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Bank Packages
BondLady Chat 1/9/2012 - Shredd post BLC
BWM chat posted at 3S's reposted by Taildragger late Mon evening
Gacavegirl posted a Jonnywg update posted in the 3S's forum late Mon evening
Australia Dinar Dealer story from Drewdinar posted by RacerX at PTR Forum
BGG'S Chat BOMB 01/09/12 - Newmonies post Dinar Updates
MAILMAN CHAT - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
The below posts were in our 10pm email
Monday 3pm (ET) PTR CC Recording Link and Replay #'s
Bluwolf posted today Mon at GET posted in the forum by Monster
Poppy3 Monday Afternoon posted in PTR Forum by RacerX
BGG UPDATE - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
Huggy Bear Monday Afternoon posted by RacerX at PTR Forum
TERRYK / HISTORIAN / & MEMBER CHAT - Post By Amigo2west G.E.T. Forum
Monday PTR - 1-9-2012 TONY and DAN Call Notes from DebTarHeelGirl
Do you need a break from the Dinar for a bit?


How about a fun game of SMASHING?


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The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who can not read -- Mark Twain

Disappointment -- too many people miss the silver lining because they are expecting gold
-- Maurice Seltter

Fortunes made in no time are like shirts made in no time; its ten to one if they hang long together -- Douglas Jerrold

Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it -- Eliza Tabor

Man must be disappointed with the lesser  things of life before he can comprehend the full value of the greater -- Edward G  Bulwer-Lytton

Doubt -- There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything; both ways save us from thinking -- Alfred Korzybski

This was just posted in BSP Forum:
As always, I will believe it when I see the proof on CBI and Forex. :)

Okay, I went to http://dinarexchange.co.nz/ and clicked on their live chat. This is the chat in full! Don't shoot the messenger. I am so keyed up...sleep is going to be a long way arriving!!!!

HUGS To my fellow Dinarians!!!
Hello, how may I help you ?
Please wait for a site operator to respond...
If you do not want to wait, please click here to leave us a message.
Operator Sonya has joined the chat.
Ticket S120402-T176 is created. The chat transcript will be attached to this ticket after the transcript is saved by system.

Sheila10:47:19 PM
10:47:48 PM
I was wondering of anyone in the USA can purchase Dinar's from you today?

10:49:01 PM
Sorry. IF anyone in the USA can purchase Dinar's from you today? LOL I heard you were not allowed to sell dinars at all today. Is that true?

Sonya10:49:12 PM
We are not accepting any new orders at this stage Sheila
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BondLady Chat 1/9/2012 - Shredd post BLC
[Shredd] Central Bank: the end of 2012 will see the currency exchange On: Sun 08/01/2012 18:10 Iraq will not use the dinar in the sales of oil citizen - the follow-up denied the Central Bank of Iraq and there are efforts to use the dinar in the sales of some of the oil exports of the country, because the "market speculators will buy the dinar to sell to countries dealing with the country's oil, and we will enter into a whirlpool of speculation in the dinar, and we are already to reduce inflation, which has suffered monetary Ktltna ". 

The Vice-Governor of the Bank Mazhar Mohammad Saleh said that countries that have turned their currencies to the international currency has a very strong economy, such as the European Union, China, Japan and the United States. The Iraq covering the dinar in hard currency through the credits worth $ 53 billion. and the project to delete three zeros from the dinar, Saleh said that "the central bank ended the preparations for the replacement process end of the year", pointing out that "dinar witnessed the first process of replacing a successful 2004, when Replace more than six trillion dinars Bdnanar new and is expected to begin the process of replacement of a second after the removal of three zeros end of this year, and this will be decided by the government ". 

The size of the Iraqi currency traded locally about 33 trillion dinars, after he was no more than six trillion in 2003, by banks, to 70 per cent of the money supply. Salih stressed that auction the central bank sold $ 40 billion over the past year, pointing out that "the auction is one of the most important means of monetary policy shift in which oil revenues to the liquidity of local insurance requirements of government budgets, as well to the control of the dinar exchange rate and reducing inflation. 

He said, "Central will be obliged to issue a block additional cash during the current year, due to the increased size of the budget, and this means insurance reserves an additional hard currency, which is normal with overall economic growth of the country". 

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BWM chat posted at 3S's reposted by Taildragger late Mon evening
[taildragger] 11:47 PM [BWM] I have great respect for many that search the articles and news stories for information in regards to this RV.... but like intel, news stories are controlled by a media that only tells you what they want you to know or opinion they want to share... news is another medium, along with information that is shared that we must piece together to try to find the best answers to our questions.. 

