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Marina Buzz
June 2019 
"Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August" 
-Jenny Han 

We survived the tail end of winter (also known as spring in the High Country) and are now in the gentle swing of summer. Boats are being rigged and launched daily, rentals are a hot commodity as the weather warms and the reservoir is filling up fast with all the runoff from the high peaks. We have exciting things happening as we finish up June and head into July! 

Photo of the Month

There's a new addition to the Marina shoreline! This "water stake" will record the reservoir levels as runoff from nearby mountains begins to fill the reservoir. When the water reaches the top we will be at full capacity which is 9017'. We will continue to post the progress of the inflow on our website and on our social media sites.

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Quick Links & Info

From the Crow's Nest 

Hi Everybody! 

11 feet to go! 9006' and rising. It looks like about 8-10 inches of rise per day and things are looking good around here. A-dock gangway is at the top of the sea wall, the other gangways are coming back to horizontal and the walk down to F and G docks is getting shorter. There's a lot of debris floating in the marina as the water picks things up off the shore but we're breathing a sigh of relief and are very thankful for such a huge winter.  

De Crane, De Crane!!!! De crane is fixed! With a brand-new power head and some shiny new buttons, we are back in business with a 5-ton lifting capacity. We kept the catenary blocks in place to deflect the dock shore cables to the lake bottom so I'm hopeful that we will have enough water within 5 days to begin launching and retrieving from there.

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! The Thursday Night Sailing Series begins this week on 6/20.

-The Series and the individual races that make up the Series will be governed by the rules as defined in the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing and this Notice of Series.

-In accordance with the Notice of Series all yachts must have a sufficient cooler that properly chills the necessary beverages for competition, knowledge of at least the first names of all crew members and be on a first name basis with the Principal Race Officer. Spot inspections maybe conducted at any time throughout the series for compliance.

-No one is left on shore! Be ready to invite those that are looking to participate on-board.

-All yachts must also carry aboard the proper number of life jackets that meet USCG standards for each crew member.

-Must be used for propulsion whether it's for forward, sideways or backwards movement.

-No spinnakers although clothing of any kind may be used to enhance downwind performance.

-Work hard, be kind, learn things and let's race!!!!!

If you are a sailor, come play! If you're not a sailor, you can chase us around and make fun of us. This is the people's series and intended to be an opportunity for all of us to get together and celebrate the amazing people that make up the Dillon Marina.

OK , the snow dance worked. I'm going to start doing a sun dance for a while, so we can enjoy all this water.

See you at the Dillon Waterfront.

Craig Simson
Marina Manager

A Word from the Sheriffs Department

Hello all boaters and paddlers!
As we get going for the summer season on Lake Dillon, here are some reminders of Rules and Regulation for the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area.
Registration: ALL BOATS must have current 2019 registration to be on the water. Yes, the Online Renewal system has been down but you still can go to any Parks and Wildlife office and renew. If the stickers are in the mail, you must have an electronic or paper copy of your registration on the boat at all times. There is a 25.00 ANS (Aquatic Nuisance Species) charge for Colorado residents. This is a critical charge to help fund the inspections stations. We have had boats show up this season with mussels!
Note: Any VESSEL propelled by machinery (fishing raft, river raft, dinghy's, etc and that includes electric trolling motors) must have a CL number and current registration. If it has an engine, it needs a CL number and must be inspected.
PFD's: Personal Flotation Device

(Shannon wearing a PFD at work for National Boat Safety Month)

On Dillon Reservoir ALL SUP's, canoes, kayaks and similar devices MUST HAVE A PFD. If your PFD is inflatable--think Mustang vest or fanny pack that you have to pull to inflate (or water contact initiates inflation)-- it MUST BE WORN, it cannot be placed on the SUP or in the kayak or canoe.
On June 16th at 8:00 PM we rescued two adults in a sea kayak in the middle of the reservoir. The pair swamped their kayak and were in the water for an extended period before someone noticed them from a condo in Dillon. They were rescued in 196 feet of water. Without PFD's, they tragically would have both died of drowning as they were unable to swim more than 75 yards or so and their muscle groups "froze up" due to the extreme cold water. This is a very unforgiving lake.
Finally, if you see a paddler or boat that needs assistance, please call 911. Please DO NOT call the marinas...they may be extremely busy or we can lose information in the exchange. Calling 911 gives us direct information and speeds up our response. If you have any doubt if it is an "emergency"...just call. You can also keep the non emergent line handy (970-668-8600).
Please review the 2019 Colorado Boating Regulations and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask one of the Rangers. Have a great and safe boating season!
Kevin Kelble
Summit County Sheriff Ranger

