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6pm, January 1st, 2012  


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Central Bank calls for banks to get the right to sell the U.S. dollar

Great article, I like all the changes starting tomorrow;

*** "The bank has decided to open the door to all banks for window sell the currency from the beginning of next year."

1) "window"; is a banking term for international window transactions in most cases.....

.... a) Forward Contracts; forward window contract....the transaction is settled during a "window" of time between two dates ....... see below

.... b) Swaps; are another form of windows, ...... see below

.... c) Forex; Forex traders use forwards and swaps..... see below

2) "sell the currency"; is selling the USD international, getting it out of the country even faster IMO

3) " the beginning of next year " ; A GREAT TIME TO MAKE A BIG CHANGE .......TO ME THESE LOOKS LIKE A PART OF A NEW MONETARY CHANGE.......

breezin (16:58:09): Spanky posted a pretty good article

Central Bank calls for banks to get the right to sell the U.S. dollar LINK

BAGHDAD / obelisk: stressed the Central Bank of Iraq, Monday, he was in the process of opening the door to get the right to sell the dollar for all Iraqi banks.

The governor of the Central Bank and Abdul Basit Turki Agency for "obelisk", "The bank has decided to open the door to all banks for window sell the currency from the beginning of next year."

Turki added, "This decision will reduce the effort on the citizen to go to currency outlets will reduce the momentum would also bring the principle of justice for all private banks wishing to deal selling the currency to citizens."

Turki pointed out that "the bank will receive applications from private banks as of next Wednesday."
Bluwolf~~~ "Well the world did not end as some thought it would. We are still here and our blessing still has not come into play. But we are just a step away from recieving for we and the rest of the world only await for the U.S. to get there economic issues taken care of. My guess in a couple more dias they should sign a deal and all releases will occur. But for now a Happy New Year to all. Be bless Blu"

Hopesway: Posted Today, 11:32 AM

We are almost there! The 2012 accounts have been closed. The banks are positioning themselves for the new budget. The ratification of the 2013 budget is on its way with the finance ministry. This is great because they will allocate the 2013 budget to the provinces with transparency. The cbi gave orders to the private banking sector to sell hard currency at the current rate for one week even though the 2012 budget has been closed.

They needed to still have the auctions because its not a good idea to stop them;)) The new policies will start after January 8 (give or take). You see the house needs to approve these changes and all they are doing now is positioning themselves to get it started with no hiccups! This is a new era and it has started. There will be new procedures and policies taking place....we are witnessing history in the making. There is no doubt the new budget has the new rate and they are preparing to wow us!!

Cheers Diane, Steve, Ray, Mods and Pders:)))))

Ps: hopefully we will see articles in the next day or so! Peace All
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RULESFORREBELS: Just wanted to share something interesting I learned in the past few days. My personal opinion has always been Iraqi Dinar with no pen marks, bent corners, folds, etc basically dinar that looks like it just came off the presses was considred to be uncirculated.

Recently I have been price shopping some dealers seeing what they are buying in at and was surprised to learn that pretty much every dealer I checked with said if the notes are not in sequential order they consider them to be circulated when buying them in.

So if you bought 3 million at different times in say 500,000 increments and/or from various dealers those notes will not be considered uncirculated as they are not all in sequential order. This basically means your going to get $100 to $150 less per million from a dealer.

Just wanted to share this info as you guys so you know it's important to keep your notes in order if you have sequential notes and if you plan on buying more buy it all at once from one dealer and make sure they sell sequential notes.
strongbow] Remember the old saying " Patience is a virtue?" Boy oh boy we must be the most virtuous folks on this planet. :)

ok rocks] Asiacell Communications PJSC, a provider of quality mobile telecommunications services in Iraq with 9.9 million subscribers, announced further details about its upcoming landmark share offer.The Offer, which is expected to be the first of its kind in Iraq and one of the biggest share offers in the Middle East region in the past year, will consist of 67.503 billion shares, representing 25% of the Company's share capital. The shares will be offered at a price of a least IQD 22 per share...

willietrader] On the UN calendar .. 1 January Iraq Compensation fund report due .

xyz] I have been following the the information that is being put out by what is termed as "Guru's" on DinarRecaps & DinarGuru. I am not a member of any Dinar site, but have seen enough quotes from all the major players and have a pretty good gist of what is what. The only individual that is remotely close to the truth is the gentleman named OCrush on PeoplesDinar. .

