Dear Friends,

We hope that our message this week finds you all still staying well and healthy, productive and motivated while finding peaceful and fulfilling moments in these summer days. Without a doubt the headlines lately could make it rather difficult for one to stay upbeat and see the silver linings, but even in the heaviest of times there is always something positive to be found. The glimmers of hope are always there, but it is up to us to find them and apply that good energy forward. At times like this it is especially important to keep it simple, to get back to basics, to examine ourselves and evaluate our very own foundations. How do we approach difficult situations, how to we handle our stress without creating a negative environment, how do we take care of ourselves while also being compassionate for others. One cannot control what another person does or how they act, one cannot force and bend someone to change their way of thinking, one cannot insist and demand that things are done a certain way. Change has to come from within each and every one of us. We can only control and are only in charge of how we react individually, what messages we want to put forward, how we handle the twists and turns of our days, what kind of energy we want to project into the world. If we truly feel proud of our choices and actions, confident in our good intentions, both for how they affect us personally as well as those around us, and at the end of the day we feel like we have done our best, then this energy will permeate and eventually take hold. It will. It may not happen in the blink of an eye, but bit by bit it will happen and the world will become a better place. As of late the words ‘viral, contagious and infectious’ have been intricately woven into the conversations, and while they initially may evoke negative connotations, try to adjust your mindset. Let your empathy become contagious, let your positivity and compassion become infectious, let kindness and love for one another go viral. Give it a try and become the glimmer of hope.

Dillman’s has always been a respite and beacon of hope through the years. Offering guests a place to escape for a moment, to let their shoulders drop and ease their minds. A place to forge, build and continue traditions. A place to be nostalgic and remember what is important. A place to convene with nature, to calm your mind, to find your voice. A place in which to find comfort among friends and families.  

Our guests at the resort this season have certainly been doing their part in carrying on with these traditions. Finding their strides to safely gather and seize on moments of positivity and much needed boosts of spirit and energy. Swimming and frolicking in the clear waters of White Sand Lake. Water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, and taking leisurely pontoon rides. Kids having bicycle races across the peninsula. Carefully watching the baby loons and geese swim alongside their watchful parents. Sitting in awe while an incredulously beautiful lightning storm fills the sky at dusk. And marveling at the lavender and electric orange hues of a classic surreal Northwoods sunset. Each day offers new opportunities to pause, realign ourselves and renew our energies to provide us with strength and solace. Enjoy finding your moments.   

Thank you for being a part of our family.
Sue, Denny, Steph, Todd, Scott and James

Please enjoy our images as we continue to capture the season.  

P.S. If any of you have found inspiration in our photographs that have resulted in drawings or paintings, we would love to see them and share them! Please email your works to subject line: INSPIRED MOMENTS – DILLMAN’S

writing by James Deskevich
photography by Scott Robertson and James Deskevich
While we have had to reschedule some of our art workshops until next year, at this time we are still planning to run Julie Skoda's Painterly Pastel workshop August 16-21 . With socially distant limited seating.

There is still space available so please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

Further fall workshops will be announced next week. As the current climate is ever changing, we are addressing the upcoming schedule responsibly on a case by case basis.

Please call 715-588-3143 or email in the meantime if you have any specific questions
July 15th at 6pm Central
YouTube Live Demo with David R. Smith

Watch watercolorist David R. Smith as he paints a classic Chicago cityscape. Set a reminder to watch the demo by visiting the link below. Please note, this demo is at 6pm Central, July 15th. (This free demo is not being hosted by Dillman's and won't be available after the live viewing.)

Simply click on the following link at 6pm Wednesday, July 15 and enjoy the show.

Dillman's and Robert Burridge Studio invite you to apply for a virtual juried show: "Petting Zoo"

 Paint your pets, cute farm animals and exotic zoo animals – abstract or traditional – capture their personality! Open now until July 31, 2020. Jurying of entires on August 1. Learn about all the details...
Continuing Traditions
Peg Dillman in the kitchen of the main lodge baking bread for guests, the photo is roughly taken in the 1940's and below this week her daughter, Sauntra Dillman Loar, shared with us the end result of the same 80 year old recipe!
Maria Quehl helping James gather flowers from the peninsula for bouquets in the lodge. 
Then & Now
Postcard photo taken in 1937 of the White Sand Lake Fire Tower built by LDF CCC and on the right the same location this week.
Map of White Sand Lake and important facts by Aiden Skotterud
Until next week...

Photography by Scott Robertson & James Deskevich

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