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Vic1 OOM Chat - Post By Rcsugar OOM Forum
Footforward 3S's Intel Chat - Post By Taildragger
FREEWAY BILL~ Finding the Real Truth is a major task at this point (RV-Now post at PTR)
Jonnywg in 3S's chat posed in the forum by Asells late Mon night
Monday Night Studly chat posted by Highhopes at PTR Forum
The below posts were in our 10pm email
SUDDEN WEALTH: avoiding 12 Deadly mistakes! (posted by Highhopes at PTR Forum)
Dinar Recaps and Bank Packages
Wise Words - "COMMON SENSE"
Soonerfan Chat - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
The BEST PTR Call Notes from Monday's 6pm Call
6pm (ET) PTR CC Audio Player, Recording Link and Replay #'s
Okie & Bulldog75 posted in OOM chat on Mon evening by Bulldog75
Jonny - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum...[jonnywg] hi all
Bluedog - Post By TamRon400 G.E.T. Forum

Vic1 OOM Chat - Post By Rcsugar OOM Forum
VIC1 LATE NIGHT CONVERSATION 1/23/12   Today at 1:16 am    

Polymath:   you aint rich ....yet.....its coming....maybe yes no sorta
tonight...or tomorrow....what the heck..when it comes your life changes....if it doesnt....it doesnt....get over it

vic1 to Polymath:   Explain... IF IT Doesn't... Mean? I'll Help you when you reply!

vic1 to Polymath:    Hello MOD'S... and Family! I'm waiting for answer....

vic1:    Howdy ALL! Just watching some good conversation...

vic1 to Polymath:   Okay ,,, Now watch this! WOULD you SELL ALL your Dinar to me CASH right now... If I offered you 1 to 1 NOW... forget tomorrow!

vic1 to Polymath:   USD CASH ... Cash on the barrel HEAD!

vic1 to Polymath:  Maybe so... However in ALL IN POKER ... I do NOT Play around! My OFFER IS cash any amount! Witnesses are Watching... The POINT I'm  Making... Wanna SEE iT?

vic1 to Polymath:    My POINT want it?

vic1 to Polymath:  Ok... I'm A Friend not a FOE... When Hope is ALL a man has ...
DO Not Take it away at any PRICE! My point coming

vic1 to Polymath:   George Soros... know who he is?

Polymath:    billionaire currency trader that would trade his grandmother for gold

vic1 to Polymath:    Amen!
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Footforward 3S's Intel Chat - Post By Taildragger
Times shown are AST
11:55 PM [footforward] everything is still ok. i can share something with you guys. the rv was supposed to happen sunday, monday, and today. does that give anyone any indication of where we are at? and like it was actually planed to go off and have people cashing out..

11:55 PM [footforward] sfmhi but my friend you can. i always find time for those that matt

11:56 PM [footforward] you guys want to know where its at. its very much a good vs evil thing. satan doesnt want this to happen. well he does, and he doesnt all at the same time. i think most of you know where im going with that..

11:58 PM [footforward] Gandalf you could. and it would fit. its one of those times where i wish i could share EVERYTHING i know

11:59 PM [footforward] Texascowman you know how i roll. ive always been able to back up everything ive said except produce the RV
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FREEWAY BILL~ Finding the Real Truth is a major task at this point (RV-Now post at PTR)
FREEWAY BILL~ Finding the Real Truth is a major task at this point 

Well folks, we have just went through a weekend where we absolutely knew that the RV was coming and would arrive any moment. Tony, Dan and Gary knew it ..... Jonnywg, Bella Grits and I knew it ..... Studley, BWM and all of the rest of the intel gatherers knew it. ..... but here we set on Monday night and we still have no RV?

So, after many calls and all of the sources questioned, we have come to the conclusion that there is STILL NO NEGATIVE NEWS OUT THERE that says that the RV is not about to arrive... The time is right, the situations are right and it is now the REAL time for an RV.

We have CLAIMED IT and this will not go on very much longer.... Iraq has to get this done because they need it, China needs it and so on.... We had the CBI website down for 6 hours + and meetings were going on in every major bank in the country preparing for this event.

Keep calm my friends as this Blessing will come ... maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, but we will NOT be waiting long! Be prepared as you do not want to wait until the last minute to prepare... Lawyers and Accountants will see you the first appointment for free to offer you their services long term.... YOU ARE NOT PREPARED to handle this kind of money without them!

I pray that everyone will be able to hold onto this blessing for decades and generations to come...

GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU, Love out to all and remember all of the promises that you made ..... HE does! GIVE FORWARD and be blessed even more!


Jonnywg in 3S's chat posed in the forum by Asells late Mon night
[jonnywg] from ~ jodi every day an opportunity comes up.................. we are in a position that there is no reason that we should not rv shortly

[ChrisB] jonnywg do you have any idea whether talabani had his meeting and the minsters are in place. Seems many think there are still things to be voted on . Can you comment?

