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6pm, January 12th, 2013   


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Dinar Recaps Weekend Email Schedule
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Part 2 Banking Laws Discussion - Post From BondLadys Corner
Part 1 Banking Laws Discussion - Post From Bondladys Corner
JAVA Concerns For Everyone - MIG Chat Discussion
Intel4U Members, News, Rumors, and Opinions Saturday AM
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Dinar Recaps Weekend Email Schedule

[sandytob] Shining any summation of our progress available?

[Shining] sandytob still in ASN mode . Expecting emails by end of weekend last I heard

[cashinqueen] 1:11 PM [lovely] Saturday, January 05, 2013 China Writes off Russia's Debt The Chinese administration has decided to write off Russia's debt of 1.57 million Swiss francs (about 52.5 million rubles), Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin tweeted

[sandytob] Shining thank you

[Shining] cashinqueen and where do we suppose that money came from? Just sayin : That should be what everyone is watching, country by country , state by state, debt is disappearing.

[justbelieve7] Shining Thanks for encouraging us and helps! :)

[Shining] justbelieve7 It's trickling down and we are in line bliss

[deniseanderson] Shining do you think it is possible that all other countries are taking care of their countries but the people in US are not because they don't want us to have the money too many new millionairs just a thought

[sandytob] Shining so is this debt disappearing because countries and states are cashing in currency that has revalued?

[pmw1973] i was listening to the radio this am and it was stated that the ust will have to figure out how to fulfill promisses from 30-40 years go in todays economic times...

[Shining] sandytob grin where else would it come from?
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OCrush Email to Hopesaway OCRUSH E-MAIL JAN 12TH

Hello again my friend

This information I'm going to give you I will leave it to your discretion to share with whom you believe is trustworthy. I called my second cousin a few days ago whom is on my mom's side of the family. He is the one that guided my cousin to the ABB job. My second cousin has many connections and we are close. He calls this investment " poor man's investment to riches".

In other words anyone can afford it and become wealthy. He gave me a name and asked me to research him. His name is Mohamed El-Erian. He is the ceo and co-investment officer of Pimco. On December 24 he was appointed by our President to head the US Global Development Council. The UGDC is funded by USAID (in the past it was called the Marshal Plan). Spyro said the iqd will revalue this month no matter what. I researched El-Erian and found some interesting information.

Following up on my research with him and having a long conversation (loves to talk politics) I understood the jungle of politics and monetary policy. He inspired me to do the research so I could understand what he wanted to discuss with me. Now I know how big this is for the US and why it has taken so long for it to happen. One hint...the trillion dollar coin is legit and El-Erian is an expert.

Cheers :)))
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[Shredd] this is just saying they are addressing making sure all investments are fully funded again, more layers of protection

[tlm724] Article 55: Shares may be offered at a price equal to or greater than their nominal value in accordance with the general assembly's decision and priced in light of the company's performance and, where applicable, the prices of its shares in the Baghdad Stock Exchange market.

The proceeds reflecting the difference between the issue price and nominal price, which is considered issuance allowance, shall be recorded in the account of the issuance allowance reserve, after deducting all issuance expenses. This reserve may not be distributed as profits. comments

[Shredd] all congruent with what we have here as we read through each one of these, again, it's so great y'all to see the depth at which all aspects are being addressed. Again, from my current experience, this is all tasting, smelling and sounding like what we have here. This is all music to investor's ears. investors, including stock holders in companies ty T

[tlm724] Article 46 Audit 1. Each bank shall appoint an independent external auditor with qualifications and experience in the audit of banks acceptable to the CBI. The external auditor shall be appointed by the bank's shareholders at the general meeting of shareholders, provided that if the bank fails to appoint an auditor satisfactory to the CBI, the CBI shall appoint such auditor.

[tlm724] Article 47 Additional duties d. certify whether or not adequate measures to prevent money-laundering or terrorist financing have been adopted by the bank and are being implemented in accordance with such regulations, orders and guidelines issued by the CBI. comments

[BondLady] i've pretty much included my comments from above to this.... any one else?

[Shredd] this is a good article.... we use external auditors and what this does, is ensures compliance with all the laws to say you comply with a law is one thing

BondLady] 1st and sincere respect, admiration and gratitude goes to our timmy for all her diligence and her work she put in reading the new banking and investment laws she discovered passed on 11/18/12 i believe that was the date and it was gazetted into law...ty so much timmy.... she has did the work of reading through the massive laws for us and pulled parts from it for us

[BondLady] no 1 has even realised or even has even a small clue on just how big and important these laws were to us and iraqs banking and investments...i appreciate u all so much...and hope u all too see the hugeness of these things passed and unearthed by our timmy...again ty so much....BondLady

[BondLady] now before timmy starts to bring in the laws or parts from them if any one has a comment they would like to make before we start breakin down the laws please do so now

[Shredd] i do

[BondLady] and they will be copied also unless u say not to ok ty

[tlm724] i do as well

(We at Dinar Recaps are hearing that many folks are experiencing computer issues related to Java - We do not have all the answers or a quick resolve as of yet - We are sharing this chat in hopes that their discussion of their issues will in turn help others - As we get more info we will post Thank You for your continued readership)

8:51 AM [willietrader] Texas Mama I didn't see BWM what time was he in?

8:51 AM [Sparkles] No mam I know nuttin

8:52 AM [BOBGETZ6] Good Morning MIG We have been having trouble with Java. There is an tab on the home page for java updates. Please update your Java. Also if you are running on Firefox, please check what version you are running. If you are not running Firefox 18.0, please update Firefox as well.

8:53 AM [Texas Mama] willietrader He was on when I was leaving the house around 11ish? maybe? I can't remember... shoot!

8:56 AM [BOBGETZ6] It appears that some do not like facts as he presents them. I can say this....BWM and my Frozen Friend, as well as CGMOM70, are very well connected and the ONLY people I trust as to what is really going on.

8:57 AM [willietrader] BOBGETZ6 what was the truth BWM shared?

[flashing) received a call from PR Yesterday stating that the leader in Humacao is very happy with happenings with our blessing expecting in the coming days... all are very excited...

[flashing] Pay no attention to the negative people. remember what happened when Moses went to search the table of the 10 commandments. few did sin to most of those who were present there.

[flashing] again everything is so positive that i have no room for doubts.

[gsi3000] flashing Do you think it will be the the double figures as some expect??

[flashing] gsi3000 could be. imo range will be between $5 and $12. so i agreed with my sources on that.

[meisme] flashing yes indeed and say double digits.

[flashing] i still confident about jan 15. iraq will be out of ch 7 this month. so they need rv too. their 2013 expectations for agriculture, infrastructure, education, energy, industrial development etc. call for a tradeable currency.

chillimac] flashing and if your in bankruptcy you have no control over revaling your money the courts do, which is the usa in this case , right?
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The below posts were in our 11am email


1-12-13 Footforward: Why are the banks opening on Saturday. It is not to get the dinar off of the street, it's all been collected. The only people that have dinar in Iraq are the rich and those that are connected and who know what is going to happen.

99.99% of the people in Iraq do not have dinar, they use USD. So, why are the banks opening up on Saturdays?

They are going to have a massive demand for people to go into the banks, so what situation would facilitate having the bands open an extra day?

What if you have an RV & the people need to change their dollars for lower denoms. They are getting the people prepared for after the RV. I don't think they will be open just yet


winalot] did you see the warning about JAVA?

[jacque47] JUST DID

[winalot] that is some serious problems!!!

 [winalot] jacque47 it allows viruses a "backdoor to your system

[winalot] bypasses all security

[winalot] <--------------anyone awake?????

[winalot] listen up!!!!!!!!!!!

 [winalot] da58 all u do is disable it

[da58] win - what else is java used or anything?

[winalot] java is used for a ton of stuff

[da58] email?

[winalot] but not skype

[winalot] no

 [winalot] jacque47 nope! it is EVERY version of JAVA


Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security urged computer users to disable Oracle Corp's Java software, amplifying security experts' prior warnings to hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses that use it to surf the Web.

Hackers have figured out how to exploit Java to install malicious software enabling them to commit crimes ranging from identity theft to making an infected computer part of an ad-hoc network of computers that can be used to attack websites.

"We are currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem," the Department of Homeland Security's Computer Emergency Readiness Team said in a posting on its website late on Thursday.

"This and previous Java vulnerabilities have been widely targeted by attackers, and new Java vulnerabilities are likely to be discovered," the agency said. "To defend against this and future Java vulnerabilities, disable Java in Web browsers."

Oracle declined on Friday to comment on the warning.

Java is a computer language that enables programmers to write software utilizing just one set of code that will run on virtually any type of computer, including ones that use Microsoft Corp's Windows, Apple Inc's OS X and Linux, an operating system widely employed by corporations.
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1-11-13 Doc: There are a lot of encouraging reports in the media these past few days. Our favorite is the Kurds basically thumbing their nose at Maliki and doing business without Baghdad. It definitely got Maliki's attention in that a delegation of the Kurds will be in Baghdad this weekend to negotiate a final HCl settlement.

All joking aside we really need the Kurds and Bagdad to come to an agreement here.

An independent Kurd state will not help our cause one little bit. If that happens a lot of the oil that would back the dinar would not be there anymore. Our opinion is the Kurds prefer a shared common government

There is more news of the CBI reporting its goal of a international currency. This to is excellent for our cause. To get there we believe things like chapter 7 and HCl would be resolved which would lead to a stronger currency.

The other news from the CBI is a quote that the target for the dinar is 25 cents.

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    topkick (17:06:02): Speaking about learning a lot here. A friend was about to be scammed for his IQD from a group in Reno. The had a conference call and my friend gave me the access numbers. From what I have learned from Med and others I totally blew these dudes out of the water and exposed thier scam. All callers eventuallu hung up. Boy were they pissed

    tudor: good going topkick!
    Ur_Gold: wow
    cebp: good topkick wow

    topkick: That was about a year ago. All thier facts were wrong, got names of the players confused, gave up stupid numbers etc

    Med (17:07:37):    HI DS    SORRY    I GOT A PHONE CALL


Finance Officer: Iraq has the right to withdraw part of the cash reserves in the Development Fund for Iraq. 10/01/2013 11:06:00  LINK



[cisco411] ok guys here is something I wanted to address really quick. the trillion dollar coin

cisco411] the president has the legal right to mint a PLATINUM coin in ANY amount with out congress.  it would have to be a coin so that the market would not be saturated with $100 bill thus causing inflation

burk50] Cisco411 so how does this affect the RV ?

masterT] so cisco411...Do you think that will be the cover story for debt relief ???????

[OILGENRL7] BigB what about all the cities that filed bankruptcy also

 [BigB] jeanne cisco411 Mybe they minted some of those new platinum coins of smaller denoms - about 26 of them.

[chillimac] cisco411 he doesnt have the power to make a bill, only a coin, thats what i heard

 [cisco411] chillimac that is correct

[chillimac] cisco411 so is he going to mint one

 [BigB] cisco411 OILGENRL7 The sounds you are hearing is the heads starting to come out of the sand

 [cisco411] it has been put out so much I think this may be the way they explain it.

[OILGENRL7] cisco411 he made enuf of the other ones lol - fiat money

[burk50] Is this good for RV?
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