Dear Friends,

Another week has flown by as we move closer and closer to summer and we hope you are all staying well. It was again a week of very mixed emotions, giving us plenty to ponder as we carry on with our days. Many cities in the United States, as well as some around the world, partook in protests to march and raise a strong and loud voice against racism. The majority of the protests were peaceful as people exercised their constitutional rights in solidarity, however it is a very real and tense subject, and while unfortunate that there were additional acts of violence and aggression during some of the marches, it was not surprising. Racial divides and clashes have been present throughout history in one way or another, but that does not make them right in any way. Past, present or future. We must do better and stop the cycle of discrimination once and for all.

Each week we try to balance our messages with acknowledgements to both global and local matters. To stay realistic and hopeful during these trying times. To convey that while life goes on, we must not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to what is happening around the world as we are all global citizens. Many of you have taken the time to write us lovely messages of gratitude, and we absolutely appreciate this and are so happy to inspire, but we do also understand that not everyone agrees. That is ok too as it allows for an open and honest discussion. These are heavy times, and we are not trying to gloss over everything and pretend it is all rosy, but we also know that each of us needs and deserves a break. A place to get away for a moment to get a fresh perspective and recharge. We are happy to offer this to you here in the Northwoods. It certainly does not solve the problems of the world, but it does soothe and feed the soul and quiet the mind for a bit, and gives us renewed strength to carry on.

This June marks the 85 th anniversary of Marvin and Peg Dillman, who were married in front of the original lodge in 1935, where they started a long rich story that continues to be written to this day. Coincidentally, or rather auspiciously, the opera Porgy and Bess debuted in 1935 and this past week at the resort one could almost hear the lyrics to ‘Summertime’ drifting through the air across the peninsula… The temperatures started rising close to 90 degrees, the mayflies and dragonflies hatched, the swallows laid their eggs and the mallard ducklings were spotted following closely behind their watchful mother. The honeysuckle, lilacs and lily of the valley intoxicated us with their delicate scents, the wild columbine showcased their scarlet hues, the scabiosa unfurled their intense electric blue petals, and the Strawberry Moon illuminated the night sky.

We hope you are able to find your moments to recharge. To renew your strength. To always find your sense of hope. We are here and welcome you to join us this season.

Please enjoy some images of our recent inspiring moments below.

Thank you for being a part of our family.
With love,
Sue, Denny, Steph, Todd, Scott and James

P.S. If any of you have found inspiration in our photographs that have resulted in drawings or paintings, we would love to see them and share them! Please email your works to – subject line: INSPIRED MOMENTS – DILLMAN’S