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6pm, January 23rd, 2013   


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STRYKER: The only thing really holding up this Currency & Monetary Reform is the Political Problems the country of Iraq is going thru right now.

The rest of the crisis were behind Iraq as pointed out by an article dated January 7, 2013 wherein they said that they were posed to change the Monetary System but with all the political issues and protestors they were postponing it until further notice, or something like that.

We have the article here in the thread I believe about the Dinar Daddy Radio Show that I was on, I closed with that article if you would like to read it.

Anyway the point I wanted to make was that there are countries that are helping Iraq emerge from this political crisis because of the International impact these demonstrations and political unrest have on the international perception of Iraq, most importantly by the international currency traders.


[spiritfilled] mention anywhere that I can find that the IMF is going to extend the Iraq standby arrangement which ends Feb 23rd..anyhone seen anything on that

[mbillions] spiritfilled Not yet...

[~healthy3] good afternoon all. I'm just stopping in for a minute while on break. It is still looking good. woohoo

[spiritfilled] well is is 9:34 pm in Iraq so their time is running out for renewal which is good for us I think because it means no more loans at this juncture so more reason for a rv soon

 [spiritfilled] Of course if it reads must renew 30 days prior, then their last chance would be tomorrow by midnight since there are 31 days in January..don't know how it reads, but you would think if they were going to do it, it would have already been mentioned

[WCW] i think that the USA has been the hold up for this blessing. things are moving forward now. our blessing is coming we wait and see GOD is going to pour his blessings out on us in his timing

[spiritfilled] WCW Glad to hear it ...Amen

[spiritfilled] FYI the publish date for the next UN posting is Jan 30...effective Feb 1st..of course it can happen at any time that is just the basic schedule

Papa Bear] Wcw great post

[mbillions] spiritfilled Are you speaking of the operational rates?


National Prayer call Posted by DebTarheelgirl

Dinar Investors!

Join us tonight, Jan. 23, 10pm EST ... for the next Dinar Prayer Call

Conference Line: 1-805-360-1000 Code: 1016947#

Feel free to forward to other Dinar Intercessors


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Financial Intel: by Drake 1-22-2013   HUGE assets and MONEY from the imperial families are in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Specifically, China, Japan, Indonesia.
The new China Government is to change it all in 8 weeks time (?) so people are moving stocks...JP Morgan is having a huge issue as all their customers are moving their Gold (AU) now QUICKLY...

All the families mentioned above and Morgan included are very nervous because everything they have falls under the Xing Dynasty.
The Real Buddha, The Empress of the Xing Dynasty Empire is nearing return and showing all parties that the thievery must stop now!

She is responsible for the rightful arrests of those in Hong Kong involved in the outright theft of the Xing Dynasty Royal Assets and the firing of many top Chinese Officials.

The below posts were in our 10am email


    Med says to (23:19:19):    HEY

    Sparky says to (23:22:08):    Med in your ealier chat..what is PPO

    cdjsilver51 says to (23:22:13):    how do you think this thing with maliki will play out. They are talking about being ready for the interogation soon. whatever that means

    Med says to (23:22:21):    WHAT IS A PPO

    Sparky says to (23:22:51):    ya I think thats what it was


    cdjsilver51 says to (23:22:54):    i wondered the same thing

    Med says to (23:23:06):    WONDERED WHAT

    Sparky says to (23:23:07):   Ok   I have to keep all these abrev. straight

    Med says to (23:23:58):    WAIT    THERE ARE TWO ?    DO YOU KNOW BOTH


This is the third in a series of articles to follow about paper currency - Some have asked what these articles have to do with the Iraqi Dinar investment - Although they may not have a "direct" correlation or relevance in some folk's opinion - we do find the articles interesting and add to our overall knowledge base -

We will be adding - as we have in the past - more articles for Post RV  benefit which will cover investments - security issues - banking - and professional financial  advisers info - Thank  you for  your continued interest and comments - The Recaps Team

What Type of Paper is Money Printed On?  By Brian Westover, eHow Contributor

The paper found in dollar bills isn't like the paper in your printer. In one sense, it may not be paper at all. Where most paper is made with wood pulp, the paper found in printed money uses none. Instead, currency paper is mostly made up of cotton and linen, materials more commonly used for making cloth.

Currency Paper

   This cloth-like paper, sometimes called rag paper to distinguish it from the regular wood-pulp variety, is far more durable than your regular sheet white bond. Since a bill will spend its days being folded, crumpled, and stuffed into pockets, wallets, and machines, this durability is essential.


(6) The central bank is required to intervene to maintain cash reserves and stop the deterioration suffered by the Iraqi dinar and determine the value of reciprocity versus Nzirath of foreign currency, commensurate with the huge assets that you have to believe the Iraqi currency stability and confidence as the key currency in the financial trades.

**** The central bank is required to intervene to maintain cash reserves YES IT IS

**** stop the deterioration suffered by the Iraqi dinar BY GOING TO A FREE MARKET FLOAT

**** determine the value of reciprocity versus Nzirath of foreign currency, ?????

**** commensurate with the huge assets that you have to believe the Iraqi currency stability HUGE, THEY CAN SAY THAT OVER AND OVER....HUGE, I LIKE IT...