[jonnywg] ChrisB talibani just had back surgery in germany

[jonnywg] talibani is not done yet

[jonnywg] ChrisB they have communications in germany.....he will return shortly

[ChrisB] jonnywg I know and it seems there was a meeting to take place that was importance upon his arrival back in Iraq. He was have all the votes in Parliament regarding numerous issues including Maliki.

[hawaii50] Jonnywg, do you know anything about the US dollar in the list of currency?

[jonnywg] hawaii50 usd is base so it is ok to start........... then who knows

[madi] Jonnywg do you think this will go unti feb??

[jonnywg] madi cant as libia is next

[GO-GO-RV] jonnywg. This question maybe out there, but since we have been told over and over again that this is going to happen today, tomorrow, today, tomorrow, could this possibly go until March or April?

[jonnywg] GO-GO-RV while anything is possible.............no money for iraq in budget to spend
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Monday Night Studly chat posted by Highhopes at PTR Forum


[Studley] how is everyone tonight???

[Studley] I can only stay on for bout 20 min, I hope everyone is ok

[Studley] I can't really give an update, lots of info I can't put out, but I can say we are at a breaking point, lots of action at the agencies, banks are begging for this to be over, AGAIN, I WOULD NOT GET INTO THE TODAY TOMORROW ROLLERCOASTER

Studley] sln... I really can't.... there are lots of bad info out in dinar community.... I would stick with the basics of currency play.... no one will know when this is coming.... we are nearing the end... should have already happened....

[Studley] shaby.... yes, lots of misinformation.... they do that to purposely keep the speculators away from the exact target

[HeIsFaithful] Studley Thanks for sharing....appreciate your attitude.

Studley] cantwait.... that Act relates to sophisticated investor laws... it is very complicated... you should have your financial advisor explain the ground rules

[Studley] Robinhood... oil is a small part of this... as long as it stays above 85, we are ok

Studley] bowie... stick with the fundamentals.... sorry guys I gotta take this call... I'll be back... stay strong.... part of the plan is to get you to release your dinars.... look at the big picture... they have to rv... they need a tradeable currency

Difficulty is the soil in which all manly and womanly qualities best flourish; and the true worker, in any sphere; is continually coping with difficulties -- His very failures, throwing him upon his own resources, cultivate energy and resolution; his hardships teach him fortitude; his successes inspire self-reliance --W Matthews

A new Wise Words page has been  updated -- Check it out -- Please post your comments - thanks

Here is the  link :  WISE  WORDS LINK

The below posts were in our 10pm email
SUDDEN WEALTH: avoiding 12 Deadly mistakes! (posted by Highhopes at PTR Forum) 

SUDDEN WEALTH: avoiding 12 Deadly mistakes!

(this might be a good article to print out)

Read More For the Report


(We posted this 2 weeks ago, but continue to get emails from people asking about them.) 

As you probably know, Dinar Recaps posts stories from 10-12 different Dinar Forums. In the past few weeks we have posted stories about "Bank Packages" from 3-4 different Forums.

After a RV, Dinar Recaps will still be posting stories we find on any public Forum and that is shared with us. This will include any bank package.

If you are not on our email list, we strongly recommend all to be on it. We are not sure, but are considering closing our email list after a RV. If we do, that will be posted on our Blog. LINK TO JOIN email list.

If you want to join the other Forums, you can, we have the major Forums (3 S's, PTR, OOMF) all listed on our BLOG PAGE, in our "Our Friends" section in the right hand column/margin.

DO NOT email Dinar Recaps asking about bank packages, banks with De La Rue machines, which banks will be exchanging, ect ect.  Those questions can be answered AFTER a RV with the posts we make for everyone. Dinar Recaps is not set up to answer personal questions.  Emailing Dinar Recaps your questions that can be answered at the many Dinar Forums is wasting our time, and takes away from the time we have to look for stories to post for everyone.

Comments may be made on this subject and will be posted upon approval - Your participation in sharing your thoughts are welcomed and will be enjoyed by many  - Thank You

Common Sense is, of all kinds, the most uncommon -- It implies good judgment, sound discretion, and true and practical wisdom applied to common life -- Tryon Edwards

One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it -- Persian Proverb

Fine sense, and exalted sense, are not half as useful as common sense -- there are forty men of wit to  one man of sense -- He that will carry nothing about him but gold, will be every day at a loss for readier change -- Pope

To act with common sense according to the moment, is the best wisdom I know ; and the best philosophy is to do one's duties, take the world as it comes, submit respectfully to one's lot; bless the goodness that has given us so much happiness with it, whatever it is; and despise affectation -- Walpole

Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done -- C E Stowe

"Knowledge, without common sense," says Lee, is "folly; without method, it is waste; without kindness, it is fanaticism; without religion, it is death" But with common sense, it is wisdom; with method, it is power; with charity, it is beneficence; with religion, it is virtue,and life, and peace -- Farrar