11:52 PM [BWM] hearing there were complications during the last 24 hours that were resolved... so we wait to see how this affected the timing of things as they continue to move forward... still looking for this in all the obvious times and places 

11:53 PM [boomer1110] BWM Would it be accurate to suggest there was a bank involved in the delay?? 

11:53 PM [BWM] boomer1110 nope.

Gacavegirl posted a Jonnywg update posted in the 3S's forum late Mon evening
  [Gacavegirl] Hey guys got jonny here and he wants me to post for him ... " I have been away organizing a cashin trip for 100 of my friends to fly to Texas. This of course will take place after the rv which should have happened already but did not. I am like you awaiting anxiously to cash in. There is no news today worthwhile, good or bad. We just have to hang in there as the playing field moves deadlines daily. The rv masters are backing themselves into a corner and we will see the reward soon. Keep the Faith ." 10:08 pm Est

Australia Dinar Dealer story from Drewdinar posted by RacerX at PTR Forum
Dinar Story From M.I.G. 1-9-2012 

[drewzdinar] My buddy was ordering in Australia from a website called www.dinarexchange.com.au. He had a friend order from the site yesterday and then today when he went to order another order the site was down. Right away he thought was the site a scam and they ran with the money.

[drewzdinar] He then called the owner of the site because he had saved their contact information and their response was "that the Iraqi government has asked them to stop selling IQD and to halt all transactions" 

[12:09:17 AM] AJ33:3: 12:08 AM [TimeisNow] AJ33:3 Just called ***** back and asked him who told him to take his websit down .. he said that he has contacts that work closely with the CBI (not the CBI) now monitor that for him and tell him what to do .

BGG'S Chat BOMB 01/09/12 - Newmonies post Dinar Updates
9:31 PM [mangorancher] Hey BGG
9:31 PM [BGG] Aside from the normal BS rumor mill...
9:32 PM [BGG] Over the weekend - what I said was...if things stay right on track I should look for it late next week?? Here we are and things are still looking good for late this week. I sure hope that is optimistic enough. 
9:32 PM [DOUBLE B] very good Boss, very good
9:32 PM [Soul Searcher] BGG Somebody's only got to be right just one time.. 
9:34 PM [dinardeb] This football game is d�j� vu all over again...
9:34 PM [hurricane] BGG :: any chance you could elaborate on that just a little bit more?
9:35 PM [jeffusa] dinardeb yep boring
9:35 PM [drsuz] Lsu lsu lsu 
9:36 PM [BGG] hurricane - Nope. But I do have a pretty good contact that is hoping for a UST release from "restricted" status late Wed @ 3.47...
9:36 PM [newmonies] Woooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo
9:37 PM [DOUBLE B] yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
9:37 PM [Soul Searcher] bgg That usd or gbp ? 
9:38 PM [BGG] Soul Searcher - USD 

MAILMAN CHAT - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
mailman17 (19:46:03):

Big: Knew he was ready ...


Big: NOW


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The below posts were in our 10pm email
Monday 3pm (ET) PTR CC Recording Link and Replay #'s

760-569-7699 pin 934304

160 Minutes

Bluwolf posted today Mon at GET posted in the forum by Monster


[bluwolf] just in for a few
[bluwolf] since 2pm est all has gone silent
[bluwolf] and this is the good thing
[bluwolf] the calm before the storm
[bluwolf] so please be on your toes
[bluwolf] cessie I will call you in a few
[bluwolf] hereiam same
[bluwolf] jtudor will call
[jtudor] bluwolf    
[bluwolf] our time is just around the corner
[bluwolf] will be back as soon as we can get more info for you good night
[bluwolf] pm me
[bluwolf] listen up we are now in a minute to minute situation,so we do not know at this moment how long it will take,but one thing is sure, that behind those zeros are digits about to appear,see this is how it works,no one has seen any rates and no one knows the time either
[bluwolf] just do not worry leave that up to me ok good evening bye

3:42 PM [dinarmaven] lojak what happened?
3:43 PM [jbar] lojak - either shortly before or after, either one is fine by me. Although I cant prove it yes I believe both are done just waiting for the announcment. Looking at how they are acting towards each others pretty much proves they are done.

3:43 PM [lojak] dinarmaven from everything I hear, a paperwork snafu--which seems to be handled
3:43 PM [paidwell] lojak-is this really ever going to happen or should we just put the dinar away and forget about it?

3:45 PM [rterry613] cashinqueen:They will never announce Goi and Erbil, that would be tipping their hand! They will be announced simultaneously with the RV! There is, and never has been an article originating from Iraq saying that Erbil or the Goi is done! It may be done but it has never been announced!!!

