try our might to catch the Musky of legends, and enjoy lazy breezy lakeside mornings. As always, we look forward to welcoming you and being together again when the time is right.

Please enjoy our images below, so we may continue to share some of our moments with you.

Thank you for being a part of our family.

With love,
Sue, Denny, Steph, Todd, Scott and James