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6pm January 15th, 2016

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Uenvoy:  Markets have a big sell off today, and Gold is up. Oil is down and going to go lower. Next the dollar will decline because of the depegg from the petro dollar. We will see it all happen not in years, not in months. but in weeks. we are so very close.

Uenvoy:  Sorry if it sounds negative, but it is reality in happening , in a over priced world. we are the lucky ones, we purchased the currencies, those that have not are not going to be so lucky.

Elmerf123456 : Okie is having a tough time but he is recovering he's in much pain from the surgery on his spine! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers I talk to his family this morning   
Wlmerf123456 :  I'm getting better. The market speaks volumes. The ships hovering in Iran speaks even louder IMO. We are REALLY set up for the magic. Well hovering wasn't exactly the right word but they're just trolling out there off the ports that says a lot to me


Aggiedad77: Hello Family here are the CC Notes from last night....but first a couple of other things....take the time to listen to the call from last night it was is the link for the playback:    LINK

Second, have you read the 3 pdf files that brought to KTFA by dnari131....well here is the link to them:   LINK

Remember....we can feed, but we can't chew or digest for you....enjoy.

Aloha   Randy

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CC from Thursday Night 01-14-2016


Wealthwatch  Late Night Early AM Chat 1-15-16   

  WEALTHWATCH  1-15-16
Post From  Chat Room
News With Links & Discussion
Wealthwatch  Late Night Early AM Chat 1-15-16   
chattels: good evening all
chattels: just in and catching up on the chat and news since this morning
xyz: evening
 chattels: 7 Million Iraqi Govt Employees Fear For Their Jobs Locals employed by the government fear the financial crisis may see them lose their jobs. Nobody seems to be able to tell them if their fears are justified - but most experts agree there's a long, hard road ahead. ...
chattels: " The Iraqi state is a hollow one, a giant consumer but produces only one thing."
Thanks CJ for sending this to us today:

Iran without sanctions: European firms ready to pounce

by Jim Boulden   @CNNMoney

It's known as "Implementation Day." And for many European companies, it can't come soon enough.

That's when the world's nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, announces Iran has complied with a deal to curtail its nuclear ambitions.

That day could come as soon as this weekend, and when it does the European Union will immediately lift most of its economic sanctions.

"Companies will want to move quickly once the sanctions are actually lifted, so many have already made provisional agreements with local partners," said Padraig O'Hannelly, editor of Iran Business News.


Iko Ward:  Kuwait and Iraq are making Galveston look like a weekend vegetable  stand. Tankers are now massing around Kharg Island in Iran and ships are adding to the mooring field at Zagros by the hour.

Iko Ward:  All world markets are deep red. Fear & Greed Index on CNN is at 9 (that's panic). Crude is now solidly in the $29 dollar range (another barrier) Unconfirmed reports out of Iran the sanctions lifted and currency RI'd.

Gator:  With all the international currencies falling, how does that affect a RV?

TBirdd:  gator--leveling the playing field.. then can adjust values.. (jmo)

Yada:  The one thing we may be seeing before us is the depletion of values on commodities and assets so when the Currencies adjust, downward or upward, they will all adjust upward to strong positions as everything else recovers.... I think it is ingenious so there would not be any gaps as the currencies adjust,,everyone wins

Economics, Free Pom, Multilateral Investment Strategies
How China Is Deleveraging From The USD  (Freepom)
By  JC Collins            
Reader Thoughts On "How China Is Deleveraging From The USD (Freepom)"
Robert Liou   JC- thanks for sharing this.   Question- you seem to be advocating for a relatively stable transition from a unilateral to a multi-lateral monetary system where the RMB plays a bigger part.
However, does all of the outstanding accumulated debt affect this transition from occurring in a peaceful manner? US public debt has gone parabolic, increasing from ~$8T before 2008 to ~$18T currently. This does not include the present value of Medicare, Medicaid, SS, etc. which is over $80T.
The last time the US ran a budget surplus was 1969, and this was for about $30Bn. We do not appear to have a true surplus since then. Raising interest rates by 1% results in an annual debt service expense increase of about $300Bn. Therefore, it does not appear likely the US can ever payback its debt?

