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Saturday Afternoon Dan (PTR) CC Update Audio Player, Recording Link and Replay Numbers
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Dan PTR Call Notes...- Post By Brunettegranny PTR Forum
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TerryK Chat - Post By Janna G.E.T. Forum
RapidRoyP posted in the 3S's chat on Sat afternoon
Jonnywg posted in 3S's forum by Asells Sat afternoon
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Dan at PTR posted in the 3S's chat by Debtarheelgirl
1/21/2012 SWFloridaGuru words of encouragement
Med chat 1-21-2012 8:00 am
DinarWishes update on Sat morning posted in 3S's forum by Asells


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Common Sense is, of all kinds, the most uncommon -- It implies good judgment, sound discretion, and true and practical wisdom applied to common life -- Tryon Edwards

One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it -- Persian Proverb

Fine sense, and exalted sense, are not half as useful as common sense -- there are forty men of wit to  one man of sense -- He that will carry nothing about him but gold, will be every day at a loss for readier change -- Pope

To act with common sense according to the moment, is the best wisdom I know ; and the best philosophy is to do one's duties, take the world as it comes, submit respectfully to one's lot; bless the goodness that has given us so much happiness with it, whatever it is; and despise affectation -- Walpole

Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done -- C E Stowe

"Knowledge, without common sense," says Lee, is "folly; without method, it is waste; without kindness, it is fanaticism; without religion, it is death" But with common sense, it is wisdom; with method, it is power; with charity, it is beneficence; with religion, it is virtue,and life, and peace -- Farrar

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[DinarWishes] [DinarWishes] Good Morning Fellow Squirrels!!! I hope you all had some great rest this weekend so far... The Intel I received about Sunday Night Late to Monday Morning Early is STILL a Very Strong window of Opportunity!!!! Nothing on my Side of the Intel has changed... Guys Im looking at the next window of tonight and have been for 2 days.... Nothing has changed and I am not looking for it today.... There will be no countdown... No Ball to drop... it will just happen...


[B.I.W.]hey mr rich
[B.I.W.]you were talking about pips
[B.I.W.]this doc is a good 1
[B.I.W.]now every body talks about the forex
[B.I.W.]but the forex is where the little boy play
[B.I.W.]i found this old doc enoch

[B.I.W.] What moves exchange rates? I
*Exchangerates are determined by supply and
demandfor currencies.
*Supplyand demand for currencies depends on:
-Domesticand foreign interest rates
*Importanceof each factor can change over time.

[B.I.W.]What moves exchange rates? II
Andersen,Bollerslev, Diebold, and Vega (2003)
Faust,Rogers, Wang and Wright (2003)
-Positivemacroeconomic news strengthens dollar
*Consumer confidence
[Enoch8]Any number of conditions , based on the Exchange Rate Regime Policiesof that Central Bank.
[Enoch8]They are all different.
[Enoch8]The IMF Lists the types of Regimes.
[Enoch8]Iraq has been on typically a Fixed Peg Regime.
[B.I.W.]some time i wonder if all know that the forex is the small guy in thetrading of currencys in the world
[Enoch8]The US.... Japan and Switzerland are on Free Floats.
[Enoch8]Forex is an interesting topic concerning rate changes andadjustments.
[B.I.W.]the ebs lookslike they are the real traders
[Enoch8]It is possible that Forex can be a Supply vs Demand Factor, but doesNOT.... I repeat DOES NOT Drive the market, as Okie suggests.
[*Tenmillion]Enoch8 which of these factors would apply to the IQD?
[Enoch8]Great question
[Enoch8]Iraq does a number of typical internal adjustments....
[Enoch8]1. They can increase the Foreign Reserves or Decrease them to makeadjustments against market forces....
[Enoch8]A decrease for example is called Sterilization.


theda: This was posted at 3sintel late last night:

anybody heard this on the news??? ..

.steveo: My Friend Just Call Me About 20 Min Ago And Said He Was Watching The World NEWS And They Reported That There Are 2 Big Oil Companies In Iraqi But Can Not Start Drilling Until The Dinar RVS Could This Be What Tony Was Talking About That It .....

[wycoffjul] Will Not Mean Anything To The Avenge Person Unless You Were Holding Dinars...

[Texascowman] There was an announcement on CNBC a little while ago there was going to be an announcement about the world finances that would help Greece.