[Mitzi] xyz you are my Hero...thank you...I needed to hear that this morning

[xyz] Mitzi no way...Heros are our brave men and women who made this investment possible for us.
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mpw: hey mm17


ksdunlap: Good evening mm17 & mpw .. thank you mm & the same to you

mpw: lol



(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only. It is not legal, tax or investment advice. Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

SpecialAgentGibbs] It's official: Deal reached on "fiscal cliff"

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Tax rates: Current tax rates will be extended for all wage earners making below $400,000 and couples making below $450,000.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] The estate tax: It was set to increase from rom 35 percent to 55 percent in 2013. Instead, the compromise sets the new rate at 40 percent with the first $5 million worth of property exempt from being taxed.


[SpecialAgentGibbs] Capital gains tax: Capital gains and dividend tax rates will increase from 15 to 20 percent.
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Hello Everybody-

I have decided to break my silence and reveal my understanding of truth surrounding the Iraqi Dinar. First, I am married to an Iraqi born citizen who works as a foreign affairs delegate for the Iraqi Government. We are are heavily invested in the Dinar as many government people are. My husband speaks many languages and works exclusively with other country's that are investing in Iraq, the two major countries are the United States and China.

I have been following the the information that is being put out by what is termed as "Guru's" on DinarRecaps & DinarGuru. I am not a member of any Dinar site, but have seen enough quotes from all the major players and have a pretty good gist of what is what.
The only individual that is remotely close to the truth is the gentleman named OCrush on PeoplesDinar.

Okay, I am running a huge risk for putting out this delicate information, but at this point, it is to far along in the process to matter. The Iraqi Dinar is set to revalue prior to the 10th of January barring any hang ups, (which are common) it should show at a rate of $3.42 and experts are expecting it to rise fairly quickly from there.

Yes, it could be delayed, but if it is again, it will be only for a very short time. I hope this information gets out so the many mis-formed "Gurus" stop spreading their false,short sighted facts.

Happy New Year to all.

The below posts were in our 10am email


[Precious] *�`**♥ **�`**ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ ♫♪♥♥  [̲̅̅h̲̅][̲̅̅a̲̅][̲̅̅p̲̅][̲̅̅p̲̅][̲̅̅y̲̅] $$ [̲̅̅n][̲̅̅e][̲̅̅w] $$ [̲̅̅y][̲̅̅e][̲̅̅a̲̅][̲̅̅r] ♥♥♫♪ ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ**�`**♥ **�`*
strongbow] Happy New Year to all. May 2013 bring you good health, peace and prosperity.

[xyz] . "40% of 2013 budget was allocated to implement projects that would help reviving the investment sector." "There are four terms in the 2013 budget law confirm granting additional powers than in the previous years to the Iraqi provinces," ... "This indicates that 2013 federal budget will be more flexible than the previous ones."

Jan 1 8:00 AM [xyz] MP expects endorsing 2013 federal budget law in mid-January . "The regular session of the Iraqi Parliament will be held after the end of its legislative holiday on 8th current January. After a week of its first regular session, the parliament will vote on ratifying the federal budget of 2013 as the budget's law draft has been discussed from all sides and what is a little." MPs and politicians attribute the delay of passing 2013 federal budget to the political disputes among the parliamentary blocs.

[freedom13] xyz smoke 4:20

 [ok rocks] xyz ohhh thats not so bad... and too could be a cover for any day now lol

[ok rocks] mid jan is only 2 weeks away even if it were true


12-31-12 Dojiman: As a matter of fact, the only economic reason they would 'need' to RV is to make their imports cheaper. Any country contemplating rebuilding would need a lot of infrastructure machinery/equipment which are typically very big ticket items. But Iraq does not seem to be in a rush here and is still a net exporter. No one knows what they are doing with the income.

