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January 2020

A new year is upon us and we thought we'd take this opportunity to give the Marina Buzz a face lift! Hopefully you like the new layout and format as much as we do. January brought a mixture of weather from beautiful sunny days to crippling cold to blustery wind. Luckily we were able to "jump ship" and traded our snow boots for flip flops with a quick trip to Florida for the International Marina and Boatyard Conference. Nothing like going from 8 degrees to 80 degrees to really wake up the senses! While at IMBC we met with MSA Engineering Consultants who helped us develop the Marina Master Plan back in the late 2000's. Needless to say more than just the Buzz will be getting a face lift in the near future. Stay tuned for updates as we plan for the amazing year ahead.
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Photo Credit: Shane Morris

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Simon Beck
Silverthorne Events brought internationally acclaimed snow artist Simon Beck to Summit County the first couple weeks in January. Though most of his artwork was created in and around Silverthorne, the Dillon Reservoir proved to be the perfect canvas! Beck created a one of a kind mural right in front of the Dillon Marina on January 7th.

Beck typically creates his intricate carvings inspired by patterns found in nature and based on mathematics, but he also gleans inspiration from crop circles and famous artists, like Vincent van Gogh. He’s created works that mimic everything from standard snowflakes and fractals to spiraled cactus pears. In total, his snow creations—done both for pleasure and through commissions—now number around 300. Beck uses snowshoes and his education as a cartographer to create his designs.

To see more of Simon Beck's designs in Summit County Click HERE .
Photos courtesy of Silverthorne CO, and Silverthorne Photography
Dillon Events
Open Thursday- Monday
The Dillon Ice Castles opened on December 27th and are in full swing! The Ice Castles attraction is special in that no two seasons or locations are exactly alike, due to changes in the ice, temperature, and artists’ whims. The castles’ mission, according to its founder, is simply to make people smile. That’s no problem, considering that each display weighs more than 20 million pounds with 12,000 new icicles grown to add to the castles every day. Six North American cities host Ice Castles events.

The sculptures make visitors feel as if they’ve been transported to a Scandinavian winter palace. Professional ice artists hand-place thousands of icicles around the grounds. The sculptures, including frozen halls of ice, fountains, and icy furniture are then lit up with LED lights for a truly immersive experience, complete with slides and tunnels.

This year Karlee, Craig, Jared and Suzanne all left cold and snowy Colorado and headed to hot and sunny Florida for IMBC. IMBC is geared specifically toward marina and boatyard owners; operators and managers; as well as dock masters; harbormasters; boat builders and repairers; and industry consultants. IMBC is where dedicated marine professionals gather to exchange information, talk about the future of the industry, and get down to business!
Karlee, Suzanne, Craig and Jared at the Derecktor Ship Yard in
Ft. Lauderdale Florida.
From the Crow's Nest
By Craig Simson
Hi Everybody,

We just got back from Florida!! The weather was beautiful (although the air conditioning made it feel like home) and the conference was well worth our time.

My biggest highlight was the marina tour. We traveled by bus to different marinas in the area and got to see a whole different side of the boating world. For me, this tour highlighted the full spectrum of our industry. Some locations were simply linear dockage for mega-yachts while others were customer service focused boating communities. The final stop was the Derecktor Shipyard, home of the tallest travel lift on the planet. We toured the operation with the General Manager, and he made a comment that stuck with me. “There’s no reason to own a boat other than passion, and it’s that passion that we support.” I couldn’t agree more Mr. General Manager! It is that passion that keeps me on the water and it is that passion that we are trying to support here in Dillon.

Speaking of community, we are going to bring back the Dillon Marina Customer Appreciation Party. Mark your calendars for June 20, 2020 from 4 pm – 6 pm. Come celebrate the beginning of Summer and let us say thanks for being part of our boating community. There will be a concert at the amphitheater that evening so you might as well just stay and shake your booty in Dillon.

Oh! While in Florida I thought of my mega yacht’s name………
Super-Fish-Al…….Now I just need a mega yacht, but you gotta start somewhere. 

I hope you are all enjoying the Winter!!
Back Office News
By Karlee Ferris
Hello and happy 2020!

I know by now you all have heard about our trip to Florida for IMBC but it was just so fun and interesting we can't stop taking about it! We got to take a tour of some of the Fort Lauderdale marinas and boat yards which was great to see how the big kids do it. We also attended several speeches and got to see all the cool new technology from cloud based systems to new marina apps that allow you to renew your slip on your phone! We aren't headed in that direction yet, but it's a cool option perhaps down the road.

Speaking of renewals...

Renewals went out with invoices for the 2020 season at the beginning of January. Just a quick reminder to everyone that the 2% discount has been applied to all invoices and will be removed from any that are not paid by February 1st .

I will be sending out spring work-orders on Friday January 24th. Please note that if you want trailer storage for the summer then you MUST fill out a work order! If you do not need your trailer stored or any other services please select Reject as seen in the photo below.
On another exciting note Suzanne and I will be headed down to Denver for the Annual Rocky Mountain Gift Show in mid-February. This is one of our favorite times of the year because we get to shop and call it a hard days work! We can't wait to find fun new merchandise for the 2020 season!

Are there any retail items you want to see return? Let us know and we'll be sure to do our best to get those items back for 2020!
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