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10am, January 30th, 2013   


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[Texas Mama] winalot hi sweet friend! Yoos still cited?

 [winalot] me ears were burnin~!

 [GuttNDuck] Texas Mama, now ask where the RV is?

 [winalot] GuttNDuck should show up today or overnight at the latest

[GuttNDuck] I pray u r right!!

[RindsGuy] winalot I hope it shows up before the weekend. If so, I'll be busy! :)

GuttNDuck] My only concern about it showing up, is what will all of us do with our time, we won't have anything to fuss about then!!!! ��

 [winalot] GuttNDuck u can figure something out, i am sure!

[RindsGuy] From Dinar Guru: 1-29-2013 Intel Guru Winalot I have heard from a couple of bankers that the rates are in the banks and from 1 exchange group. did you guys notice that the IMF did not update today? most of the rates are blank?

[winalot] RindsGuy got an update this mornin... should show up sometime today or tonight at the latest


[flashing] ok let s go to the information. may i please ask u to wait until the end for ur questions?

[flashing] let start with this: Rumors at the end

flashing] as u know i always told u that in order for iraq to be released from ch 7 they need the blessing from Kuwait

[flashing] Today there was an article that confirmed that. Shammari criticizes UN Security Council resolutions that have made Iraq at the mercy of Kuwait

 [flashing] Al-Shammari said in a press statement that "all resolutions issued by the Security Council against Iraq was once home to the international community a state of tension due to hit the laws of the UN Security Council by the former Iraqi president" the wall, "noting that all decisions were within Chapt

[flashing] Shammari surprised "of Security Council resolutions that Iraq will be at the mercy of Kuwait because it linked the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII as soon as the report from Kuwait, he said, adding that this paradox that the discount is deducted and the rule at one time."

[flashing] He explained that "this has made Iraq shackled not to dispose of his money and still resolution deducting 2% of the amounts Iraqi oil revenues go to Kuwait, despite Iraq agreed to provide $ 400 million to Kuwait to get out of Chapter VII, but so far has not been lifted and the waiver More lawsuits against Iraq by Kuwait. "

[flashing] ok i am posting that because without the transfer from ch 7 to ch 6 the rv is not possible.


KAPERONI:  No date, but Google says it was posted 1/29/2013 (6 hours prior to find) based on hits (16) it appears correct.  Links also have embedded date of 1/29.  This is from Kuwaiti paper...

Will return to the country major interest
Economists: decision to delete the zeros from the currency .. Necessity

Iraqi Currency In Need Of A Political Decision To Save Them    By As Rashad

Before the period was announced near the implementation of the decision of the deletion of three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and that the project will be launched early next year and will continue for two to three years. He then appeared other comments announces lingered government to the implementation of this resolution and postponed to another date.


IMO, This article can only be interpreted as a float.  Many of the quotes are from previous interviews for sure.  And the reference to Saleh implies he still was working at the CBI at the time of his comments.   But again, the article itself appears to have just come out...old information or not, it is good information.

The below posts were in our 10pm email


bama] The RV is very much like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Aliens .... lots of people claim to know someone who knows for sure they are real but no one has ever been able to give proof they actually exist

bama] I wonder if we could get the dinar community to collectively start referring to the RV as Bigfoot? lol Seems like a good code name

bama] ok, so when you come in the room, you have to start asking if anyone has seen bigfoot today ....maybe it will catch on!  I think there is even a tv show called "The Search for Bigfoot" lol .... that's what we are all on

[1biz4u] WCW what's the news today?

 [WCW] 1biz4u we wait and see the out come of the meeting with o and china and other world leaders its going on in vegas now

 [1biz4u] WCW ok, thanks


FLASHING 1/29/2013  11:00AM EST

Hi, good morning.

Sorry I was unable to enter chat last night. Excellent news were posted yesterday in several articles:    Iraq State Department meets with UN Rep Bosten and Kuwait Ambassador; Iraq-Kuwait relations on the right line according to ambassador.
    Foreign Undersecretary, Labeed Abbawi, discussed with the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq, George Bosten, the relations with Kuwait and the works of the UN Mission in Iraq.

    In a statement to the press on Sunday, Jan. 27, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that in the meeting, Bosten presented a review of his recent visit to Kuwait, praising the positive bilateral relations and trust building between Iraq and Kuwait, which will work to put an end to the outstanding issues.   
    Foreign Affairs sub minister Labeed Abbawi , expressed during receiving Kuwaiti Ambassador in Iraq Ali Almomin his desire that the upcoming visit of Kuwait Prime Minister, Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Sabah to Baghdad to be paid as soon as possible to support the tireless underway efforts to resolve all common issues 

The below posts were in our 6pm email

Hello PDer's, Sorry for the delay. Tomorrow is the last day for the law makers to submit there financial statements (this includes parliament, ministers, presidents and so on). They have 30 days to submit them and it started January first and ends January 30th 2013. This falls under the integrity law and for those that do not submit there financials they will be investigated under the law.

I for one believe you will have mass resignations. As of January 18th only 162 members submitted there financials, 151 were still holding out. Najaifi, Maliki and a few other high ministers and presidents already submitted there financials mid-January. Most law makers that have not submitted the financials come from Iraqiah (Allawis former bloc). They will probably resign to save themselves.

This is good news for us. The corruption will be limited and this is one way to get rid of them so the country can move forward. The 2013 budget will be transparent and each minister has to report to the integrity committee on the progress of all projects that fall under there juristiction.

