May 9th 6pm

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Hammy14: Chris, another question would be how can they be international without Article VIII and a tradable currency? Inquiring minds want to know...  

ChrisC: You are so right Hammy. This whole deal reminds me of when celebrities run off and get married and wait til they are on some show to announce what happened. For people that are really paying attention (us) this is so obvious, but we have to wait for their formal announcement. It is like watching a turtle or a whale go under. 

They have held their breath for a long time but if they don't come up for air soon, they are going to die! I have never felt better about this deal than now.


Will:  wow, this one is HUGE

ChrisC: I agree Will. Talking about corruption is one thing, arresting people is another. I want to see the cuffs go on Mr. "be sure and vote to stop corruption" Pinocchio. Trump is disarming Iran without even touching them. He is crushing their currency and taking away their spies and agents from Iraq. I see another Parliament getting set up next door pretty soon. IMO

Samson: Sources : 33 arrest warrants against ministers and officials will be issued in the coming hours

She added that "the coming hours will also see the issuance of travel prohibitions for a large number of officials."      LINK

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BGG News Highlights & Comments  5-9-18
Abadi: The corrupt have become restless
Information / Baghdad .. Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday that the corrupt in Iraq have become restless by the measures taken by the government, pointing to his quest for a new renaissance in Iraq.
Abadi said in a speech during an election festival in the province of Wasit and followed by “information”, “The corrupt in Iraq are getting mad with every action by the government,” noting that “the corrupt failed in the face of government action.”


Samson: Well they are closed Friday and Saturdays so that makes it a 4 day holiday - Shabibi mmm IMO

Weighing the announcement tomorrow Thursday and Sunday next public holiday

2018/5/9 9:51

Government sources announced that the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, on Wednesday, considered Thursday as an official holiday.

The sources told the agency {Euphrates News} that "the reason for the holiday on Thursday is to give way to the security forces to conduct a special vote for the general parliamentary elections, and ease their duties, during the holidays, their work is lighter than the official working days.  "As for Sunday, the day after the general election day to facilitate the ballot boxes in the morning to the public centers in Baghdad and the provinces." 

On Thursday, the House of Representatives elections will be held for those who  are to vote for the candidates in the 2018 parliamentary elections. The voting process will begin tomorrow in 21 countries and will last for two days and will include about 850 thousand eligible voters.  LINK