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11am, January 5th, 2013   


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[cruiser] GM all!! I just wanted to address something about the receipts that was talked about last night and seemed to draw some attention on Recaps, with all of the comments. All I am saying is that you should have your receipts and any other paper work prepared. It was advised to me and I did it. What do I have to lose for having all of my ducks in a row? Nothing!!! It would be terrible if you walked into the bank without it and the person, said sorry, you need to come back when you have them. That would absolutely #%^... Be Prepared!!!! Have a plan!!! You all have been told that for months and now is just as good as any other time to start. IQD, VND or any other currencies you have purchased, should have a receipt. If not get it. One less thing to worry about.

[okrocks] cruiser cruiser what if you do not have all of your reciepts are you too going to say you cannot cash in? I dont agree. cruiser some people cannot get receipts for all of them...I cannot believe any bank would turn down money if they are good bills

[Josey Wales] okrocks POSESSION IS 99% OF THE LAW LOL

[okrocks] Josey Wales what do you think about that? do you think they will say hey even though your bills are good we dont want them???

[MarineMom] okrocks they do not need receipts at the bank. I have already taken some notes to a couple of banks for verification

[randaree] I purchased some on ebay from certified sellers with 100% feed back and then kept the receipt and the envelope it was shipped in and paid with pay pal and my american express. I then copied all the money with the serial numbers and stapled them all in a group.
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[Josey Wales] Good morning and Happy New Year to all. It's great to be back in the saddle. Hoping everyone is doing well and not micro managing this investment. It has, and will drive you crazy. Just know that things are moving forward in our favor, and the new system is in the process. The best thing for all of our mental well being is to look at this, NOT AS A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME", but an investment that needed time to mature.

We all think that every day is our day. One of these days it will be. But until that day comes, keep your emotions in check, treat others with respect, and know that these chat rooms are here to help with information, have dialogue with your fellow investors, and prepare for future financial decisions. They are not here to have people bash and disrespect others. We are all big boys and girls, and you will never get this much information about most other investments as you do with this one.

There is one important fact that cannot be overlooked, and was confirmed over a year ago by some sources near the top of the food chain. "How to process the ever growing number of people invested". This is a major concern to the PTB as well as the banking world. This must be done in an organized methodical way to avoid chaos. These issues are, and have been mapped out to keep order. Keep your life in order as best as you can, and prepare for the day when we will all be in a better place.

[pastored] ok, anyone wanna know what bluwolf had to say on the prayer call tonight? Sure wish all could have been there.

[Shining] pastored of course we do

[pastored] He said the he also was touched by the Lord and that he received the word the blessing is in our hands. His info is, it will be here very shortly and that we all need to keep praying for it. That all holds have been lifted and that we need to be in agreement and degree and declare it and to keep praying. and he said God Blessings be upon all

[diverdown] SteveI, Ray, Ocrush posted: Our personal feelings are that we should see the revaluation in the coming days.

diverdown] [SteveI] I need to go. All I can say is we are right there, and I mean very close. Stay positive. If you have any questions, let me know.

[Maryrose] cruiser are you a happy camper tonight??

[cruiser] Maryrose yes

sananddan24] cruiser what are your thoughts on our position at this present moment?
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1-4-13 Sage449: I personally know that Iraq is working OT on getting its oil up - which causes me to think that Iraq has to RV or whatever sooner over later - and why "hope continues to spring eternal" for me.

1-4-13 Stryker: "Mutlaq called for the resignation of the Iraqi government and conducting early election, provided that a transitional government should prepare coming election."

Either someone is using the protesters keeping him from giving his speech the other day, to cause problems here with an article like this, or Mutlaq has again turned on Maliki.

*** He added that he "will not retreat from his earlier description of Premier Maliki as a dictator." REMEMBER FOLKS, IT WAS Mutlaq THAT FIRST CALLED MALIKI A DICTATOR
Jan 4 6:02 PM [cisco411] Hello castle

[puppylove] cisco411 hello

[HIGHERGROUND] cisco411 we must be came in for a visit.... :bighug: :bighug:

[cisco411] HIGHERGROUND It is safe to say that

[HIGHERGROUND] cisco411 awesome news party time

[cisco411] HIGHERGROUND there is a lot of news to be happy about

[nolaspice] cisco411 rate________________ date________________ roflmao

[HIGHERGROUND] cisco411 that is awesome I am happy happy

[cisco411] nolaspice rate numerical and date will be a day that ends in "Y"

[HIGHERGROUND] cisco411 are we getting ready to go to Higher Ground??

[HIGHERGROUND] cisco411 based on everything out there these past few days....we have got to be at the finish line

[cisco11) according to all the Old time vets we are close and it is based on facts for once
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[Jeff] Got something for all of you to read if you wish regarding currency wars and how this affects employment here:

[Jeff] Currency manipulation has been going on for many years but this article really makes it easy to understand why it is not good

Jester] might be closer than you think but i want you guys to remember a couple of things... so don't go off the deep end here... i only have a few minutes right now to post...

[Jester] there is security to think of... your security... the reason things may be goign the way then are is for those reasons... things are happening but dont be surprised if you dont see them immediately...

Jester] you have to believe the banks would be scared of a mob scene if they just let it out... you are or should be part of the groups which should get an advance email to schedule a meeting to quietly go in and get your deal done.... this way you will be able to avoid the crowd...

Jester] they cannot just announce the thing and expect there to be less than chaos so just remember to keep it quiet to a certain extent and follow the email... if you are not part of any group anyone here that is can tell you where to go...
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(Dinar Recaps Note: This is the article mentioned by PapaBear and Shining here:)

American Taxpayer Relief Act 1-4-12

On January 1, 2013 , President Obama signed into law the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 ( the 2012 Act) that was passed by Congress during the past 72 hours, bringing closure to the main tax aspects of the so-called "fiscal cliff" negotiations that have been ongoing since the November election.

Among the many tax provisions, the 2012 Act makes permanent the $ 5.0 million gift estate and GST tax exemption amount that was put into place temporarily for 2011 and 2012, plus inflation adjustments going forward. The IRS has not yet issued any official guidance for the inflation adjustment for 2013, but in 2012 the inflation -adjusted amount was $ 5.12 million and it appears the inflation-adjusted amount in 2013 will be approximately 5.25 million per person. For married couples in 2013, the aggregate exemption will be twice this amount (i.e. approx 10.5 million). Future years will likewise have similar inflation adjustments.
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The below posts were in our 6pm email

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We also will be posting in our Blog, and at the top of our Blog and Front page a Auto Responder email address to get the same information. You just need to send a email to the NEW email we will post, and you will get a email within minutes with all the information needed AFTER A RV.

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[BOBGETZ6] I think I posted something to the effect yesterday, or the day before, that there should be a lot of activity within our own as well as Iraq's government. With Iraq, there will be a lot going on, like a magic show. The right hand will be moving around a lot, so that you don't notice or are drawn away from what the left hand is doing. All of the activity could well mean that we are very, very close.

[Precious] BOBGETZ6 did you see the Iraq parliment to disolve in 48 hours/on Bloomerg news

[USAREMENTOR] Precious : I am hoping it is a bunch of smoke...

BOBGETZ6] Precious Yes, TY, and that may be part of the right handstuff, don't know..

BOBGETZ6] I think I will check and see if the two cars I want are still available.

[jtolsn] BOBGETZ6 did you get to talk to your frozen freind

[healthscans] BOBGETZ6 are we that close that I need to call the dealership and tell them to go ahead and shine it up? lol

[BOBGETZ6] jtolsn I did, just 20 minutes ago and he alluded to what I just said.
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Their info: GATEKEEPERS -

Live call: 760-569-7676 Pin 378652# Recorded call: 760-569-7699 Pin 378652#

Recap Notes From GATEKEEPERS Call: Notes By: Dinasuperdupermillionaire - Thank You!

1. Kareem: 2013 year of dignity and change in Iraq.

2. Sadr wants a VIOLENT attack against Maliki. He says the Arab Spring COMING and Maliki is GOING.

3. As discussed 2 weeks ago. If Talibani is incapacitated, he must be replaced. Barzani was authorized by Najafi to take over. Barzani may be going to get Hashemi to assume Talibani's position. If so his first order of business is to remove Maliki.

4. Hashemi still provoking protests.

5. Strategic Framework Agreement: USA heavily involved in Iraq and will be for decades to come. We are directing them towards a stable democracy.

(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only. It is not legal, tax or investment advice. Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

[Shining] hello I'm baaaack

[burk50] Shining please tell us it is at hand tooo much pressure for all of us right now thx

[Shining] burk50 it is at hand hun, give it a couple days to show and pray nothing changes

[care888] Shining ..question, the optimum time for this to show would be after the banks close tonight and before they open on monday?

[buybyeby] care888 Wells Fargo is open on Saturdays in many locations

[care888] Shining ...just your opinion

[Shining] care888 yes

[misskitty05] buybyeby Goldman says banks will be open 24/7

[buybyeby] misskitty05 when RV posts for CE, YES!

[Shining] misskitty05 really? have not heard that

misskitty05] Shining yes he made that statement one night and I asked him whether it was fact or his opinion . He said fact

[Shining] misskitty05 wow that would be amazing!!
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[bookings] what is going on in iraq cnn and blookburg is running it at the bottom of their screen that iraq parliament will be disovel in 48 hours. they also reposting that italy ATM machines at the Vatican are all shut down down and they don't know why...

[bookings] bloomburg

[Precious] wow

[bookings] goin4broke goin4broke turn your tv on cnn or bloomburg see it for your self.

[Precious] wow I jus............parliment disolved in 48 hours wow I saw it

[spiderman] they are also calling for Maliki to resign at the same time

[bookings] Precious Precious just keep watching at the bottom of their screen, they been running it on and off all morning. I took a picture of it with my cell phome, i will text it to you, if you know how to put it on here. Send me your cell number in im ok

[bookings] also got the video on my cell of italy atm michaines shut down i will send you by text
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(Dinar Recaps Note: This call was recorded last weekend, we had many people ask us for the Recording Link, and just now have tracked it down.)

Wangdang Sunday 12/30/2012 Afternoon Conference Call


PLAY BACK 530-881-1399 PIN 894786

125 Minutes

[Shining] Rumor-Shining called it last night - NO SHE DID NOT---she said give it a couple days to show

[spiritfilled] Shining i know that and God says let those who have eyes to see let them many see what THEY want to see and that is the basis of rumorland

raptor22] Shining I like next week lol

[burk50] So Shining are we just waiting on the showing ??

[Shining] raptor22 burk50 yes yes lol

[WILDDUCK] Shining that is dead on and that is what 6 different souces told us and shining you make it 7 ,so for all if you put the rV in the center and have 7 spokes pointing in the same direction. What conclusion do you draw for yourselves other then demand to have an answer after it has been given to you

WILDDUCK] it has been given in a range of days all the way to the reopening of the ISX on Monday, so pick a day that makes you happy and genuflex as all great jesters do, all the way to your bank

[WILDDUCK] Shining that is what happens when you get off the chat and do independent research and then come back in for trinangulation and knowledge sharing

[Shining] WILDDUCK rofl agreed
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The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team

Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, January 3, 2012
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - January 3, 2012
760-569-7699 Pin 769478#

Another Great Round Table Discussion
Last Night With:
Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team

Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq

It's All Good!

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage
for Thursday, January 3, 2012


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[willietrader] heartfelt I placed my money on gold seeing 1580's before it goes up

[heartfelt] willietrader you are close...I heard it was to hit 1500 b4 we would see the revalues come in... who knows

[willietrader] heartfelt if I listened to the big market Guru's on gold I'd be losing my - - - in the short term

BOBGETZ6] willietrader Gold eventually will have nowhere to go but up. Dollar cost average it.

[Precious] what is gold now?

[xyz] Precious sorry -38.20

[willietrader] BOBGETZ6 Gold at some point will be at 3000 but that just like saying the IQD is going to RV. It's a question of when

[Precious] xyz gold is how much?

[xyz] Precious Gold 1,636.40 -38.20 -2.28%

[BOBGETZ6] Precious $1,635, $1,637

[BOBGETZ6] willietrader When all of the countries have to go to gold as a larger part of their backed currency, it has to go up.
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[SWFloridaGuy] I see on Recaps they're saying that 6 out of the last 7 RVs happened on Fridays.

[SWFloridaGuy] I just wanted to clear up the persisting "RVs happen on Fridays rumor." In my opinion there is no basis for this rumor and my research shows it to be completely inaccurate. I noticed you didn't list the 6 revaluations you were referring to by name. A large currency appreciation event is when the nominal effective exchange rate is revalued by at least 10% or more relative to the previous average level and not only includes the one-time step revaluation, but also a number of smaller appreciation steps that happen within a short time window.

[SWFloridaGuy] Whether a country revalues on a trade-weighted basis as a consequence of the appreciation of the anchor currency, the demise of an old system (bretton woods), the exchange rate regime being changed towards a more market determined rate or if the central bank revalues the central parity of the currency, the one thing they all have in common is that they happened over a period of time which was determined by the details of the specific project and there is no predictable pattern
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[flashing] everything is excellent :

[WILDDUCK] flashing: Oh ya you have been making the news and you are right that TK calling it every day has to get it right sooner than later

[redhead1] Flashing - Wildduck - if I ever open my emails and see three - KC Mana - Sterling and Dinar Recaps - they will have to call 911 - do you have any timelines so I can put health aides on standby for heart attack?

[Rocky49] redhead1 I like your thinking and planning ahead.

[cashinqueen] redhead1 same thoughts I am afraid I will have a heartattack when this finally rv

[pianamama63] WILDDUCK flashing gm Had my workout just getting my bags packed ready to go cash out. Lets go!!!!

[flashing] well i will start with this if they are going to be out of ch 7 in january, the rv should be upon us. Right ?

[WILDDUCK] Mitzi OK Flashing has been flashing correctly, I have been sick with bronchitis since Christmas, However been triangulating the information as OKie likes to call it. we have as of last night 6 different info source providers well known and unknown/ Plus a Sovereign fund that needs to buy 1 billion In toxic assets, Now they have been coming at us for weeks. but now have homeland security blessing to spend the money, that is tier one.
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