Typically, an exporting country benefits from a weak currency since their good are cheaper in the international marketplace. Iraq does not have to worry about that because there is basically no competition pressure on their main (possibly only) export, oil, which has a market set price for the cartel, where countries are not competing against each other on pricing.

Our only hope is that there is some political agreements to RV and that those agreements have firm dates attached. If not, its like watching sand pass through an hourglass. 


[tomzom] I believe the news and information distributed throughout the dinar community today spawns a general perception that we are soon in for an abundant amount of abundance!!!

flashing] today Tarasov post expired and the UN has not issued anything about that? Why?

 [Jester] flashing don't need him anymore...

 [flashing] Jester right :

 [flashing] Jester they will use UNAMI

[cashinqueen] flashing who is Tarasov?

 [flashing] which at the same time means they wii be moved to another ch (6) :danceufun:

 [flashing] cashinqueen the high Coordintor working with Iraq

 [Jester] should mean that... according to the mission statement...

 [flashing] Jester right

[flashing] Jester if they will extend it , i don't see any reason to keep that decision quiet.

 [buybyeby] flashing that's what I was thinking

[cashinqueen] flashing why do you care if they extend it or not?

[Jester] flashing i would say you are right... just announce the news and go on... too bad so sad...

 [flashing] buybyeby they have a date , deadline whatever name u want to call it


2-31-12 SWFloridaGuy (Reponse in Recaps Forum): DTconcerned: Shabibi has repeatedly stated over the years there will be no LOP, for whatever his word is worth.

SWFloridaGuy: Hello DTconcerned, I'm afraid I'm going to have to completely disagree with that statement. Just to clarify Shabibi has never once said that the IQD would revalue to become the strongest currency in the Middle East and remain at levels above Kuwait's. In fact he's never said they would "Revalue" at all.

At the Arab banking conference in 2008 (held in Cairo), Shabibi did say that he wanted to return to their currency to levels that closer resembled what they were in the 70s and 80s.

He never used the word revalue for obvious reasons, nor did he even hint at by which mechanisms the NID could regain the previously held levels of their former currency.

Whether that be by revalue, floating orbit of exchange, straight redenomination, change in peg, letting the market drive it up etc., is of course 100% classified.

I think sometimes intel providers believe that if they repeat misinformation often enough it will become fact. Misquoting articles from 4 years ago to support a theory while discounting more recent ones as smoke has me perplexed. The "Returning to former glory" statement from Shabibi (while a very positive one), is frequently misquoted.

"4-7-2008 Shabibi - We aspire in the near future to the return of Iraqi dinar to what it was in the seventies and the beginning eighties against the dollar and other foreign currencies and we are endeavoring and serious in this regard, but added that this process is not easy and simple and depends on the supply and demand of Iraqi dinars."


[michigander0131] Central Bank calls for banks to get the right to sell the U.S. dollar Posted on Monday, December 31 2012 BAGHDAD / obelisk: stressed the Central Bank of Iraq, Monday, he was in the process of opening the door to get the right to sell the dollar for all Iraqi banks. The governor of the Central Bank and Abdul Basit Turki Agency for "obelisk", "The bank has decided to open the door to all banks for window sell the currency from the beginning of next year."      last effort to collect all 3 zero dinar

[BamaSteve] michigander0131 What is your take on Dinar Detectives saying Maliki had resigned?


Kubaisi: Maliki will go down in history of the wider doors to resign
"Addressing Kubaisi Maliki, saying that "the Maliki historic opportunity can invest and go down in history of the wider doors which appear on the screen in this night and apologized to the Iraqis for not being able to repair the internal situation of the country and announced his resignation from his position as head of the Iraqi government," noting that "thus becomes the greatest leader Iraqi history. "(end)

[michigander0131] BamaSteve theres no way he re-signed  and that is fact /not rumor

[mimirose] michigander0131 Maybe they kicked him out and said he resigned to save face?   

[michigander0131] mimirose nope he is there just like always

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