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6pm, January 5th, 2014    


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Don't Quit

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,

When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh.

When care is pressing you down a bit-
Rest, if you must, but don't quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns.



DELTA � January 5th, 2014,




Toyvp � Brought forward
05/01/2014: Date  Monday a public holiday to commemorate the Army  LINK  

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers that tomorrow, Monday, January 6 will be an official holiday for the departments and institutions of the state.
Statement of the Secretariat explained that the disabled always comes on the occasion of the official festival brave Iraqi army, which was founded in 1921 to form a regiment of Imam Musa al-Kadhim, peace be upon him.


TLAR: This has been a banner week for our investment. Iraq seems to be getting ready to do something maybe as early as this month with their currency. We have been waiting for the tariff law to be implemented for four years. It was implemented January 2nd. The tariff law by itself, without an increase in the dinar is inflationary because it will add between 20 and 50% to selected imports. Iraq has to import everything it needs because it has yet to start to develop its manufacturing and markets. They have stated that the products to be included at first will be mainly luxury items and that future products will be added over a four year period. It still going to raise the prices of everything except basic food stuffs which is inflationary.

Iraqi parliament has been busy removing thousands of laws on the books that the Saddam regime had put in place which were hindering investment and a free economy. We have been waiting for over a year to see new legislation designed to encourage investment and free enterprise. Well guess what? They had passed those laws a while back but never told anyone. Those laws are now being implemented. The first article below shows that these laws were passed but not in the news and they are now being activated. They slipped another one by us. (Article 1)

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The development of the industrial system diversity of the national economy

5/1/2014 0:00

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice after the government launched several plans and strategies overall for the various sectors the most important strategic energy extended up to the year 2030 during the last year, experts urged the need to take economic decisions determined to support and achieve the desired goals.

contribute to effective economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine told " morning ":" over the deteriorating conditions of the industrial sector in all its forms, it was necessary to develop a strategy to promote it, has taken over the Ministry of Industry and Minerals with UNIDO and the support of the board of advisers and active contribution of the Iraqi private sector to develop strategic industrial long-term stretch up to 2030.



rrrr: It's Sunday January 5th... that Saturday Window has come and has gone. But we still have our dinar and we still have or Dong. Please stop analyzing the "what didn't" and focus on the "what will"... this process, for sure is a complicated pill... Let's Relish in THIS moment... not the one that has past. Let's focus our minds on the upcoming Blast.... that the universe is ready to gift all mankind.... This long blessed journey is about to unwind.... Dinarians stay steady... All is Good.... Just be ready!

[sunny] From yesterday... Orangecrush0716 It's anybody's guess. Events lining up that are encouraging include ISX opening on Monday, CBI opens on Sunday AM, and Forex opens tomorrow at 4PM EST, which should necessitate the rates adjusting publicly. The Tariff law went into effect Thursday and the CBI did NOT hold an auction-The CBI did not transact any business Thursday (they are closed Friday, Saturday) which means that something is changing, something is happening. The Iraqi financial system was shut down and not transacting any business.
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Exactly on the 1st on certain news hubs we heard commentators and columnists speak about that early this year (now) the presidents legacy will be addressed and punctuated for it is that time.

With that said, all economical struggles will be eliminated no matter what, all political promises that have not been resolved will be addressed and made into law no matter what.

Do not think for a moment that those opposed to your prosperity have given up on your not having it the way it has been arranged both in its value and time, but to the most let me inform you that a go was given.... it is and has been on the banks hands for a couple of months now
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The below posts were in our 11am email
    [millionday] . Competition importer and student need to put the protection of industrial products , which are produced locally to enable them to compete with imported similar products, and to prevent all forms of import random which adversely affect our production local ,

pointing to the importance of allowing only product quality just to enter the domestic market, and here highlights the role of equipment standardization and quality control in this area ,

in addition to the importance of activating the work of customs tariff system to support the initiative of industrial trends.  He pointed out that the possibility of reviving the thousands of local factories by this initiative and contain specialized manpower and suspended from work due to the cessation of these plants ,

Millionday News 1/4/14  Part 1 of 2   Comments may be made at end of Part 2

    [millionday] i like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.love this

    [millionday] Sami al-Araji : that the Commission has been able to achieve its core that be a window of Iraq to the world through its openness to all continents in terms of investment and development , cross- marketed to the real needs of strategic projects for Iraq and has been able to attract major international companies which confirms its willingness to invest in it, in spite of all the circumstances going through.

    [millionday] smile -- told you -- you would like it  smile

    [millionday] Strenuous efforts Araji In answering the question "morning" for the most prominent achievements of the Commission during the past year in 2013 , he said it is useful to clarify that the task of attracting investment is not easy and you need to strenuous efforts to persuade the states and knowing the requirements of the country she knows well the potential of Iraq and its natural resources and all that you need to know is required of them and this is what the Commission has done already

    [millionday] all continents is nice to see -- whoop whooop

(Thank you BGG for allowing Dinar Recaps to post stories from again.)

Saturday Night BGG's Evening Dinar News with special guest Chattels

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41 Minutes

Goddess of Love:   My little bit of HOPIUM Bank Story

Just thought I would share my little bit of hopium from today!

I went into a Wells Fargo bank to make my car payment, as I always do.  Note that I do not have a Wells Fargo account there. Since I have been going there, which has been monthly for about a year, I always look for signs of our C/E.  The past several months, there has been no sign of any foreign currency info readily available. 

As I walk into the bank, I about tripped over the Foreign Currency Exchange podium standing right in front of the door practically as you walk in.  I thought, "Hmmm. This is new". 

I went to the teller and made my car payment as usual and asked if the foreign currency podium was new.  The bank teller said with a BIG SMILE, "Yes".  We've been going through some training about the new Foreign Currency Exchange process that is to happen soon. I left it at that. 

That is just what I needed today, to see signs that we are close, as we go into 2014.


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