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Soonerfan Chat - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
4:13 PM [elvisgirl] soonerfan62 Are the UST staying in lockdown until RV???? So, when they come out we have RV???? thanks tigger

4:13 PM [soonerfan62] elvisgirl They'll be out tomorrow IMO

[soonerfan62] There are so many intel people that have helped you guys out for months or even years that a a lot more deservent and I would immediately contact Jonnywg, OKIE or some one that has been busting their *bleep* (sorry) for a lot longer than me. I am just glad to be a part of the team and can bring something

[Hebrews11:1] soonerfan62 - In your opinion, what is the role of the UST and why are they still in lockdown at this final hour? Thanks!

4:29 PM [soonerfan62] Hebrews11:1 IMO to get all the rates entered for a frieken RV

[soonerfan62] Guys just know you have made it through your last RV weekend, and I trulu,truly believe that

aceman] soonerfan62 do you think the chinese banks being closed for the week will affect this?
4:32 PM [soonerfan62] aceman No they will get their money and lots of it

soonerfan62] Hebrews11:1 Could be at the bank on Wed but probable Thrsday 

The BEST PTR Call Notes from Monday's 6pm Call
PTR CALL 1-23-12  TONY.and Dan   
By DebTarheelGirl 

DAN STATES - Lots of craziness came out this weekend - 4-5 weeks ago we heard that this was over and we heard various rumors and we got excited and thought this revalue as it was finally coming to an end... we saw it wrapping up and we got excited and now where is it?

DAN STATES - we see this as an hourly watch as nothing is left to happen - the currency movement is happening on the CBI which will continue -this is not calling it for this hour or this day - but we are saying it is any hour and any time any day

DAN STATES - today we were like what is going on? - the positive part is even tho negative news is out there we understand you are frustrated - we keep hearing its over and we are still here till its over - that's rough on some and the expectations are so high and YES It is about to conclude - positive things are still going on today - every day we are moving forward -  lots of things are going on and we will be here for you till this goes...

DAN STATES - These boards are currency boards not religious boards and not political boards - we are here about finances - you can say hallelujah and you are praying but no detailed discussions - end of story -we are a financial board like real estate talk etc...

TONY.. STATES - there is a lot of news - it still is happening - nothing was stopped and all is still excited - we will see some announcements tomorrow in Iraq which we were talking place and some say NO RV till these announcements and they are scheduled for tomorrow = Christine LeGarde and the IMF funds and where it going to come from was stated by her today - 

TONY.. STATES - Obama, Bernanke & Geithner were to speak over the weekend and they did not do that & it may still happen not sure if before the RV or after -& the state of the union may come after the RV or before the RV - the IMF is supposed to do some things tomorrow or Wed re: the economy - the world will change for the better - even if you have this money you need to watch out some things that are happening now...after LeGarde's speech- it may take place - we heard the RV was delayed due to funny things -and due to the Chinese New year - TONY.. States we do not believe it was not delayed for that - banks can either be open or closed for this that does not matter it will show up -

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6pm (ET) PTR CC Audio Player, Recording Link and Replay #'s
Playback Number PTR Call 

Monday, 1/23/12 @ 6 PM EST 

760 569 7699   Pin 425143 # 

Freeconferencing Playback 84 min    LINK 

Okie & Bulldog75 posted in OOM chat on Mon evening by Bulldog75




Jonny - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
[jonnywg] hi all............... i am back because like you i am disturbed at the happenings and find comfort here with my friends................... i cannot explain yet why we are not cashing in..............

.it appears all is done and ready but yet we wait.............. i have faith that we will find the answers .....good or bad.............. 

thanks for the continued support/////////////////////////// from you the members and a great team of allstars.......the mods

Daytona] jonnywg ... It reminds me of what Studley has been saying for weeks... no one knows the exact day or the hour! Keep the faith!

[jonnywg] Daytona yes not even studly 

Bluedog - Post By TamRon400 G.E.T. Forum
Bluedog 4:00 pm EST on 1/23/2012   � on: Today at 04:03:02 PM �

[bluedog] Hi
[bluedog] just popped in for a short bit I have to things to post

[bluedog] UN envoy: the remaining compensation to Kuwait might invest in Iraq ............
 Mon, 23/01/2012 1:28 ........... UN envoy to Iraq, told AFP that Iraq and Kuwait, thinking to re-invest the remaining war reparations on Baghdad for the benefit of its southern neighbor, the Fund invests in Iraq. Iraq continues to pay five per cent of its oil revenues to meet the $ 18 billion dollars in compensation by the residual of Kuwait.....

For the benefit of the people of Iraq ......................... Said Martin Koppel Special Representative of the Secretary-General that �there is a proposal on the table provides the remaining funds to invest in Iraq�. 
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