Fourth of July

Conditions can change rapidly up in the mountains and with the Buffalo Mountain fire fresh in our minds, Summit County collectively decided not to host fireworks this year. 

In lieu of fireworks, the marina will be hosting "Light Up the Fourth!" The Town of Dillon and the Dillon Marina will provide LED lights and Fourth of July decorations to marina slip holders and customers who wish to participate to keep the spirit of the holiday alive. Please RSVP to the Marina if you would like to participate :

News from the Office

By Karlee

2019 Boat Registration

Just a quick reminder, make sure your registration card/ receipt is always on the boat. If you get pulled over, this will indicate that you have paid your ANS fee as well.
Let's Go Boating

We had another awesome year! Many wonderful volunteers helped to make this a success so thank you so much for your time and efforts. This year we raised $2,256 for League for Animals and People of the Summit (LAPS)! If you are not familiar with LAPS, here is a little bit about them: LAPS' mission is to reduce pet overpopulation and needless euthanasia of healthy animals through spay/neuter programs and providing financial assistance to low-income families for veterinary services that will assure a happy, healthy life for their pets. For more information visit them at their website  HERE.
Women and Wine is back!!
We are gearing up for another summer of fun on the water. Our first Women and Wine tour is June 26th and we would love to see you there! Our first theme will be Taste of the South, so look forward to some delicious southern appetizers. It is $50 a person and goes from 5-7 pm.

If you would like to make a reservation please click HERE or call 970-468-5100 ex1.

Can't attend June 26th? Try one of the following dates: July 10th, July 24th, August 7th, August 21st, September 4th, September 18th.

Come Sail Away with Us 

During May in Colorado, a few members of our Sailing School took the opportunity to get out of town and spend a weekend sailing off the coast of Southern California. Dawn and Jenn spent Mother's Day weekend studying, cramming, and testing to obtain our American Sailing Association 201 Instructor Certification.

Although persevering through a snowy squall on the water makes us better sailors, May at Marina Del Rey offered warm, consistent winds and the new challenge of navigating through some serious traffic. Compared to our 287 slips at the Dillon Marina, Marina Del Rey boasts 8 basins, its own zip code and over 4,600 slips!

In our two sunny days on the water, we practiced our single- handed sailing. Reefing, man overboard drills, and jibes were all fair game on our Merit 25's, all within the marina's crowded main channel. Staying in the safety of the harbor with other small dinghy's and sailing school boats, we vigilantly avoided 100-foot cruise ships, sailors returning from sea, swarms of rowers and party boats enjoying the sunshine.

For our final evaluation, each candidate (single-handed) hove-to, set a reef, shook the reef, re-hoisted the main and sailed out of it. As many seasoned sailors can imagine, our small Merit drifted downwind through the channel while hove to. We miraculously avoided channel markers, no-wake buoys and clueless paddle boarders along the way. This merely added to the pressure of testing on an unfamiliar boat in foreign waters.

No paddle boarders were hit or boats capsized, and we returned to Colorado with gold-stamped certificates! We're thrilled to offer the Basic Keel Boat Course taught by better prepared and trained instructors. Give us a call or click HERE to see how we can make the most of your sailing season!

Boats For Sale 

 The Dillon Marina in no way represents the items posted in this section, nor has any knowledge of the condition of such items. All correspondence shall be kept between the listing and interested parties. No additional information will be provided by the marina. 

Have something "boat-related" to sell? Email your flyer (complete with item descriptions, prices, and all contact information- and less than 5MB file size) to

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