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6pm, January 27th, 2013   


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Published Tables & Expense Ratios of Iraqi Budget
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Frank26 and KTFA Forum members Tidbits and News Sunday Afternoon
News, Rumors and Opinions in Dinarland Sunday Morning
The below posts were in our 11am email
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Part 1 BondLady & Member Chat - Post From BondLadys Corner
Ten Money Lies We Tell Ourselves
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News, Rumors, and Opinions Saturday Night in Dinarland
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This post was submitted by Walkingstick from KTFA and goes with Franks post LINK
Included with this article is a PDF file of the Iraqi Budget

Obelisk published tables actual expense ratios of the budgets of the ministries and provinces until November 30

Published on Sunday, December 27 2 / January 2013 19:17 | Written by: mg-ar | | |

B adenosis / obelisk: reveal "obelisk" document obtained a copy of which show ratios Exchange budgets allocated to the ministries and institutions of the Iraqi government, as only the percentage of completion total of 26%, which several experts economy true indication that there is negligence on big projects meaning that 24420743 million Iraqi dinars will be rotated out of the previous year's budget.

Document titled (Table 20) and are referred to as "adjusted annual allocations and the actual bank up to 30/11/2012", shows that exchange rates were low compared to the amounts allocated quantities within the budgets of all the institutions.
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Greetings and Salutations;

The gears on the world change over are engaging. You will hear with your own ears, very shortly. There was a 'come to jesus' meeting at the white house a couple of weeks ago that laid down the gauntlet on us politicians. Nothing like being told, 'we are about to move ahead and cast the us adrift to fend for itself'.

In other words, the world needs it's stuff and weren't putting up with the us egos holding everything up. Every ** doc has been signed and left no reason to hold back from flipping this world on it's head. Some have set themselves up to be sent to undisclosed locations, oh well, not like they weren't warned.

If you're looking for the sense of that, just remember, some folks don't believe fat meat's greasy. Which means 'reason' is beyond their capacity, like a mule with blinders, side vision is not real strong with them, need a club to get their attention.
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Frnk26: TEAM ......DELTA.....NEWSHOUNDS............WE HAVE A BUDGET........LOOKS LIKE WITH RATE. NEED HELP..................LOOK............. NOW !!!

KTFA, Frank


Frank26: TY Friend.
WS gave me the 2013 budget weeks ago with numbers. In fact......... He just re-posted it.
But right now............ We see calculations.Monday's CC will be nuts !!!
KTFA, Frank

Frank26: IRAQ....... NOW ...... takes on NEW WORLD acquired debt. For a POWERFUL reason. 10 plus years they have asked others to pay their global bills. NOW........ They want to impress INVESTORS and show that THEY ALONE can pay their OWN world debt. How? By taking care of their CITIZENS via 2013 budget and ............ INVESTORS.Look at what the CBI is doing with The World! Soon ..........You will see more money .........More accounts..........More Stuff that will answer the qt........ Where is the new rate?

You are looking for an RV. Not I. I am .............. Looking at it.

Be Strong and then............ Stronger!
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[trebor1859] seems to be a frustrating day yesterday with several gurus calling for it yesterday and then no appearance from them. I will credit flashing that he did come in. Typical Saturday.

[buybyeby] SGD3 yes. his sources still excited. One comment by a dealer not positive but flashing did not agree with him.

[SGD3] buybyeby Well, as long as there is hope.....

[tornado] I don't see a budget and an RV at the same time,this is 2 separate events............

[buybyeby] SGD3 always hope. I like flashing because he brings his conclusions backed up by news stories so that all can follow the logic. They are however his conclusions. We still have to weigh them in light of everything else we hear and hope.

[burk50] What was that Bloomberg report last night ? Something about revalues ,wasn't it .?

[sananddan24] Burks50 yes it is at the end of BWM post in recaps

[burk50] With Iraq going International on several fronts ,lots of investors coming to Iraq,how can they not have a tradable currency,their own currency worth something??

[buybyeby] burk50 great question! your conclusion?
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The below posts were in our 11am email


ATTENTION MEMBERS: Because of severe bashing and online bullying we respectfully request that you do not take our chats to dinar vets website . Thank you. admin @ BLC and DINAR RECAPS

Baghdad (news) .. According to Executive Director of the Association of private banks Abdulaziz Hassoun, that the central bank face a letter to the banks to develop their work through the introduction of modern systems and the use of technological banking. said Hassoun (of the Agency news): The Central Bank issued a decision committed by all private banks and government using banking systems developed to be able to to keep abreast of developments in the international banks.

added: that this decision will help to develop the banking sector and to enter the competition in global markets, plus it will help to attract foreign investments and contribute to the development process. mentioned that the banking system in Iraq consists of forty-three banks as well for the central bank and distributed according to ownership between (7) government and banks (30) Al Ahli Bank, including (7) Islamic banks, in addition to (6) of foreign banks

[BondLady] The Central Bank issued a decision committed by all private banks and government using banking systems developed to be able to to keep abreast of developments in the international banks. added: that this decision will help to develop the banking sector and to enter the competition in global markets, plus it will help to attract foreign investments and contribute to the development process.


