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6pm January 29th, 2016

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Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Friday Afternoon 1-29-16


Iko Ward:  We've got a $2 spread now between WTI and Brent. This is how we used to ride. Galveston is looking normal from a shipping standpoint, but Iran is still blacked out to us little guys. Everyone is still ready ready, I'm talking countries, international business, banks, name it

SoCal :   New York City's ports, the busiest on the East Coast, ground to halt after an "apparent labor walk off," 

 Tank :   Zap said on Tuesday their funds would be available, Bruce said Friday night for "a humanitarian group we would all know." Zap also said funds had been released

Mangelo:  if Iran is supposed to go and they are saying so is Iraq on the 31 st then I am hoping for some kind of craziness tomorrow after 4 pm!!!
Should you buy Iranian Rial?

First let me say I am not a financial advisor or  attorney of any kind. I am just an investor, like you, giving you my honest opinion from my research and current knowledge of the subject matter.

Second let me say it sicken my stomach to see so many people being lulled into purchasing the Iranian Rial inknowing what they are really getting themselves into. STOP FOLLOWING THE HERD AND THINK FOR YOURSELF!

So in my last news letter dated 1/27 ( LINK),  I gave you many reasons as to why you should stay away from the Iranian Rial currency. Some of you will listen and some will be stubborn and get burned. Many have already purchased the currency not really knowing or understanding fully what they are doing.

( Thank you George for emailing this so Recaps can post it.)

UU6863 - "On the Eve of Something BIG " by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

I am beginning my news letter today with some excellent news in a couple articles (see below).

Why is this such good news?

In my last news letter I talked about something really BIG was about to happen. So why do you think they had to have this meeting (see below) ? This was a meeting of all of Iraqi regions. The coming days will tell all.

Something BIG is about to happen!


Posted on January 29, 2015 by David Robinson

By Anna Von Reitz

Reading the many comments on different websites, we realize that many remain confused by the difference in the two currencies. The FEDERAL US DOLLAR (FRN) has nothing to do with the United States of America.

The Federal Reserve Fiat dollar is owned by a private corporation formed in 1913 on Jekyll Island by private individuals.

The "owners" of said corporation called it the US Dollar to cover up the scam of theft of the American people. If you have not realized this by now, we suggest a crash course into the history of the Federal Reserve.
When - not if - the Global Currency Reset occurs, the world will return to a "asset backed" system.

Post From  Chat Room
News With Links & Discussion

Wealthwatch  News & Comments   1-29-16  
Donnie: "The size of the amount sold today reached 150 million, and two thousand dollars at 1182 dinars exchange rate to the dollar, and with the participation of 23 banks and 21 companies for the fiscal conversion."
Donnie: The statement said that "the amounts transferred to the accounts of banks selling abroad is priced at 1190 dinars per dollar, and the cash sales price shall be the price of 1190 dinars per dollar."
Donnie: 1190 sure beats 1230
Donnie: Oil falls after rallying the support of the hopes of cooperation between Russia and OPEC

More News, Rumors and Opinions Friday Morning 1-29-16

TBirdd:  Iko thinks another week is possible.. Oy..

Lotnq8:  bruce from last night said all intel went dark so maybe not another week but sooner

Dyoungdc:  So if Iran is supposed to go on the 31st, should we go as well. I thought Iran/Iraq were supposedly joined at the hip. Or am I getting things mixed up?

TXdinargirl:  youngdc - Yes Iran/Iraq are joined at the hip. The 31st is Iran re-connecting to Swift.

Silverado:  dyo, Iran will be hooking up to the swift system and $ can flow internationally

Dyoungdc:  Oh, so not related to actual reset or not the trigger i mean? 

Txdinargirl:  Correct dyo, but could be a trigger. I have heard before Feb 8th as it is Chinese New Year.

