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10am, January 15th, 2013   


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Ten Bad Habits = Debt Disaster -- By Leslie Hunt
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Monday Night MSN Screenshot showing the VND at 48 cents
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The below posts were in our 10am email
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10 Bad Habits That Lead To Debt Disaster

By Leslie Hunt *

 Sometimes the only way to stop a snowballing problem is to go back to the top of the hill and find out what started it.

 If you're up to your eyeballs in credit card debt, take a step back and recount your money missteps. Knowing your weaknesses could prevent you from falling back into the bad credit pit and show you a way out.

 According to Gail Cunningham, senior director of public relations for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling based in Silver Spring, Md., consumers mired in debt make common financial blunders, most of which can be prevented with discipline and behavior changes. Learn from these mistakes and start paying off your debt.


Frank26 Monday Night conference Call with Delta and Guests 1-14-13

168 Minutes



Hello Everybody-

We are still on schedule for the Iraqi Dinar revalue by way of an approved 2013 Budget vote within days, by the end of the month at the very least.

I also want to comment on the constant flow of mis-information that some "guru's" seemingly feel the need to claim. Without naming anyone, (Not disrespecting any of them) "Chapter 7", the "Hydro Carbon Law" & complete "Government of Iraq" talk is NOT the be all end all events that those are suggesting.

If following daily news stories is their source of information, they are being greatly deceived. That would be the simplest way to detect the timing of what will be the largest investor gain in modern history. All these fore mentioned events will have been agreed upon and standardized long before the actual news flows out to the world. (all have already been accomplished).

We are seriously on the verge of the event finally happening.
Be Happy friends : )

Wife in the know.


flashing] in pr sources are waiting for it not later than tomorrow. and I'm still confident about my prediction.

[chillimac] flashing sis you see that article? Iraq Foreign Relations Committee: Iraq will emerge from Chapter VII in 2013

[flashing] chillimac right and there are a couple of things that people haven't notice how big they are. like this one: In another context, Kuwaiti source revealed early Friday that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior has allowed its citizens to travel to Iraq without a permit.

[waitin] flashing the ones we are waiting for?

flashing] waitin right . which at the same time indicate agreements reached

[waitin] flashing Thanks for dumbing it up for us! This is one of the biggies we have been waitin on!

[jc2] I would have preferred Monday, but Tuesday works fine as well, I'll have to rearrange my schedule a bit to make that call to WF, but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do


The following screenshot was sent to Dinar Recaps of MSN's Currency Converter.

1 US Dollar = 2.08699 Vietnamese Dong (that is about 48 cents  per VND).


Wangdang Monday Evening Conference Call


PLAY BACK 530-881-1399 PIN 894786

122 Minutes


[BLESSME] hello everyone. What's the good news today. Can someone give me brief summary where we stand ?

[chillimac] BLESSME short summary....we wait

[okrocks] BLESSME we are still standing... oh wait, no we are sitting and waiting... but still looking good

trinket] chrivers havae you heard about the Baisel 111 not going to be compliant until 2015 and what will that mean for the rv

chrivers] trinket Think Global Reset, and NOTHING can STOP it, because of the state our World is in!!! This "Has to Happen"!!!

 [Maryrose] chrivers agree

[bryan1972] chrivers I just hope the ones in charge are thinking it

[chrivers] trinket I believe (with a lil bit of help wink wink) that Banks have been preparing for this for several months now!! Don't believe preparation was for 2 yrs down the road!! :)

The below posts were in our 10pm email

[millionday] this is about a meeting that happened our monday their sunday it looks like

[millionday] e gathered at the Iraqi National Coalition Taadhm reference to the steps that have contributed in the development of guidelines and to resolve political crises in the country. " The coalition said in a statement today that "the forces of the Iraqi National Coalition held an emergency meeting Sunday to discuss the political developments taking place in Iraq and the challenge political scene Amrabh".

"The National Coalition called head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi al-Hakim to hold a meeting of the political blocs to sit at the dialogue table ا as this topic was based on a proposal by the President of the ruling National Congress Ahmed Chalabi and praised him Sadrist block and virtue, and the rest of the parties of the National Coalition Iraq.

[millionday] The participants demanded the House of Representatives to speed up the ratification of important laws, particularly the Federal Court and other laws. " "The National Coalition according to the statement called on the government implement laws passed in the House of Representatives and in the forefront of financial grants for law students and National Service Act and the law of Basra Economic Capital of Culture."

Also called the National Coalition of the National Alliance should be meetings of the Alliance for all its components and refused selective invitations to these components and blocks under the headings unjustified what constitutes a threat to national unity.

Cshessman: Hi gang, Actually found some newly updated information that we can all take in and absorb;

Gift-tax limits to rise in 2013
Individuals can generally receive up to $13,000 a year as a gift without getting hit by a federal gift tax. In 2013, as a result of cumulative indexing, this amount is projected to increase to $14,000 per person. Parents also may use the technique of "gift splitting," or combining gifts to a child, so that each makes a gift of $13,000 ($14,000 in 2013), which amounts to $26,000 in tax-free gifts ($28,000 in 2013) per year.