ATTENTION MEMBERS : Because of severe bashing and online bullying we respectfully request that you do not take our chats to dinar vets website . Thank you. admin @ BLC and DINAR RECAPS

[BondLady] lets do the whole article because its awesome ! i think they may have had a secret agreement per the hcl and its just not voted or it's not announced yet

The draft law of oil and gas .. Back der! The time on Saturday, December 26 2 / January 2013 09:40. Baghdad / Orr News After 5 years of putting up his first project, is still the law of oil and gas at a standstill, because of political differences around him especially between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

But Baghdad and Erbil had passed away, although not to adopt this draft law in contracts with various international oil companies. With regard to the draft law of oil and gas, said a member of the National Alliance and a member of the Oil and Gas Committee parliamentary Furat al-Shara, that the Commission "has worked hard over the past year that are approved oil and gas law Almarkon in parliament since 2007 the end of 2012, but political crises successive

The reason for non-approval. " Shara pointed out that "the Commission is determined after the completion of the financial budget to work on the adoption of this law this year," he said, adding that "the adoption of this law comes in importance second only to the Iraqi constitution." He added that "differences on the law confined between different on articles 112, 114 and 116, which related to the acquisition and distribution, administration and the Federal Council."


Ten Money Lies We Tell Ourselves  By Donna_Freedman Jan 16, 2013

Financial fibs can derail your efforts to pay off debt and save money. It's time to stop rationalizing, justifying and shifting blame.

A personal finance blogger named Serena recently listed the "Top 5 lies we tell ourselves about our money."

Only five?

 Compared to some people she's doing pretty well. But comparison isn't a good idea, as Serena notes with Lie No. 3: My $5,000 credit card debt isn't that bad -- some people's debt is $30,000.

"Why not compare (yourself) to people doing better?" she asks.

Excellent question.


hootie123: BWM other than it never happening... What is your Worst case scenario?

BWM: oh you had to go there... sneaky sneaky question... BONUS POINTS....

BWM: I said my worst case scenario back in november... and we haven't reached it yet... if it does... we'll have a serious conversation in which i'll prolly step away for some time... I hope we don't come to that... the serious conversation part... I hope I'm gone real soon rofl

HeIsFaithful: For someone who is new, what would be the "bare bones" plan they should be working on to be prepared for this event?

BWM: get numbers together for ppl you need to call immediately upon learning of an RV... prioritize... make sure you take care of your family and yourselves FIRST (I know that selfish but the time has come to reward your patience and perseverance) what do you NEED? tax professionals (have other options in case you don't like the ones at the bank) what is your short term, mid term and long term plans... be prepared to sit down with a wealth manager and EXPLAIN IN DETAIL WHAT YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH WITH THIS MONEY...


BWM: ok i'm sure there are a number of questions that you want to ask tonight... and I'll do my best to deal with them

BWM: while this is a chance for newbie's to jump in on questions... I don't want to discourage anyone from asking things you want to deal with

BWM: if you are looking for a date and rate... well you're new... we're glad you're here but we don't do the hype for date so sorry if you'll be disappointed...

BWM: ok... we're heading into moderated mode at this time... Thanks for being here and hopefully you'll get something informative out of our conversation tonight...

BWM: alright... please submit your questions now....

queenmother4: Will budget trigger rv as so many are saying?

BWM: queenmother4 my theory with the budget is sort of like the thought process with Chapter 7... many say you will see the budget announced and then an rv... my thought process is that we COULD see an RV before the budget but if we see a budget before we hear about an rv, if it wasn't almost simultaneous, it could be a bad thing for us...


Topic: 3SIntel CLASS Tonight 8PM CST with BWM - "just like starting over" for newbies and new visitors to the site


[okrocks] seems we are all here waiting for the same thing, what are the odds of that? rofl

 [sailman] WCW Hi there buddy -- As my kids always said :::: Are we there yet :)))

 [WCW] sailman hello alot of good things has happend today all that i can say is be ready but no one knows the time

 [spankey] WCW: What's happened 2 day

 [sailman] WCW I say that they may have passed the budget ?? Do oyu have any information

 [WCW] sailman yes passed and ready to read tuesday

 [coffeehound17] WCW - Are you of the impression that the convention in Davos has nothing to do with this investment? Or are there direct or indirect discussions there that are realitive to this investment? Maybe that is a stupid question since you are not in there...but just didn't know what the convention is....

[WCW] coffeehound17 i cant say

 [okrocks] coffeehound17 it is mostly about the effects after rv... the global cummunity imo


[okrocks] Iraq news to us are always behind and slanted... rumor was budget was voted on and approved... maybe other things as well... we can always hope :) I am still just waiting for that one email

[moonchild] the problem with relying on the Central Bankers is that they are basically the Rothschilds and their friends and they do not have the best interest of anyone but themselves in mind. They are the worst of the fraudsters.

[moonchild] what is needed is to get rid of Central Banks. Their owners wanted them in place so that they could create money out of thin air which they then LEND out to the country whose currency it is so that they are perpetually receiving interest on absolutely nothing spent on their part. honestly there is no other word for it than scam or fraud.

xyz)Indonesia may hold the key to a $1 trillion injection into the global economy. That's how much the World Trade Organization believes is riding on talks later this year in Bali, when trade ministers hope to cut through some of the red tape that slows global commerce. Indonesia's Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said that failure is not an option and that a strong effort is being put in to ensure that the WTO meeting in Bali is ``crowned with success".

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