Post From BondLadys Corner

BondLady Chat & Tlm724 Comments  1-29-16

Officials expect revenues exceeding $ 100 billion from the sale of 600 thousand state-owned property 

[BondLady] good morning, I'll come talk to y'all a second while I down this coffee then I need to blaze
[RCS1947] great
[cat] thanks    
[BondLady] I did see something today that could be a game changer for us all

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter

Iko Ward:  So once again the PTB has managed to maintain the illusion, this time by getting the Japanese to go with negative interest rates, causing the dollar and euro to still look strong. Just like their rice paper doors, they look solid, but don't talk too loud and don't play with matches.  And oil is uo to 35...who does that make sense to?

Iko Ward:  We may have one more week of this nonsense before the markets truly crash. The shame of it is so many hard working people are gonna get screwed, and screwed big time, and this all could have been avoided months ago but the fat cats just had to have one more play and go out with another trillion or so.

DeeMoney:  Iko- so that means no live rates until the markets crash?


If This Isn't The Start Of The Crisis, Just Imagine ....

Sovereign Man  Notes From The Field  By Simon Black

January 21, 2016    Santiago, Chile  

  You might have heard of the organization that he used to manage-the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). 

The BIS is often called the central bank of central banks; their role is essentially to facilitate international financial transactions among the world's central banks. 

So they are a major component in the international financial system, just like the IMF and World Bank. 

TNT:   Highlights From The Big Call Thursday Night 1-28-16

Cloudwalker:  Bruce: This is not a true celebration call -- yet. Anything's possible in the next hour or so.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: welcome and we are in a waiting mode

Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Call will probably be just an hour tonight so you can catch the debate if you want to

Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Kent going to pray in call.

Cloudwalker:  Bruce: Today went dark and quiet in terms of information. Sometimes that's good.

Bruce: Need to hold on and trust that it's true.


The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

A humiliating day awaits the Federal Reserve
By John Crudele January 28, 2016

Friday's the day that the Federal Reserve will be embarrassed - yet again.
The Commerce Department, at 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 29, will announce how healthy the US economy was in the fourth quarter - and the answer is expected to be "not so good."
In fact, according to the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, the nation's economy, or gross domestic product, grew at just a 0.7 percent annual rate in the final three months of 2015.

Dinar Updates Member Chat 1-28-16  Part 3 of 3

  Post From Dinar Updates 1-28-16
Excerpts & Highlights

Dinar Updates Member Chat 1-28-16  Part 3 of 3

rcookie says():   The nuclear deal with world powers to end the international isolation of Iran in exchange for limitations on its nuclear program, and will allow it to use frozen balances tens of billions of dollars and re-open the country to foreign investment and allowing it to sell oil again in global markets.
He says President Hassan Rowhani, who led his country's efforts to conclude a nuclear deal that "Iran needs new investments between 30 and 50 billion dollars a year to achieve the targeted economic growth of eight percent."

Dinar Updates Member Chat 1-28-16  Part 2 of 3

rcookie says(): 16 Lubricating preparations, preparations of solving  bolts, stainless appliances, corrosion, Preps   solution templates which lubricants and all material contained in item 34.0 34.03 5%
17 Polishing preparations and putties for footwear, furniture, floors aullarbat aullsgag or metal powders and putties is evident, although in the form of paper or fillers or felt and all materials rose item 34.05           34.05 10%

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[Baghdad - where]  Iraq and Armenia signed on the agenda of Armenian Iraqi Joint Committee, a number of agreements in the field of agriculture and industry.
A statement by the Ministry of Agriculture, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of "the first session of the Iraqi Committee Armenian joint to open the prospects of joint cooperation between the two countries in Baghdad for the period from 26-27 of this month has been concluded,
where he headed the Iraqi side and Agriculture Minister Falah Hassan Zaidan and representatives from some Iraqi ministries while headed the Armenian side and the Minister of the local loop and emergencies Armin Aretsian and Armenian ambassador in Baghdad.


Aggiedad77:  Sorry these notes are a bit tardy Family....hope you enjoy none the less.
Aloha   Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes from Wednesday 01-27-2016

Frank26:  Someone posted on our forum that to buy the Iranian Rial is more of a moral issue....a moral issue really......where were these morals when you bought the IQD....a long time ago in the country of Iran when the Shah of Iran was in control....the Shah was working with the US but he still went about his business with his business....especially with his currency....