In addition to these annual amounts, there are two specific types of exempt, tax-free gifts where there is no limit on how much a person can receive. Folks who make gifts as part of their estate planning should keep these techniques in mind.

IRS Raises Yearly Limit For Tax-Free Gifts
Just in time for the holidays, the Internal Revenue Service announced today that it has raised the yearly limit on how much we can each give another person without having to worry about gift tax. Starting in 2013, the annual exclusion for gifts goes up to $14,000, from $13,000. Spouses can combine their annual exclusions to double the size of the gift.
Read More

cisco411] hello castle

[tradewind] Cisco411 how's your day ? Any insights please

cisco411] tradewind my day was filled with lots of ups and downs.

[berberboy] cisco411 elevator operator?

[cisco411] berberboy nope rollercoaster repair

berberboy] cisco411 at least you have job security then lol

[okrocks] Obama: Talabani, a great friend of Washington and a dynamic leader of the new democratic Iraq 14-01-2013 | (Voice of Iraq) Alsumaria News / Baghdad

[Jeff] Man what a day-Quiet

[nolaspice] cisco411 hey got any hot off the press secrets for me - i promise no one is listening lol

[Remi8] Jeff A little too quiet????? lol

[cisco411] nolaspice actually all of my secrects come in after 5:30 PM CST
Read More

The below posts were in our 6pm email


    W8n2cashin (10:04:28): we got lots of questions but few answers out of Iraq.........


    Kitchendesigner: I have really appreciated your updates....and follow up on the that possibility last week too.


    Kitchendesigner: They need a new motto....take Nikes....Just do it!




[flashing] imo UN cannot hold their decision for a long time. i think they are waiting for some protocol of kuwait. it could happen today, tommorow or right after. their visit is due. significant events have happened as this one: Kuwaiti source revealed early Friday that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior has allowed its citizens to travel to Iraq without a permit.

[constantlyabiding] Here is my intel.... I look for it to happen today... if it does not than I look for it to happen tomorrow and if not I will for it the next day. In the meantime... I live each day trying to make a difference in the lives of those around me.  I also do not consider myself to be a lemming.. and choose who I will follow and listen to..

flashing] right now all over the net: Foreign Relations Committee: Iraq close to transferring from CH VII to CH VI with United Nations  Foreign parliament: we seek to emerge from all the chapters of the Charter of the United Nations after the fulfillment of all obligations

 [flashing] Near transfer Iraq from Chapter VII-VI

[shybabi] (Reuters) - Iraq's government has released more than 300 prisoners held under anti-terrorism laws as a goodwill gesture to try to appease Sunni Muslim demonstrators who are staging protests against Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.......

[Coffeeone] shybabi Does that mean that have passed the Amnesty Law? :abdos: :abdos:

 [shybabi] IMHO, this indicates that the Parliament meeting today, must have passed the Amnesty Law....a very important law that foster Peace & Security , among the political blocs/tribes... a milestone highly favorable to our goals..... Go RV GO !


All welcome to the international prayer call, two or more n agreement leaning on his word. Psalm 91 being in the secret place. Giving God all the Glory for this gift. Exalting him on most high Lord Jesus.

530-881-1400   406878#   6pm central.

With a touch of intel or celebration of this blessings.




DIAL IN 530-881-1300 PIN 894786#

PLAY BACK 530-881-1399 PIN 894786 (after the call)



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[carol0972] This is a very happy Monday morning! Unusual...

[Josey Wales] THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VETS WORLDWIDE...................I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

[Stitch] THIS IS FOR MARINEMOM!! USO tour of a US Marine Base

 [smokin60s] Stitch puppylove ...GM ....MarineMom's son was in a motorcycle accident...he was hurt pretty bad. thank the Lord he'll live ,but has a long recovery... he also has a Marine Corp background 1 yr combat Iraq & I yr combat in Afg. Fallujah front lines...He was awarded 2 medals 4 valor.Semper Fi !

 [puppylove] Robbie did pretty good through the night. He is sleeping comfortably with epidural and pain meds. His neck is also injured and immobilized, but they feel it is soft tissue damage. They have not ruled out putting him on a ventilator as the damage to his lung was greater than originally thought. I am forever grateful to all of you for your prayers and thoughtfulness. I love you ~MarineMom

 [buddydog] HHHHmmmm, President is holding a Press Conference this 11:15 AM.... This was a Surprise to the Press ... not a clue why...

[Blessingsabundant] Post RV -Nothing will be posted on internet for ALL to see. Only we will receive the email. Okie will announce and we then wait for email. NOTHING they said would be out there for ALL to see with info how to cash in or that it has happened.

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