I hope this helps. I am sure our members are going crazy trying to figure out why the budget is not activated yet. It will be so don't drive yourselves crazy. One more fact. Unami has completed reviewing the 2013 budget and I believe they put out a short statement a few days ago. This is a good sign. Why you ask? If the budget wasn't ready they would not have reviewed it and put out a statement.

Cheers :))

The Big Call for Tuesday, January 29th with Footforward is at 7 PM ET. Participant Line is 559-726-1150 and Listener Only line 530-881-1150 (no access code is needed for either line). We appreciate your postings and we like to mention our thanks to Recaps for posting our call info. Best regards, Bruce

Hello again fellow Dinarians...I wanted to post an update on the info received from my friend at the bank. But first, I cannot believe how many people have been on this thread! For those of you that left well wishes for my grandpa and the situation there...My sincere Thanks!

The bank involved here has begun, and actually has been for about 6 weeks, putting together an "organized plan" as far as the dinar is concerned.

To the public, their position has not changed...and will not until the revaluation is made public (basically goes international) as far as trading is concerned.

They WILL be involved in the currency exchange, and are dealing with some new stipulations that may go into effect...and I truly hope they dont!

One of these possible "rules" is a limit on the amount an individual will be able to exchange during a certain period of time.

So, if they do indeed place that stipulation on the exchange, those who hold several million could be forced to wait a period before they are able to exchange all that they hold.

[socalcutie] GM All, just thought i'd add some clarification to Cruiser's post. I very much like Cruiser's logical approach as that is also how i try to approach all. You are very lucky as you have many cariing, intelligent people on hear passing along to you info and articles so you can go forth and do your

[socalcutie] Here is reality. Banks are lending, not as much as they used to. Hard to get modification but they are happening. Refi's are happening, O's gov plans are funding. But are they lending on the large scale to corporations, etc, NOT that we are hearing.

[cashinqueen] cruiser i believe is correct this is 100% out of iraqs hands but i think iraqs steps coordinate with when the rv will happen.... so if budget finally does open it means that the rv is ready to finally roll worldwide

[socalcutie] Remember the Fed, which all had to go through is in transition of shutting down right. I'm sure the UST is prepared to move to large scale lending BUT what has happened. New currency!!!!! PP's NESARA, GS funds, that changes the setup a bit right.

[socalcutie] Get off iraq for your own sanitity . Go back to the fed/ust usa!!!!!

[socalcutie] What we do know and have SEEN is that the new bills are repeatedly out in the news in various sources right....... they are telling us they are coming. Never in the middle of a month is it gonna happen. They will be put out at the first of a month. Gov accoiunting is a mess and no way they will break a month. It will start from the beginning of a month. How are wee GOING TO BE PAID?????? in New CURRENCY remember, we've been told that for a long time.
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Frank26: C U on CC tonight KTFA Family............BTW ......... Just as I told You last night.........Who cares about ch7 anymore?....Few...... Because It's waiting for timing and KW only.

Also on CC last night............ Is oil the only thing to back up RV?......... NO!!! What is on top of this OIL?!

GAS and WATER. MORE VALUABLE than oil. Why?

Because it is for Iraq and some countries around them for trade. Infra structure and Commerce growth. Hence The Chamber of Commerce immersed in Iraq NOW. You see.........Commerce is the whole system of an economy that constitutes an environment for business. The system includes legal.... economic.... political.... social.... cultural.... and ...Impacts their INTERNATIONAL status with conditions of a valued currency.

Therefore.............READ ALL ABOUT IT............ Oil yesterday......... GAS today.............WATER tomorrow.

C U in 8.5 clicks.

Aloha Sunshine.
Yes KTFA................ You are my Sunshine in the Morning.
KTFA, Frank

cruiser] burk50 here is the problem with sharing a rumor. After a while it becomes factual, if told to enough people.

[cruiser] burk50 I told all last week why it is soo close. Just some did not want to hear it.

[burk50] Cruiser guess some articles tell how things r lining up, and bank stories some r good cause some do know bank people have as friends I guess ,I just love to hear the big hopim daily like Flashing,WCW Shining ,Steve from other site etc

[cruiser] Mitzi LeGarde's cooment on how the U.S. banks are almost done recapitialising

[buybyeby] cruiser thanks for mentioning LeGarde! everyone has been looking in wrong place for RV imo

[burk50] Cruiser so what does this indicate almost done recapitalizing ?

[cruiser] burk50 articles are proof. Banks stories are just that stories. The less info in them the better. Hopium?? I can do with out. See I understand what is happening, as do others. This is all about the Banks!!! Remember that..
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[Stitch] Josey Wales I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation, UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!! God Bless our troops and all who serve... God Bless the USA!! :

[nolaspice] Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow - that is patience!!!

[WCW] IRSrule205ILCS405 Currency Exchange Act. an exchange is treated as an exchange and not the sale of asset

[best1154] WCW awesome

[Princess M] WCW is this Act new or has it been on the books for sometime??

[WCW] the theme for today and i have to go all intel is good. Today could be the best day of your life

[blessedandhighlyfavored] WCW Exactly we will be doing a currency exhange and there should be NO TAXES involved on currency exchanges IMHO but what do I know lol
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Franks Conference Call Replay w/Delta Monday @ 7 pm est 1/28/13

Call 760 569 7699 pin156996# RUN TIME 137:03 MP3 LINK

No notes from the call have been found so far

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