3:45 PM [lojak] cashinqueen not true...as a metter of fact, maliki requested the meeting today with the USA--
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Poppy3 Monday Afternoon posted in PTR Forum by RacerX
~nk's post at BSP:

3:47 PM [cashinqueen] yeah positive post .... 
[poppy3] hurricane mostly quiet i have recieved less today than anytime in the last few weeks. I have gotten several email in regards to the rv but all saying the same as the last week. Rv in process and could happen at anytime? Poppy3

4:19 PM [cashinqueen] 
[poppy3] yes it was a rv related call just got off. This guy whom i have never talked to before says he has direct contact with cbi worker. He says the rv is being pushed and all that applies to the rv is being focused on. He assured me that the rv will be released by next sunday night. Ok the guy and he will call me back to complain i guess but i ask him point blank if he is for real or jerking my chain he said poppy this is fact as he has been told today. We will see poppy3 

[pet3] poppy3 Yes we will see. But thx for the info and thx for keeping a balanced approach to new info... no hype, just hope 

[poppy3] this guy got my number from a friend in fla. And i called him and he remembered talking to the guy and about me but doesnt know him personally just met through a group of investors. He did give him my number about 3 weeks ago. Strange call i am cautious at best. Poppy3

BGG UPDATE - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum


BGG] I just got a call a few mintues ago from a long-time Dinar pal...a close associate just got back from opening an account here locally - the banker asked "this wouldn't have anything to do with the Dinar - would it"?? 

He was a little surprised - he was only asking to get a non-interest bearing account, no biggie. The gentleman said "yes - this is where I intend to have funds transfered" -

the banker was not at all phased - in fact, they upgraded him to preferred status immediately and got him all the contact info for their private bankers and money managers. 

They were well versed and most helpful. Very, very interesting. That was direct to me a few mintues ago.  

Huggy Bear Monday Afternoon posted by RacerX at PTR Forum
From ~nk's thread on BSP:

2:44 PM [tater_tot] lojak - has that been resolved, do you know? and thanks!
2:44 PM [RocketFuzz] lojak Is there more to that lo?
2:44 PM [lojak] I am trying to sort out what exactly they are --I am understanding thay are extremely easy to fix. I mean if you listen to dan and tony, they think still today--I'll let you guys know

2:45 PM [Huggy Bear] just in - got a call from my source-first time he has called me w/intel. tonites the nite. This is the only time i have made mention of a time.
2:45 PM [Srehtaeh] Huggy Bear what is the intel?
2:46 PM [Huggy Bear] That is what I am hearing.!!!!!!
2:46 PM [Srehtaeh] Huggy Bear I hope your source is correct!!! TY for sharing!!! 
2:46 PM [Huggy Bear] I hope too as well.
2:46 PM [angelbeliever] Huggy Bear tonite??
2:48 PM [Huggy Bear] Just a ONE TIME call from very high level. Only time he has called me. Says, "tonites the nite".
2:50 PM [Huggy Bear] Bobbyb - Trust me this is the only time this guy has called me. I think itis very solid. Lets hope.

TERRYK / HISTORIAN / & MEMBER CHAT - Post By Amigo2west G.E.T. Forum


[terryk] HEY ALL
[Agent 007] Hi Terry

[terryk] GRRRRRRR
[Agent 007]  really
[cravin4rv] http://www.dinarrecaps.c ��� pes.html
[thedogmom] So  no news is good news??
[cravin4rv]  .. is he calling today or tomorrow?

[msjeta1]  lots of talk about Dinar Banker not paying CBI rates any longer but Market Rate have you heard anything???

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Monday PTR - 1-9-2012 TONY and DAN Call Notes from DebTarHeelGirl
(Deb sent this before call was over had to leave)

PTR - 1-9-2012  TONY and DAN

By DebTarHeelGirl


GARY STATES - we hearing that we do know the banks are prepared and expecting this now and looking for this hourly right now

TONY STATES - HOUR BY HOUR watch should have already happened - over the weekend we GOT a DEFINITE time and hour

GARY STATES - that Dr. Todd states banks are ready to expedite this faster and the problems are solved....

TONY STATES - we are that much closer and this time IT REALLY HAS TO HAPPEN - could be in the next hour and I believe in the next hour and there are people out of state we know who have gotten so much info are in fact traveling to banks right now

TONY STATES - we have heard time lines of only 24 or 72 hour high rate payouts - do not pay attention to any rumors of that so wait till we see the rates ...and the numbers are the same we are hearing but timelines will show us when this RV - I promise you it is over $3 and to the GBP and it will come out at astronomical numbers

TONY STATES - this weekend docs that were shared at the senate level and banking level in fact said that this is over and get ready for it and now it's more credence for this to happen now

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