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6pm, January 1st, 2014    


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Paris Club info sent to Recaps by ScGal
Some Tariffs and Customs Duties Start Jan.2 in Iraq
Pastor Ed's International Prayer Call Wed. night 7pm est
"January Is The Best Month To Implement"
Tidbits and Thoughts Late Tues.PM/ Early Wed.AM
Thoughts and Opinions from Bluedog Emailed to Recaps Wed. AM
The below posts were in our 10am email
Big Call Recording Link and Replay #'s for Tuesday
Zap Update Part 3 of 3
Zap Update Part 2 of 3
Zap Update Part 1 of 3
Bondlady & Admin Tlm724 News & Comments
The Big Call for Tuesday December 31st is at 9PM ET
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Paris Club info sent to Recaps by ScGal
I decided to do a little research on the Paris Club, since it was mentioned by both Zap and Bluedog in their recent posts. After the information, I have a couple questions for any Guru or Recaps reader who would like to comment. Thanks! SCGal

INVESTOPEDIA'S definition of 'Paris Club'
An informal group of creditor nations whose objective is to find workable solutions to payment problems faced by debtor nations. The Paris Club has 19 permanent members, including most of the western European and Scandinavian nations, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Japan. The Paris Club stresses the informal nature of its existence and deems itself a "non-institution." As an informal group, it has no official statutes and no formal inception date, although its first meeting with a debtor nation was in 1956, with Argentina.
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Iraq begins applying customs tariffs starting Thursday, Jan 2

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics Tags: Customs, Interior ministry, Iraq, Law, Minister of State, Parliamentary Affairs, Politics of Iraq, Tariff

The Interior Ministry announced, on Monday, that the imposition of customs duties on imported goods will be starting from the year 2014, and by no more than 20% of their value, indicating that the fees will be imposed on all border crossing points, including the Kurdistan region.

The interior ministry said, in a statement posted on the website of the Ministry of Interior, said that "the imposition of customs duties on imported goods will be starting from 2014, and by no more than 20% of its value in all border crossing points, including the Kurdistan region."
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International Prayer Call Tonight 7pm est
530-881-1400   406878#
Happy New Year to all, stepping into a new year with the tools in hand we need can open all the doors we have been hoping would open for us. All our dreams and wishing can finally come to pass and our hearts can be at peace. The rough road behind us and no more tangled up knots to deal with. Green pastures ahead when we let Jesus lead us.

God Bless

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for all the help you furnish to all.


  Post Emailed To Recaps  Thanks!           

#1 Tlar:The decision of what to do has been determined a long time ago by the CBI.  They are going to "delete the zeros" and depending on your view, whether "delete the zeros" is an event or whether it a concept starting as a float from 1166 is not important.

 Right or wrong, the author of this article suggests it is an event by stating that 2 not 3 zeros should be deleted.  In a pure float a country cannot determine that its currency should stop at any given point.

 A float goes up or down at the whim of the market buffered by the central bank. The only question unanswered is " what's the best time to implement it?"

 Truly looking at what all that is happening in January, it is the best month to implement "delete the zeros" or Iraq could suffer consequences of inflation, continued smuggling, counterfeiting, and continued stagnation of their economy. 


Early New Year Morning:


Mrs.Jim: ~~ May this year be one of prosperity & success ... wisdom, patience & kindness. May our visions be clear & our motives honorable ... may we never take anything for granted. Let's remember that we are all Already far better off than most in this world. May our heart's be full and our happiness overflowing. Happy New Year 2014. xoxo

Mtcdad : New Year = New Life ...When we consider where we have been in the past year, we know the journey was long and filled with ups and downs.  It is sometimes hard to stay encouraged along the way.  But when we consider our lives in light of how so many in the rest of the world suffer, this journey is filled with more opportunities than obstacles.

This New Year will bring a New life, not only to those of us in this investment opportunity, but to the rest of the world.  Let's work hard at impacting our small corner of the world and hopefully make this New Year better for someone else as well as ourselves.

Happy New Year  Mtcdad
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Here are my thoughts and opinions.... on the oil "gusher" to the north.

Well... Barzani and his deligation have been working in Baghdad and Baghdad has sent earlier this week a deligation to Erbil...... Parliament members have stated the hold up is oil with Kurds well here we have it the oil is flowing ............ there must be a New Rate in that pipeline.... and its flowing from Kurdistan to Turkey, as of an article earlier today....... they have waited so long to turn that valve on! ............

We "should" see a New Rate....... soon .... (as soon as they "want" us to know, which I do not think they can hide for too long) ........... that valve is HCL... all in one................. Iraqi... Kurdistan, began exporting crude heavy oil to the world market in a new step to strengthen its control over the lucrative slicer away from the central government in Baghdad. This is "KEY" and "HUGE" to those of us invested in Iraq....... IMO.


So there must be an agreement finished on the Budget ......... what do you all think???
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The below posts were in our 10am email
Big Call Recording Link for Tuesday, 12-31-13


Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456#  

121 Minutes

The Big Call
.......Their efforts have involved literally every means possible; if you can conceive of it, it is a method/approach the cabal has taken advantage of and utilized.

To counteract such behavior, the "sting" approach has been utilized frequently and repeatedly by the 'good guys.' The most recent example of this concerns the expected RV of the Iraqi Dinar [IQD] currency , part of the Global Currency Reset.

Because of their high exalted status, many Congressional seat holders and other D.C. 'bigwigs' were originally allowed to convert their IQD holdings to Bank SKR's, or Safe Keeping Receipts; these were originally done at various rates of expected exchange value which was in most cases substantially below the rumored $32.00 rate.

RECAPS NOTE: Comments may be made at the end of Part 3 Thank You
There will be massive changes coming...programmed or staged so as not to be over-whelming for global populations.

Poof had hinted that suppressed history and suppressed technologies would be UNsuppressed, and that populations would be stunned by historical truths being revealed.

 Inventions and technologies suppressed by banking, corporate, and government collusion would become known and employed to benefit the people of Earth.


RECAPS NOTE:   Comments may be made from the end of Part 3 - The video and lyrics will also be at the end of Part 3  Thank You

Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 20:46:35 -0500

Greetings and Salutations

Something to think about when you contemplate your New Year: At 211 degrees water is hot, at 212 degrees it boils and, with boiling water comes steam. Steam can power a locomotive.

Are you prepared to make 2014 your BEST year ever?

Experts: Delete the zeros project needs to be catalysts for success
31/12/2013 0:00

[BondLady] as central bank begins to reduction by ten dinars at each reduction from 1180 dinars to the dollar to 1170 and then to 1160.1150, and so during the short period of time to reach its exchange rate to 1,000 dinars, and proves this price as a first stage because the basis for the next step, adding that he will improve the purchasing power of the Iraqi people by 20 percent.

[BondLady] 1-1  1000  20%

[tlm724] holy sh..

[BondLady] when the rate goes to 1000 just like we always ALWAYS said

The Big Call for Tuesday December 31st is at 9PM ET   

Join us tonight as we bring in the NEW YEAR and discuss the latest info on the IQN and VNN...also if you would like to be part of the BIG CALL MINISTRY ...we will launch our first TAP (The Abundance Project) CALL on WED 1/1/14 at 9pm ET use the Big Call numbers below...  

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Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456#

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Thank you for posting. We appreciate Dinar Recaps for the wonderful effort they make! We will miss you when it is time to move on!  

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