**** confidence as the key currency in the financial trades. I SAID THAT THE US STATEMENTS WERE PROPAGANDA TO BUILT CONFIDENCE IN THE IQD....


2013/01/22  Monetary policy and its consequences on the Iraqi dinar

D. Accustomed Naji al-Hamdani

(1) Seen monetary and fiscal policy since 2003 a major shift in the banking sector has taken the Iraqi government some necessary measures derecognition foreign exchange controls and the lifting of restrictions on the movement of trade, capital and support and encourage private companies in the banking sector to move from a system exchange controls system to the open market as one requirements of a market economy.

 And the Central Bank of Iraq as Iraqi state bank, which formulates monetary policy, he dealt with this policy. Under this approach open to the capitalist West, monetary policy assumes Iraqi currency float and be subject to the law of demand and supply and non-interference in determining the exchange value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies, including the dollar. Currencies cash exposure in the markets as exposure to any items of other commodities which practically leads to monetary instability.

Demand and supply that determines the value of the currency. Accordingly, it is expected that the Iraqi currency is exposed to more pressure because of the inflamed political crisis and instability that leads to security stagger markets and rising prices of goods and services and go about asking for more than the dollar. (Recaps Note - All Caps are Stryker's Comments)

STRYKER BREAKDOWN HOT OFF THE PRESSES * Seen monetary and fiscal policy since 2003 a major shift in the banking sector has taken the Iraqi government some necessary measures derecognition foreign exchange controls ....... WELL THIS IS TALKING ABOUT ALL THE PROGRESS


[flashing]  well today they closed a major issue of ch 7 and as i said this morning assuming they have valid agreements on borders and on navigation at khor Abdullah , i think we are very close to the transfer.

[BLESSME] Flashing any news from dealers

[flashing] BLESSME expecting anytimenow

[ram1] flashing Do you believe the transfer is done and they are waiting for a certain time to announce it?

[flashing] ram1 no

keiji] flashing what rumors you hearing from sources?

[flashing] keiji i heard about a rv of certain currencies scheduled for feb 1

[wolverine7] flashing That's too far ahead, need it now. lol

 [Pearlnoir] flashing I need my money before that day... lol

[flashing] Pearlnoir me too :

[burk50] Good rumor but what do u say Flashing?

 [massman1] flashing what about Erbil? Doesn't that have to be in place?


Wangdang Tuesday Evening Conference Call


PLAY BACK 530-881-1399   PIN 894786

99 Minutes

The below posts were in our 10pm email


1-22-13 Mountainman: Last year there were 3 instances we saw early 2013 (January) as a possible date for the CBI to make their move introducing the new currency.

Let's pray that Turki was installed to implement that plan on schedule and there are no more delays. I think this may finally be "our time" and Iraq's.

1-22-13 Butifldrm: If they pass the Federal Court Law, one of Maliki's most valuable tools for oppression, we will see Iraq move forward with great strides.

Maliki has used the Judiciary to purport some of the most horrible crimes in Iraq


You know it is funny one would think that those that have tried to delay this blessing would of given up by now, but they did not,not until today the fact is that the foot came down on them and they were told (to stop it already, enough is enough, we have lost a lot of ground not only in the US but before the eyes of the whole world, we have lost this battle lets face the facts,lets fix things before the eyes of the nation and the world, end quote)

Now this news really made me very happy not only for this blessing but for the needs of the world and of you who deserve the best.

Now there is information these last couple of days about steady place holders on some financial sites, being steady says a lot watch them carefully for if they maintain a steady pace a actual rate may pop up at any moment.

I for one am looking forward to seeing the end if this journey finally and I am sure that that is your thought to. And like Churchill said " After trying everything else the Americans will do what is correct at the end."

Be bless and Happy Journeys.... Bluwolf


 [Shining] Hope everyone is in good spirits tonight!!  if not, you should be .  I'm hearing really, really good things

oucrazy] Shining . . . is we close??

[Shining] oucrazy we are CLOSE very very very

[Shining] I'll let TerryK spill the beans, I know he knows what I know lol

 [angelbabies28] Shining he said 24 hrs do you concur

Shining] angelbabies28 absolutely!  if everthing holds we should be very happy campers this week

[janicemulvaney] Shining lets pray it holds

[oucrazy] Shining. . .do you still forsee a big change on the political landscape?

 [Shining] oucrazy yes I do, we will see many things happen in a fairly brief amount of time

 [oucrazy] Shining . awesome. . was really disappointed when we didn't see it early this week.

[Shining] oucrazy all good things come in time. We just have to be patient as this is an enormous undertaking that has been worked on for 20 years

[goodgrins] so this will be over this month shining

[Shining] goodgrins some of it will be, but more should follow in the weeks to come

goodgrins] will the rv be over

[Shining] goodgrins I'm hearing very positive for this week


The Big Call With FootForward Tuesday Recording Link and Replay #'s


Replay 1-559-726-1159    123456#

76 Minutes

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