Just maybe.
[Texascowman] ONEDOWN, yes I was watching it and they said it was suppose to happen today but it was put off until tomorrow.

They didn't give a time, just that it was suppose to happen on Sunday


PeopleInvested Call Sunday Noon / 12 EST 01/22 Fresh, WangDang and Guests!

We are excited for everyone to join our team Sunday afternoon for an exciting call! We will catch up on the latest updates surrounding Iraq and the IQD investment. We will take questions from chat before the call begins and discuss further with the team on the live call! The call will be recorded and we will try to get to as many callers as possible!

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1300

Participant access code: 956882

Playback number: (559) 726-1399

MP3 will be posted in PeopleInvested.com forums and forwarded to DinarRecaps after the call!


Meds chat 1/22 1am POST BY ANGEL 42B

    Med says to (01:13:28):
        ON IRAQ

    DodgerBoy says to (01:13:36):
    That is new information for me

    Med says to (01:13:46):



Evening Chat with BGG 1/21/12

    10:54 PM [BGG] That National Council issue concerns me a bit...but we'll soon see the real scoop on that.

    10:55 PM [rileyjones] BGG I saw that

    10:55 PM [BGG] That is a very important issue folks keep an eye on it in the news.

    10:56 PM [BGG] rileyjones - I'm not sure they even know the real scoop on the National Council to report it.

    10:56 PM [rileyjones] Allawi is getting on my last nerve, I can't imagine what Maliki is feeling

    10:56 PM [BGG] I think they actually have the juice to pull off almost anything they need to.

   10:56 PM [rich] BGG I am old and slow and not very good with Iraq news releases...so not only do I need it translated I need it explained..



760-569-7699 Pin 268177#

63 Minutes


[soonerfan62] Good Evening everyone, my day is finally over and I have received call all day and I can assure you this ride is finally over. Everyone I have talked to today is on exactly the same page

[soonerfan62] imagine What has been my raye doe a Month?

[soonerfan62] rate

[Major] soonerfan62, 8.63

[soonerfan62] Major You win the prize

[MotorCityGuy] soonerfan62 8.63 works for me...

[soonerfan62] MotorCityGuy Won;t stay there

[KYRV39] soonerfan62 Iknow ff said on his call that the rate would go higher with all the waiting do you feel it will be higher than 8.63 now

[soonerfan62] kyrv39 no


From Caps Corner Chat

[gracie] Okay this is from CBI article The Cbi's Saleh said... in Article posted 1/17/2012... Experts : Disruption of exchange.... Saleh said that 4billion paper would be reduced to 1.8 B

vic1 to WCW: 30 trillion Dinar divided by 4b= an average WORTH of each paper DINAR to BE 7500 dinar Value Each! Get it

vic1 to WCW: Then he said he will reduce paper to 1.8 billion.... that means then his EACH [paper ON AVERAGE will = 16,666.66666 Get that?

vic1 to WCW: Okay then Dinar will and can sustain 16,666.666Divided by 1170 = 14.24USD! This is NOT THE RATE!!! This is WHat an AVERAGE worth of DINAR per Paper CAN SUSTAIN!!!

[.TS] vic1 to WCW: So, Now .... The 30 trillion that is at hand ... has had Shab's bring in 75 % to 80% of Large DENOMS! The actual account is +- 70% .... Meaning that if there was Small Denoms or Middle Denoms or large denoms they would be in = Incrimates in 3 categorys.. But it is NOT!

vic1 to WCW: Okay.. Shabs has brought in 70 % of ALL DENOMS!!! Why? because 1st the 10K Dinars were being Counterfeited


Dan Call Notes - Saturday Evening 1 -21- 2012
People worried about RV happening already. Misinformation out right now is intentional and nothing else. Don't know why. Wealthy doesn't want anyone else to have money. But everyone knows that the rate is moving alittle.

Q and A starting
Q-Do you think that it is starting a timeline now because of it moving alittle? Dan-We have got every agency watching this. I am giving out a warning for this person that does not have a physical adress to send you free dinar on the call.

Dan-We have been told that some things needed to be done before this goes. There is a no turning back and we have already reached that point of no return. There is no way to turn this off.

It is moving inch by inch. Dan said that this is a big step. Q- Go into Feb. Dan- no! Can't believe that it isn't here by now. Some bankers out there know more then we do, believe it or not. Some of the stuff that Dan has heard, he wished that he didn't know and don't want to be a part of.

The below posts were in our 6pm email


There are Several Chats combined here listed in time sequence - Hope you enjoy

MED'S CHAT and MAILMAN17 1/20/12 9:40pm ct  POST BY TUDOR
mailman17 says to
hey pal...just got home...called ya and left a message...i didnt see anything regarding your message...
mailman17 says to

Med says to


Mailman17 & others chatting 1-21-12 @ 8:21am cdt

    Brewbaby (09:21:23):
    OK I have a ?
   Is it possible that they are extending the reading and voting on the budget because it does contain the rate and it goes into effect as soon as it is passed?

    mailman17: BB...NO I DONT THINK SO

    guardian: that crossed my mine Brewbaby also


    Brewbaby: ok so why are we so concerned about the new rate being in the budget?

    GOP: that is certainly what we would like it to be BB

    mailman17: RATES DONE IMO

    guardian: Jubouri asked that it be put into the budget

    mailman17: CORRECT


� on: Today at 01:55:52 PM �
TerryK Chat  12:36PM  CST  1/21/12
[Agent 007] well that is good news - thanks TK
[terryk] HEARD 1163
[terryk] 1162 EARLIER
[Agent 007] movement of any kind is good news - Shabibi has held it at 170 for what - 2 years or longer now?
[Agent 007] 1170
[Ks_dad]  Thanks for the word of encouragement TK!
[mangiabuona2]   Hello terryk  
[GOFORIT] Agent 007 We've seen a 3% movement....we are looking for a 3000% movement...we might be asking for too much at this rate.
[terryk] OR OLDER

[Agent 007] GOFORIT yes but 1170 has been the stable controlled rate for a few years - not budging at all
[terryk] 3 YEARS
[Agent 007] 3 - ok thanks
[GOFORIT]    I'm already old! Haha.


[RapidRoyP] draavmorris2 -- it appears for the last several days the dinar has been allowed to "float" its value on the world markets. Because it is not "managed" it is called a free or dirty float. Dirty because they might be minupulating it a bit to see what happens. They important part of this is -- 1/ it shows that the IMF has released its 5 year artificial program rate of 1170 on the IQD and 2/ that the currency is trading internationally...



[jonnywg] RCM CBI

[owl2] Jonnywg do you think the KWD rate showing higher through yahoo is legit? yesterday .278 today .249

[jonnywg] Dove FLUCTUATING

[vic406] Afternoon Jonny does this mean you may be attending or manning cashout locals for DB? 1:30 PM

[jonnywg] vic406 MAYBE BUT NOT FOR SURE


[TheBeav] JONNYWG: Any worries for us flying with dinar in our possession (airport check-in)


[gankans] Central Bank of Iraq raises the value of Iraqi Dinar Saturday, January 21, 2012 13:44 GMT

[gankans] Did you all see this?

[gankans] Here is the article.

[gankans] Saturday, January 21, 2012 13:44 GMT Central Bank of Iraq announced, on Thursday, that it revaluated Iraqi Dinar 3.4% in exchange with Dollar. This decision will affect the exchange rate of Iraqi Dinar against US dollar in Iraqi markets, Central Bank stressed. "During his daily auction of foreign currencies' exchange, Central Bank raised the value of Iraqi dinar against the dollar with a percentage of 3.4% which counts 4 Dinars," deputy governor of Iraqi Central Bank Mazhar Mohammad Saleh told Alsumarianews noting that after the current change each 1166 Iraqi Dinars equal 1 Dollar. "Nominal rate of Dinar doesn't coincide with its purchasing power or with its real exchange rate against the Dollar," Saleh revealed.
Read More


More Poppy3:

[poppy3] i see okie's and dr t's post and agree with them about the rate being close to kuwait and i have always stood on that position. I know there was the meeting that spoke about with the imf but i have zero confirmation of any results . I truely hope they are right. I also hope the meeting that was canceled today till monday is formality and has zero to do with the rv but i am convinced the information that i posted is true. Like i said earlier this can rv at anytime things are completed to dr shabibi's satisfaction . He can say go!!!!!!! Poppy3

Posts Poppy is referring to:

dinar baby] 1-20-2012 Okie_Oil_Man According to sources, sunday an announcement will be made by a top official in the usg [United States government] regarding the new banking regulations to be implemented on a world wide basis. Those speculating on a next week cash in may be nearer right than even they know...i fully expect upon confirmation to be able to share with you perhaps as early as sunday the real meaning of the announcement to the average person would mean nothing but to the dinar investor will mean everything. I will confirm before i call the r/v...KEEP IN MIND THE RATE OF KUWAIT AND REMEMBER THAT IRAQ WILL BE A LITTLE HIGHER INITIALLY.

[dinar baby] DR. T: I don't know if this has been posted or not. The meeting yesterday was with the UST, IMF and the IRS. Decisions were made on the banking rules, etc., posted to all banks internationally, and the release should be later today or tomorrow according to my source. That is all I know so far.


  [CountryGirl59] DR. T: I don't know if this has been posted or not. The meeting yesterday was with the UST, IMF and the IRS. Decisions were made on the banking rules, etc., posted to all banks internationally, and the release should be later today or tomorrow according to my source. That is all I know so far DR. T: As far as I know, not any rates, although it has been purported to have increased near 45%, and it is unknown on what formula that is based. The release of the RV is what is suggested to be released today or tomorrow.


[debtarheelgirl] DAN STATES - What I like about that news is influential and powerful people trying to make this happen as fast as they can. Whether today or Monday, I'm happy its this close. Henry confirmed our news and he said yes you are on tract key thing is its going even faster than YOU know !!


1-21-2012 SWFloridaGuru:.Don't be discouraged by negative articles. They are just the author's opinions and don't necessarily represent the government's plan. For every negative article, I could show you 10 positive ones. There is a basis for a revaluation of the IQD. Iraq is an economic giant! Countries like the U.S. and China who have huge amounts of dinar in their central banks are investing heavily in Iraq and aiding in their development. Foreign currency speculators have been expecting a revaluation of the IQD for over 8 years. The IQD is expected to be revalued alongside the same foundation that the Kuwaiti dinar was revalued after the 1st Gulf War. The Kuwaiti dinar fell from its pre-conflict levels and when oil production restarted the foreign currency regained all its original value. Investors holding the Kuwaiti dinar at that time noticed profits of over 3000% on their investment. Many financial professionals (not gurus) are speculating that this shall be an asset with an extremely high profit potential. Don't expect to see the details of this plan outlined in black and white. Although there have been some documents that have leaked out, it is imperative to this plan to keep it from the general public. As Shabibi has stated, he can't tell us when or if they will RV but they have already made a decision and the only question is when to implement. Be encouraged; we believe that time is now!


Med says to (08:07:51):
He explained in a press statement: "The stages of the deletion of zeros from the currency, divided into three phases, first phase, lasting six months to provide services printing, while the second phase of the introduction of two currencies at the same time, and will last six months to pull the old currency and the survival of the new currency."

Med says to (08:08:04):
He added: "The role of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives is mainly carried out only on the detailed mechanism and delete the zeros, indicating that the Committee met with the Governor of the Central Bank has been the study of deletion of zeros Bjanabih negative and positive."

38CABO says to (08:08:16):
now that is great

Med says to (08:08:21):
He said: "The detailed explanation by the Central Bank, dispelled the fear of inflation, washing and financial fraud, asserting that" the existence of agencies and committees are able to control these problems that occurred. "

Med says to (08:08:36):
Ok this explains where we are at it seems right now.....I will take it apart so you can understand.....The stages of the deletion of zeros from the currency are divided into three phases:

Read More


[DinarWishes] UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! Sunday night late into Monday morning Early is a Great Window of Opportunity!!!! this is for those who missed it... 9:10 am

[booyahoohoho] DinarWishes DinarWishes so another "window" means still not definite, right? so many windows have come and gone, hate to say it but today i feel like smashing some windows

[DinarWishes] booyahoohoho I will never "call" it... But Im being advised to look for it Sunday night late Early Monday Morning....

[..tigger1] DinarWishes do u have any info on generational wealth or do i just goggle it?

[DinarWishes] ..tigger1 Generational wealth is just that.... It will exist to perpetuate the Generations of your Family to come.... Eventually it becomes OLD money.....


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