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6pm, January 13th, 2014    


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"Wounded War Vet's Encounter with a Grateful Cab Driver" Posted by Compassion at TNT
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[mbillions] Papa Bear I want to dispel some rumors. There is no Marshal Law in Iraq and there is no celebrating in the streets and the people were not told anything about the RV in the mosques like is being reported. Here is some good news. I got a text that Ban Ki Moon has arrived in Iraq and Monday is now declared a holiday. We wonder why? Also, the date is correct on the CBI and yet there are no buy and sell rates listed. This is very exciting to me.

 [mbillions] Papa Bear I had it reported to me by 3 sources to be on high alert. One of the sources told me definitely within the month of January and the other 2 told me that this week is prime time. We also know that primary dates for banking in Iraq and around the globe is the 1st and the 15th. This coming Wednesday is the 15th. This could be one of the reasons for "prime time" this week. We are in a great position. Let's hope all these signs are all related to the RV. The news is lining up step by step. END
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~~ Joint operations of the Army and the Peshmerga to hit "Daash" in four provinces

01/13/2014 12:41

[tlm724] The Ministry of Peshmerga currently coordinating within the Joint Committee with the forces of Iraqi army in the disputed areas is strictly for the presence of elements Daash terrorist

[tlm724] the 2 armies are working together under the terms of article 140 of the constitution, great to see !!!


millionday] so lets look at what they are saying in the news and I will brb with some more    vnd - smile brb

    [millionday] i have not seen that the HCL is done but have seen that it is very close and they are working on its finish  i have to disagree that the HCL is complete and law   i would of course love to see it and hope that it is done and i have not seen it

    [millionday] The Central Bank of Iraq, Sunday, the possibility of providing immunity for money Australian in Iraq, calling on the Australian banks discreet to open branches in Iraq.

This is Part 1 of 2  --  Comments may be made at the end of part 2 - Some of this material was covered in last nights chat

Millionday News 1/12/14

    [B]millionday] thank you poppy for your great welcome

    [millionday] so i will explain what i do

    [millionday] if you dont or have never seen my newstime

    [millionday] i will bring in portions at a time of news and stop and tell you how i think this relates and in english sometimes -- smile

    [texasrangersjt] English is always good

    [millionday] then at the end if you have any questions we will talk for a sec and i will continue until we dont have anything left that i feel is important to us right now


International Prayer Call Monday night 7pm (ET)
530-881-1400   406878#
530-881-1499   406878#  recording, after the call
For years folks would not listen to Noah, when Moses came town from the mountain folks would not listen to him. All these men wanted was for them to know what God was saying and instructing. God has so much for us daily, yet we would rather listen to man. God as not failed us we have failed in what he wants us to do to glorify his name not ours.

God Bless

Pastors Ed & Kat (visit and see the angels)

Thanks Dinar Recaps for all your help


Hold on guys, HAPPY MONDAY - stay alert to your faith and if you need a boost, ASK GOD He has plenty to give you!

God did not bring us this far to let us down! -  Resolve to the fact that you "know in your "knower" this SUDDENLY can come anytime - until then carry on with your life giving affairs and watch what Hope in action produces! KEEP THE FAITH!

A promise given by our Father God, is a promise kept!

Push discouragement away from you, and do not allow the shawl of sadness to hang upon your shoulders. 

I have marked your efforts, says the Lord. Your perseverance has not escaped my notice and I will be certain you receive your reward.


Compassion: Wounded war vet's powerful encounter with a grateful cab driver from Iraq

Wounded war vet?s powerful encounter with a grateful cab driver from Iraq
January 12, 2014 by Michael Dxxxxxxxxxxx  (Link below)

A disabled Iraq War veteran told a compelling story Thursday in the form a a series of tweets. It reads like a mini-serial novel ? one in which you can?t wait for the next installment ? and it tells a story one is not likely to hear from the mainstream media.

This ?slice of life? encounter between J.R. Sxxxxxxxx  and a Dallas cab driver was first picked up by Independent Journal Review. No matter what your view of the war in Iraq is, this story of a chance encounter will restore your faith in the human spirit, and the goodness that is America.

I am constantly amazed at the circumstances that evolve in life, and events that transpire, such as my cab ride tonight.

The below posts were in our 10am email

Apaloosa  I think we are on the down hill will be interesting for sure. With the 1/15 deadline/date for the SDR going into effect and Cristine LeGarde speach anticipated for 1/23......things have got to be all down hill from here.

Apaloosa: - as I understand it in order for the SDR to be in effect they have to have a revalued currency.....time will tell. CL is rumored to make an announcement of the GCR on the 23rd, however, she is not expected to mention the Dinar specifically.

[dessybug] I have a question for the room.... if the cbi is not showing rates as I have seen.... what does that do to our dinar.... and at what rate do the dealers know to charge?

 [coastal girl] Dressy bug I don't know but I am hoping they change big for or tomorrow .....and it's not the birthday thingy over there lol

[patcat151] dessybug , the rates are blank, meaning there is an adjustment coming the only time the rates go blank is just before a change.
[dessybug] patcat151 yes I agree... but the dealers are still selling.... how do they know what rate to use since the screen is blank?



jlsirrom says(2:09 AM): Sounds odd to me too


MED says(2:10 AM): BUT IT IS ODD HI JL

Sunday Night BGG's Evening Dinar News with special guest Poppy

(In Email Newsletter, click blue title for Audio Player)

45 Minutes

    8:48 PM [millionday] right now we are staring at CBI to see what is going to be put in the enpty spots or for a report or press conference to announce what is happening with it

    8:48 PM [ROBINREDHED] Pablo  thats what i ask all the time

    8:48 PM [larrykn] but they could change from the old cbi site to the new and everything could showup on the new one when they Rv

    8:48 PM [millionday] Richard Incrocci that is a program rate that they will use to do all of their calculations

This is Part 1 of 2 Comments may be made at the end of Part 2 - Thank You
7:08 PM [millionday] we are going to have newstime at 730 est

7:08 PM [tourman] millionday lay it on us hun!!!!!!!!!!!

7:09 PM [millionday] so glad that many of you got in here -- they are wroking so hard to get it done

7:09 PM [sunnyca] millionday they're doing a great job

7:09 PM [swan2013] millionday thank you and welcome.

7:09 PM [millionday] we will start at 730 and see what is happening in our investment ---


aggiedad77 � January 12th, 2014, 9:39 pm   

Ok, someone went and did it.....asked to keep the momentum going....I'm assuming they meant the "good" movement that we saw throughout the day today.

I think it is impressive that we have O's administration, and O himself pushing Maliki to in essence "git-er-done" regarding the fighting in Anbar...but more importantly regarding the HCL.....imo.....they are pushing M to come to an agreement with the Kurds...and probably acquiesce to most if not all of the Kurds desires and wants. Time will tell how this evolves....worth watching what happens....hopefully for all our benefit.

Of course we have the lack of information on the CBI website that has stirred a great deal of interest today.....what is up with that.....could they simply be performing maintenance......or possibly gearing up for doing business in the future in a different manner than we have seen in the last 9 or 10 years.....I'm remaining realistically optimistic on this one....all eyes are on the CBI website I know....keep up the vigil....let's be the first to catch what they do.

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