(Thank you George for emailing this so Dinar Recaps can post it.)

UU6856 - "What Lays Ahead?" by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,


NO Hype, NO Rumors just the FACTS.

Today's News

Today is Friday January 15th   2016 and yes we have entered the third week of the new year already and still no RV.  I totally expect to see more and more articles talking about the Iraq currency and its devaluation to the US dollar.   

Oh - but what about those that swore months ago the RV already happened and we are just waiting for our turn to exchange? Really? That was months ago. They same so called intel "gurus" told us they were exchanging in other countries like Canada and Indiar. Really? When asked to show us the proof they then retract their statements and say it was unverified. Oh yes unverified. I thought so much. Or some even say they verified rumor with others receiving same rumor so they verified rumor with rumor sources? Really? 

So where is our new rate? Why can't we go to the banks and exchange our currency for a higher value? Easy answer to that - Read my lips very closely - IT IS BECAUSE THE RV HAS NOT YET OCCURRED!

Update: Currency Reform


Ron Paul Warns: "Watch The Petrodollar"

Submitted by Nick Giambruno via,

The chaos that one day will ensue from our 35-year experiment with worldwide fiat money will require a return to money of real value. We will know that day is approaching when oil-producing countries demand gold, or its equivalent, for their oil rather than dollars or euros. The sooner the better . - Ron Paul
Ron Paul is calling for the end of the petrodollar system. This system is one of the main reasons the U.S. dollar is the world's premier reserve currency.
Essentially, Paul is saying that understanding the petrodollar system and the forces affecting it is the best way to predict when the U.S. dollar will collapse.
Paul and I discussed this extensively at one of the Casey Research Summits. He told me he stands by his assessment.
This is critically important. When the dollar loses its coveted status as the world's reserve currency, the window of opportunity for Americans to protect their wealth from the U.S. government will definitively shut.
The below posts were in our 10am newsletter

Iko Ward:  (Really late Thursday Night) OK Guys, Iran is operational. We have ships landing and leaving. More tugs and support vessels have arrived. Supertanker landed Kharg Island and departed 6 hrs later. Container ships are also landing. Iran cannot land or ship goods without the sanctions lifted. No one will deliver or buy goods without an RI. Now the question remains if we RV'd to maintain parity.

DeeMoney:  Iran is operational! To me the sanctions had to be lifted. It's been said they would by the 15th. That means we got our RV IMO

Calgoldy:  IKO...'if' Iran RI'd ...would it be do in part bec the Sanctions were actually lifted today?

Stephen77:  This says the sactions have been lifted.

DeeMoney:  Combined with all the other intel, Rays tweet, the bankers that's been saying by the 15th we'd see it. Bruce said Iraq's bonds go on sale starting Monday, but they must RV first and last thing that tells me we're heading to the bank is the citizens have been celebrating and being told it's done! Looks like someone finally figured out what the word Done means lol


Emailed to Recaps:

From Dr. asked for more.

Friends, what they're Waiting On, is for MOSUL to be secure....... AND OIL to move upward out of the 30's. These (2) things simultaneously.....That's All there is.

MOSUL must be taken and secure, before a FULL In-Country rate is released......and then a FULL INTERNATIONAL RATE, is announced.

Notice, the importance of the word: FULL.

I know nobody wants to hear this, but it's going to take a few weeks......for these pieces and SECURITY to come together, and an INTERNATIONAL RATE announced - which is all anyone outside Iraq, cares about.......


TNT:  Highlights from The Big Call Thursday Night 1-14-16

Ploganea:  Bruce: Opening with a prayer.

Bruce: A lot of info to bring in tonight. But not a long call. Probably about an hour.

Bruce: Okie came out of the surgery OK. Just letting him rest and get better. Asking for prayers for Okie that he recovers and gets up and going.

Mangelo:    Bruce call: want's to thank us for prayer request and has heard that Okie had surgery and let's hope he gets better

Ploganea: Bruce: Intel coming up

Mangelo:  Bruce call: INTEL;;;;;; it's all very positive, things out west are moving, cards are all loaded, bonds will come out Monday


The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter