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11am, January 5th, 2014    


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Bank Story by Goddess of Love at TNT Saturday Night
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    [millionday] . Competition importer and student need to put the protection of industrial products , which are produced locally to enable them to compete with imported similar products, and to prevent all forms of import random which adversely affect our production local ,

pointing to the importance of allowing only product quality just to enter the domestic market, and here highlights the role of equipment standardization and quality control in this area ,

in addition to the importance of activating the work of customs tariff system to support the initiative of industrial trends.  He pointed out that the possibility of reviving the thousands of local factories by this initiative and contain specialized manpower and suspended from work due to the cessation of these plants ,

Millionday News 1/4/14  Part 1 of 2   Comments may be made at end of Part 2

    [millionday] i like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.love this

    [millionday] Sami al-Araji : that the Commission has been able to achieve its core that be a window of Iraq to the world through its openness to all continents in terms of investment and development , cross- marketed to the real needs of strategic projects for Iraq and has been able to attract major international companies which confirms its willingness to invest in it, in spite of all the circumstances going through.

    [millionday] smile -- told you -- you would like it  smile

    [millionday] Strenuous efforts Araji In answering the question "morning" for the most prominent achievements of the Commission during the past year in 2013 , he said it is useful to clarify that the task of attracting investment is not easy and you need to strenuous efforts to persuade the states and knowing the requirements of the country she knows well the potential of Iraq and its natural resources and all that you need to know is required of them and this is what the Commission has done already

    [millionday] all continents is nice to see -- whoop whooop

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Saturday Night BGG's Evening Dinar News with special guest Chattels

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41 Minutes

Goddess of Love:   My little bit of HOPIUM Bank Story

Just thought I would share my little bit of hopium from today!

I went into a Wells Fargo bank to make my car payment, as I always do.  Note that I do not have a Wells Fargo account there. Since I have been going there, which has been monthly for about a year, I always look for signs of our C/E.  The past several months, there has been no sign of any foreign currency info readily available. 

As I walk into the bank, I about tripped over the Foreign Currency Exchange podium standing right in front of the door practically as you walk in.  I thought, "Hmmm. This is new". 

I went to the teller and made my car payment as usual and asked if the foreign currency podium was new.  The bank teller said with a BIG SMILE, "Yes".  We've been going through some training about the new Foreign Currency Exchange process that is to happen soon. I left it at that. 

That is just what I needed today, to see signs that we are close, as we go into 2014.

The below posts were in our 6pm email


    Yesterday  (Jan 02) started the first of three (3) stages in the implementation of the Custom Tariffs of Iraq.

    All border crossings are now taxing up to 20% of all Luxury Goods being imported into Iraq.

    What does this all mean?

    This means that additional revenue is now being added to the yearly budget which will help insure yet another surplus for Iraq in 2014.

    It also means that all border crossings are now linked directly with the Central Bank of Iraq for accountability which means that Iraq has taken its first real step into a Free Market Economy.



DELTA � January 4th, 2014, HELLO FAMILY:



SoccorMom: So Delta, If today isn't an official working day (Saturday) and tomorrow is, then it would be a good thing thing to not see an auction tomorrow therefore not showing the world their true rate, right? If we DO see an auction tomorrow at 1166, would that be discouraging or cause us to scratch our head? Or, since they can change the rate at any time, should we not read into it if there is a currency auction tomorrow? Just trying to understand. Thanks for all you do!!   Soccermom


Mother: Application of Non-Disclosures and Tiers - How does this apply to YOU

For your Information:

There has been so much consternation and anxiety over the Non-Disclosure Agreement and anxiety over the tier system with the banks.    I know Tony did not feel good on Friday and struggled with his symptoms on the call.   However, I listened and read the transcript - it was full of disclosures purposely dropped by Tony.  

I am going to try and pull back the curtain so you can better understand there is nothing sinister going on with the NDA and nothing constraining on how they have determined to assign banks (tiers) is the terminology used. 

There has been so many bad things said about the government that people are thinking the worst and I am going to go out on a limb here and say they the US Government has no intention of "sticking it to you" on the contrary they want this to be a safe and orderly transaction for you and they are trying to protect you and the country.


(Thank you BGG for allowing Dinar Recaps to post stories from again.)

Friday Night BGG's Evening Dinar News with special guest Mr. White

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55 Minutes



Traders in Basra are demonstrating to demand the cancellation of the decision to apply the Tariff Act 04-01-2014 01:28 PM

[BondLady] just like I've said for over 4 years, when they start taxes the people will go nuts about less purchasing power, to tax them on 1170 is crap an they know it too lol, hang in there the people are about to get a lot madder and the cbi will have to IMO do something about it very soon...BL

[rsp1] *hallelujah*
[lightingcslt] yesssss
[tlm724] ty BondLady *hallelujah*
[rsp1] She's awesome.......

[lightingcslt] they can demand all they want
[rsp1] right.....Pay the man!
[tlm724] true lighters but its a good thing, puts the pressure on big time !
[lightingcslt] oh and it is !
[tlm724] sweet !


Early Saturday Morning:


NOVA: Their Banking System Is Living Day To Day Because Of The Spot There In. Having To Play Under Article 8 With Out Having All The Tools Need To Do So. IMO They Will Have All The Tools Available To Them Very Soon. Nova

Aggiedad:  Good Morning NOVA, I like your analogy here this morning. They appear to be running out of options, so perhaps the time is near, as you say "soon." Having seen the stories of the banks facing problems around the country, do you see this as the CBI holding back from them? Could this be a reason for what we believe is coming, that they are priming their banks for a fresh start?
IMO........I wouldn't get too perturbed about seeing the CBI auction today. They have the capability to change that rate in the blink of an eye, in the matter of a heartbeat. Just my opinion.

Nova:  Thank You Sir!!I Agree The CBI Is Holding Back/Controlling The Cash In The System Daily. Even At 151 Million or when Its Upwards Of 200 Plus Million It Might Sound Like A Lot But Its Not.

151 Million Is Just A Few More Bread Crumbs To Keep Them Alive. The Flood Gates Are Getting Ready To Open Sir!!  Have A Great Day & Stay Warm!! Nova
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